Germany Takes Steps Towards medical Marijuana Legalisation
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Germany Takes Steps Towards medical Marijuana Legalisation

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More and more of the world’s governments are acknowledging the power of medical cannabis, and it seems Germany will be the next.

Germany is a funny one when it comes to cannabis use. They can both be progressive and regressive at the same time, causing them to stutter about. Fortunately, this stuttering is moving forward more than it is backwards, and the country is now on the brink of setting up an agency to regulate medical cannabis for seriously ill patients.


As things currently stand, cannabis is illegal to grow, possess, and use for any purpose in Germany. It is possible for the seriously person ill to obtain an exemption certificate, which allows them to import medical marijuana from here in the Netherlands at their own cost. There are currently around 300-400 terminally ill cancer patients who have obtained this certificate. However, despite its illicit status, most federal states within Germany do not tend to prosecute users caught with up to 6 grams of weed in their possession – although this is not an unwritten rule, and can depend on the situation.


Under new proposals recently submitted in draft legislation, a new state-owned body would be set up to regulate the price of medical marijuana, as well as ensure that anything grown met medical standards and was only used for medical purposes. It would also open up the use of medical cannabis to a larger group of pain suffers, allowing them to obtain a prescription and have it paid for by their health insurance, rather than directly out of their own pocket.

The bill was tabled by the Health Ministry, and is awaiting chancellery approval, along with a separate bill to change narcotic laws, which will be debated in the coming months.

What this means, is that any shift to medical cannabis is not going to happen for some time. The changes must go through the bureaucratic process, which in itself will take ages, before actually taking some time to set up and implement.

However, it is still excellent news, and shows a progressive nature within the country when it comes to medical cannabis. Politicians and ministers are acknowledging that cannabis is medicine to be used, without any underhanded tricks or foul play. It is all just a matter of time now – or so it seems. Let us hope someone doesn’t try and get in the way of the change.

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