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The Best Cannabis Strains By Barney's Farm

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Looking for the perfect strain for your next growing adventure? Here's 7 of the best from Barney's Farm: from the classic to the cutting-edge.

Barney's Farm is an award-winning Amsterdam seedbank. They've won the High Times Cannabis Cup an impressive twelve times.

Their popularity is thanks to a long and consistent track record—Barney's Farm has been collecting the best seeds from around the world since the early ‘80s. That's right, their breeders have been helping cannabis enthusiasts grow and smoke up since before the World Wide Web.

Well, we're happy those pre-internet days are over, so we can give you the scoop on these industry legends.


Here are 5 of the best cannabis strains from Barney's Farm, plus some exciting new releases!


Critical Kush (Feminized)

Critical Kush is a 100% indica strain with an impressive lineage. Bred from OG Kush and Critical Mass, it produces a strong smoke and a heavy, relaxing effect. Critical Kush will knock you over in the best way possible. Its properties are ideal for recreational or medicinal purposes. Because this strain is so powerful, avoid the temptation to wake-and-bake. Instead, let it envelop you late at night in a pain-relieving, sleep-inducing cloud.

Critical Kush is a resilient, fast-growing indica with a lab-tested 25% THC content. After just 60 days of flowering, these short plants burst with dense, crystal-coated buds. If you're a novice grower or just love a classic indica, give Critical Kush a try. A quick skim through the review section shows you won't be disappointed!

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Gorilla Zkittlez (Feminized)

This new-school hybrid was born from a love affair between Gorilla Glue and the award-winning Zkittlez. It's indica-dominant, with a short flowering period and crazy-high yields. Gorilla Zkittlez has wild potency, reaching an incredible 24% THC. It produces fruity aromas and a powerful, thought-provoking high. So bake up some edibles, lay back, and get lost in the jungle of your mind.-

Beginner growers beware; you need some experience (or ambition) to get the most out of this strain. That said, if you treat her right, Gorilla Zkittlez will gift skilled outdoor growers an incredible 2–2.5kg/plant. Indoor enthusiasts can get a solid 500–700g/m², making this strain a smart investment in your future stash.


Liberty Haze (Feminized)

Liberty Haze: this balanced hybrid will truly set you free. The pure strength of its smoke is tempered by an uplifting, social high. If you're looking for a cannabis strain that's got the best of all worlds, this could be your golden goose.

Liberty Haze's genetics are legendary: it's bred from award-winners ChemDawg 91 and G13. Rumour has it that the latter was developed by the CIA in the 1970s during a top-secret cannabis breeding project. Liberty Haze has a citrusy, skunky fragrance and a sky-high 25% THC content. Its seeds produce plants of around 1 metre tall with long, elegant colas. They explode with dense buds covered in glistening trichomes. Along with a fast flowering period, this setup leaves plenty of potential for high yields under the care of a skilled grower.


LSD (Feminized)

This mind-bending indica-dominant hybrid lives up to its name. LSD will take you on a unique mental trip, yet keep you grounded with a heavy-hitting body stone. Bred meticulously from Original Skunk 1 and Afghan Indica, LSD won third place in the 2008 High Times Cup. If you're looking for a rarified high with near-psychedelic qualities, this could be your new favourite strain.

The best part? LSD is a powerhouse plant that will grow almost anywhere and is highly resistant to pests and mould. With a flowering period of 60–70 days, just blink and you'll be ready to harvest its 24% THC bud. Now kick back and let the euphoria sweep you away.


Blue Gelato 41 (Feminized)

With a hipster name like Blue Gelato 41, you know this strain has got something artisanal going on. It's actually a super-hybrid, created with Dutch breeding expertise and illustrious US genetics. Blue Gelato 41 is an elegant synthesis of Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet. This strain is slightly indica-dominant, with a clear-headed and energetic edge. Its unique genetics make it the perfect social strain, and it strays into psychedelic realms at high doses. 

With a jaw-dropping outdoor yield of 2.5–3kg/plant, Blue Gelato provides you an impressive amount of cannabinoids. Indoor growers should note that plants can reach 150–200cm in height. While that's on the tall side, it can give you a nice indoor crop with a bit of training.


These modern strains from Barney's Farm showcase the best of their global breeding expertise. Keep an eye out for them soon on the Zamnesia website.


Glookies is a next-generation hybrid descended from Gorilla Glue and Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Think of it as two superheros teaming up to create an unstoppable force. Glookies is indica-dominant with a nutty, key lime aroma infusion. Its signature weapons? First, a super stoney effect to relax and shield you from the world. Second, a blast of motivational energy to propel you through the day.

Glookies produces bushy plants with notable side-branching and giant buds throughout. It's got an impressive indoor yield of 800g/m², with a whopping 2–3kg/plant possible outdoors. With a heroic lineage and 25% THC, Glookies is a phenomenon you don't want to miss.

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This US West Coast strain is flat-out beautiful to behold. Purple Punch is gracefully bred from Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. It grows into a multi-coloured, trichome-laden cannabis temple. This hybrid is just short of pure indica, wrapping you in a sedating embrace. Notes of caramelised fruit and glazed baked goods waft over you as you sink into pure relaxation.

Purple Punch boasts a lab-tested THC content of 25%. It's easy to grow and highly resistant to mould, cold, and other hostile factors. This plant will flower over 50–60 days and produce up to 2kg per specimen outdoors. Despite its chilled-out vibes, Purple Punch is a genetic powerhouse. It works overtime to give you a solid yield with minimal effort.

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