Grandmas Try Smoking Pot for First Time
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Grandmas Try Smoking Pot For First Time

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Take three grandmas, a bong and some weed and what do you end of up with? Quite possibly the most silly and downright adorable video in internet history!

The video (created by sees three plucky pensioners (Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre) take their very first bong and vape hits - to hilarious effect. Having lived as suburban housewives all their lives, the very notion of smoking cannabis was not only illegal (emphasis on the was) butbalso an act seen as highly taboo.

While cannabis use is mostly prevalent among younger age groups, the video did manage to break down some social stigmas surrounding cannabis consumption. Far from just being a recreational tool of sorts, cannabis is also effective for treating a number symptoms triggered by the onset of old age (chronic pain arthritis etc). With that in mind (quite literally), experts from all over the medical marijuana community are campaigning to get more elderly people informed, involved and interested in medical marijuana.

After a fun-filled day of games and giggles, the three 'ganja grandmas' all said that they'd try it again.

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