How To Grow Cannabis Indoors
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The Best Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Cultivation

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Growing cannabis indoors is convenient and effective. It allows for a degree of intervention and control that is hard to reach outdoors. If you are looking for some strains to try out indoors, we have a list of some favourites for you.

Growing cannabis indoors is a great way to keep ultimate control over your crop. Everything can be micro-managed, from feeding to the intensity of light, to the much more advanced aspects of a grow.

The 5 Best Cannabis Seeds For Growing Indoors


Fire marijuana is almost always the product of a well-run indoor grow-op. Let’s take a closer look at what makes indoor cannabis so dank.

Way back in the day, the only way to grow marijuana was in the great outdoors at the mercy of Mother Nature, law enforcement, and low-down dirty crop rippers. Indoor cannabis cultivation puts the grower in control, so long as you can keep your mouth shut.

Only a minority of global growers are lucky enough to live in a climate zone that is conducive to outdoor cannabis cultivation. No artificial lighting can ever hope to match the sun; however, great advances have been made with indoor grow technology since the 1980’s.

These improvements have made indoor marijuana cultivation a business, a hobby, and a primary source of medicine worldwide. Here are some of the game-changing facilities of the indoor cannabis garden.


Control over the light cycle revolutionised cannabis cultivation. The combination of artificial light and plug-in timers put illumination under the grower’s control. The outdoor grower is constrained in two ways. The first is that sowing seeds must be seasonal.

Second and most problematic is that sunrise and sunset dictates the light-dark cycle. Indoor growers can choose their preferred light cycle for vegetative growth, 24/0, 20/4, or 18/6. Plus, the indoor grower can decide when to induce flowering by switching to a 12/12 cycle.


Dialling in the optimal temperature and relative humidity for cannabis plants (lights on: 25°C and 40-80% RH; lights off: 19°C and 40-60% RH) is only achievable indoors. By using intake fans, outtake fans, oscillating fans, air-con, and heaters, the indoor grower can completely control the growing environment. Adjustments can be made at every step of the cannabis life cycle. Monitoring is also simple with a digital thermometer/hygrometer.


A sterile, sealed-off grow-op can virtually eliminate the threat of pests and disease. Good housekeeping practices go a long way. Outdoor growers constantly face the threat of insect infestation and other microbial nasties flying in with the breeze.


By having so much control over the cannabis garden, the indoor grower can harvest much more often than the outdoor ganja farmer. By dividing the grow-op into two separate areas, one for vegetative growth and the other for flowering, crop rotation is accomplished. This can be as complex as building a partition wall or as simple as purchasing a second grow tent.

Even micro-growers with just a small grow space can achieve multiple harvests per year by starting one crop right after the previous. No need to wait for the warm weather indoors. Furthermore, as many as 6 consecutive indoor autoflowering crops are possible per year in a single grow room.

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There are cannabis seeds out there that can thrive indoors, producing high yields of potent bud. You not only get to grow them in the comfort of your own home, you also get to enjoy the bountiful amount that will be rendered from it. Here are some strains that offer just that: high yields that are great for growing indoors.


Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)

As it is stated by name, this strain is known for its powerful kick upon that first hit. A direct descendant of the famous Power Plant variant, Power Flower contains a THC level of 18% and is 88% sativa. She has an indoor yield of 450-550g per square meter, flowering in 8-9 weeks.


Sweet 'n' Sour Indoor (Spliff Seeds)

Another great sativa-dominant strain is the Sweet ‘n Sour indoor, which consists of Hawaiian Sativa x Skunk No. 1 x Princess x Mexican Haze. It is high in THC and leaves a sweet and fruity taste to the mouth upon toking. Like the Power Flower, it takes up to nine weeks of flowering time, with an indoor yield of 600g per square meter.


Choco Candy (Zambeza)

When you cross-breed a Chocolate Haze strain with OG Chocolate Thai, you get the Choco Candy. This sativa-dominant variant bears the chocolate aroma brought on by its parent strains combined with a fruity taste to top it all off. She has a THC level of 21%, takes about 9 weeks to flower, and produces an indoor yield of 400-450g per square meter.


Super Silver Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

Are you dealing with stress, depression, or anxiety? Super Silver Haze is the perfect strain for you. This strain was derived from a crossbreed between Haze x Northern Light x Skunk, causing it to contain a high amount of THC. It takes up to ten weeks to flower, with an indoor yield of up to 550g per square meter.


Bubba Kush (Dinafem)

Bubba Kush is the strain that differs from all the aforementioned, mainly because it is the only strain that is indica-dominant in this list. Derived from the pre’98 variant of the same name, it bears a subtle hint of coffee, citrus fruit, and earthy flavors upon the first hit. It takes up to 65 days to flower and has an indoor yield of 500g per square meter.

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Cannabis cultivators of all levels have one thing in common. We are all looking for a fat stash of our favourite marijuana.

These are just some of the strains you can choose from if you opt to grow your buds indoors. And with the high yields that each of them brings, you can be assured to get a bang for your buck.


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