Why You Should Ditch The Tobacco In Your Joint

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Why You Should Ditch The Tobacco In Your Joint

We take a look at why Europeans mix their weed with tobacco and why it is a big problem for their health, and even the legalization movement in general.

Mixing marijuana with tobacco has a long tradition in Europe. In the 60's and 70's it was almost impossible to get something different than hashish in European countries, so smokers crumbled it in their cigarettes, otherwise it would not burn well. This would go on to become the famous spliff (a joint with tobacco and weed in it) everyone in Europe seems to smoke. On the other hand, users in the U.S. or Canada always had a great supply of high-grade flowers to smoke in a pure joint. These instances remain a reality to this point in time, with the difference that Europe now has a much greater supply with good marijuana, yet still mixing tobacco with it. But what are the arguments that make the European consumers - even the medical ones - keeping such a bad habit? What could be said to have them change their mind? Why is it possibly a risk on a vaster scale?

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To get a better understanding of why European smokers do such a thing besides tradition, one has to get into their heads and assemble their arguments for it. Then we can work against their mainly mythical and false defences.

Many of them argue that a spliff burns smoother and tastes better. Further, smoking pure is either too strong or too weak for them. But one of their biggest arguments is to stretch their amount of marijuana because when smoked raw their stash shrinks more quickly. This is an economy based argument, so to say, and they believe their preferred method would be more efficient.


Although it is up to personal preference and enjoyment, rolling a pure joint can be as easy as rolling a spliff. It just depends on what you are used to. Marijuana in its pure form is nicely rollable and burns well if its quality herb. Sometimes a raw joint can go out more often but you can just light it up again. For the taste argument: Some people like the taste of tobacco and that is fine for them. But they could simply smoke a cigarette for that enjoyment. The flavour of marijuana is much more delicate and there are so many different strains and tastes out there, that it is hard to believe, nothing of these will work for them. An American cannabis user would never mix tobacco with weed, even if he or she is a cigarette smoker. If pure weed is too strong for you - simply take fewer hits! Pick the joint up again when you want some more. The onset of effects can be a little bit quicker with tobacco in the mix but that is only the case when you are used to it. Now to the main argument: It is a common misbelief that you consume more cannabis when smoked raw. The reality is that you spend about the same amount if not less. When you smoke your marijuana pure, you don't have to do it as often because usually the effects are more powerful and last way longer. You could even use pipes and bongs with lesser amounts and get the same quality of high. What makes you smoke so much is the tobacco, not the marijuana - which leads us to our next point.


Tobacco and the nicotine contained in it are extremely bad for your health, especially your lungs. There is nothing to say against this! If you stop using tobacco in your joints, you lower the risk for all kinds of cancer, heart diseases and blood pressure problems. In addition, you don't harm the people around you with the dangerous second-hand smoke. Moreover, tobacco is highly addictive - like said above, you will use less cannabis when smoking it raw. It cannot be emphasized enough: Tobacco is a serious toxic killer! It should be avoided where it can, particularly when you use your herbs medically. And let's be honest, the reason why you put tobacco in your joints and argue for it is your addiction to tobacco! Latest long-term studies even show that marijuana consumed on its own has no negative effects on your lungs and overall health. That should make you reconsider your habits! If you have trouble quitting tobacco, there are alternatives that could facilitate the transition of becoming a marijuana purist.


It should not be overlooked that nearly every clinical study that is done in Europe on cannabis and its potential health risks is based on the same fashion the smokers consume their plant material - tobacco mixed with weed. That means most negative medicinal result is generalized on both substances. It is not distinguished between marijuana and tobacco which leads to false statements. All the dangerous health risks of tobacco are applied to cannabis too. On a greater scale this has a direct impact on the legalization movement in Europe: With false studies at hand, politicians make all the wrong choices when it comes to legalizing our favourite plant and claim incorrect findings to strengthen their non-support of marijuana.


Please, it is never too late to ditch the tobacco in your joints (or other consumption methods)! Like we saw, you put your own health and the health of others in great hazard. Most arguments for the tobacco blend are myths and plain dumb. This dangerous and bad habit could even cost us the legalization of cannabis in Europe if we don't wake up and start to enjoy marijuana in its beautiful pure form, appreciating the delicious taste and wonderful strong effects. Otherwise, we are getting it totally wrong on cannabis (yes, that is what the rest of the world thinks of us). Don't make this wrong decision anymore and embrace a plant that can do wonders on its own!


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