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Regulation Spreading: Bilbao, Spain Set To Regulate Cannabis Clubs

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New cannabis regulation has been set for the Spanish city of Bilbao. Ganja connoisseurs from all around the globe are stoked! This new 420 destination has now become reality.

Bilbao, this amazing city in the Basque country is making significant moves towards cannabis legalization, it might even become the next Barcelona! On September 29th the City Council of Bilbao announced that cannabis clubs will have to be regulated, which is a huge step! The hype in the city among cannabis enthusiasts is immense, daily 420 celebrations can be expected.

In Bilbao, you can find solid cannabis clubs that allow you to experience the city on another level. They operate on a regular basis, providing the population with dank herb. Even though cannabis clubs already operated, the laws and regulations were not specified, which prevented potential clubs from taking daring steps, and start-ups to begin their ganja endeavors. Although a great event has happened on September 29th, the City Council of Bilbao decided to take important steps towards the normalization of cannabis clubs, Let’s see what’s going on ...

The government has agreed for the “urbanization” of cannabis clubs in Bilbao, which will follow similar procedures to Barcelona's policies instead of “generic” ordinances as in Donostia. Several months ago, on April 7th, The Basque parliament passed the “Law of Addictions” which proposed that cannabis clubs should be regulated to operate legally. The organizations EH Bildu, Udalberri and Ganemos Goazen Bilbao have used this “Law of Addictions” to present the benefits of cannabis regulations. Asier Abaunza, the Councillor of Urban Planning, stated that issues such as neighboring disturbances must be addressed before proceeding with more allowing regulations. He noted that the clubs “should not be persecuted” but that “order must be in place”.

Reducing disturbances and noise that come from the clubs and disturb the neighbours will be addressed in the proposed legislation, before proceeding with next steps of “urbanized” planning. The health and safety aspects will also be covered as in any other business operation. Although the cultivation, transport, and harvest are not yet specified for Bilbao's cannabis clubs, they are regulated by the national government in Madrid, where the cannabis regulations will probably not change in the foreseeable future, although the proposed legislations are a big step forward which many hope will initiate a snowball effect in the national government. So as described, the legal limbo is apparent. It will be legal to operate a cannabis club under specific regulations, although transport, cultivation and harvest operations will still be a big question mark, at least for now.

Finally, a green light has been lit by the government which will provide regulations that cannabis clubs must follow. It’s a great step in accepting the marijuana culture of Bilbao. Catalonia with Barcelona as the cannabis epicenter presents itself as a role model for the future cannabis regulations in the Basque country.

Amaia Arenal, the mayor of Udalberri believes that the regulation is a “historical demand” and necessary steps need to be taken towards the “normalization” of cannabis clubs in the city. The spokesman for Ganemos Goazen Bilbao, Samir Francisco Lahdou, stressed that it’s good that the law considers the rights and regulations of the club and de-stigmatizes the matter of cannabis clubs. The PP “Partido Popular” councilor Beatriz Marco, was in favor of creating specific norms and regulations before proceeding with the “urbanized” cannabis club regulations, which is a big step-up for PP because they are known for their perverse anti-cannabis attitudes.


Bilbao is leading its way to becoming a ganja-fairy-tale-utopia. This Basque city has an abundance of intriguing culture ready to be experienced. A Guggenheim museum building was recently installed which gives Bilbao a modernistic flare. Do you want to enjoy a ganja experience and learn the mystical Basque language, pack your bags, don’t hesitate, and come to Bilbao!

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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