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Where To Get The Best Hash In Amsterdam

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Hash is the preferred form of cannabis for many connoisseurs. Preparing the best hashish for a powerful, tasty high is something the coffeeshops of Amsterdam now accommodate for. Five shops in particular have very good hash to offer hash-lovers with distinguished palates.

We all love Amsterdam's coffeeshops. Tourists flock from around the world to light up in these marvellous spaces. For decades, they have not only been providing world-class weed, but hashish too. There is a world of difference between the buds of cannabis flower you smoke and dark blocks of hash. Hash is the concentrated resin of cannabis flowers, separated from the plant mechanically, or sometimes through vigorous hand-rubbing.

How To Make Hand Rub Hash

Hash, or hashish, has been around for thousands of years and it's used all over the globe. There are a lot of innovative new ways to make...

There are different varieties of hash from different parts of the world. For example, an advanced production method for hash often used in the Netherlands is so-called ice-water extraction. This is typically the technique employed for varieties of hash with "ice" in the name. It is when the plant matter is left in ice-water to harden the resinous trichomes, which can then be easily separated from the plant material and concentrated into hash.


Test The Quality Of Hashish With The Bubble Test

Well-produced hash will have a very high THC content, inducing a powerful high. But how can you tell great quality hash from the bad stuff. Well, there is a simple test you can do once you have procured your hashish: The Bubble Test! With a lighter - not a matchstick - apply a flame to a small piece of hash. If the hash bubbles noticeably, it is definitely the good stuff. The best hash will often catch fire almost immediately and burn with a soot-free flame. Hash that is blackened with soot after this test may indicate that certain contaminants combusted during the bubble test.

Hash that doesn't bubble can be seen as of lesser quality, containing a higher percentage of unwanted plant material or contaminates. However, hash that bubbles like mad is not a good thing either: this may indicate that there are added oils put there by savvy producers, aware of the bubble test. Look for the 'sweet spot'.

Additionally, your nose can help to determine the quality of your hash. Good hash should be mildly fragrant at the very least. Turnoffs are stale, mouldy, or plastic-like smells.


What better place to try quality hash than in one of Amsterdam's top coffeeshops? Here are five shops we highly recommend you visit for a taste of top-notch hashish.


Royal Nepal Hash From Katsu

Katsu has a more local character than some of the coffeeshops in the city centre. Here in the De Pijp neighbourhood is a really cool coffeeshop with good vibes, satisfied locals, and some of the most knowledgeable budtenders in Amsterdam. They seek out the best quality in buds - and in hash. The Nepalese hash they have sourced is fantastic.

Royal Nepal hash receives extra care during its preparation. Rather than using machines, the hand-rubbing method is employed. Buds have their resin rubbed off onto loving hands, which is then gathered and made into hash blocks. See the results for yourself with its soft texture, potent high, and rich flavour that mixes sweet and spicy tones.

Katsu Coffeeshop, Eerste van der Helststraat 70, 1072 NZ Amsterdam



C5 Noor Block Hash From Tweede Kamer

Another charming coffeeshop with high-end decor is the Tweede Kamer. The cosy vibe of this place is matched only by the high quality of cannabis they sell. Here you will find top-shelf hash of a more crumbly quality. Rifman's C5 Noor hash blocks give you sativa effects unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The very sweet taste will accompany a long-lasting, energetic high. This should be strong and uplifting, with boosted sativa effects. This exclusive hash goes well with cookies from Van Stapele Koekmakerij next door, which are reputedly the best in the city.

Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop, Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam



OG Cookie Hash From Het Ballonnetje

"OG" and "Cookie" are promising signs in the name of a marijuana strain. These delightful properties have been infused into something very special: Het Ballonnetje offers "OG Cookie Hash", now ensuring that hash-lovers can enjoy these qualities too. These are high-potency families of cannabis. OG strains tend to have that Kush smell of fresh pine while Cookie strains smell like the titular treat. Sweet but warm, with traces of chocolate and cinnamon.

This is another trusted location for quality cannabis. Their OG Cookie Hash is sweet, spicy, and sends a pleasant indica buzz through the body. The coffeeshop is also close to great attractions like the Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo, home not just to exotic animals, an aquarium, and a monkey house, but also a planetarium and microbe museum. With OG Cookies Hash you will have one hell of an enhancement to your sightseeing!

Het Ballonnetje Coffeeshop, Roetersstraat 12, 1018 WD Amsterdam



Mexicana USA From The Stud

For The Stud's Mexicana USA, only the best seeds are sown at the perfect altitude in Ketama, Morocco. This ideal altitude raises THC levels in the cannabis plants which are later harvested at their prime. The resin collected after the first sift is so soft that no mechanical press is needed during production; hand pressure and the transportation alone is enough to compress the hash into nice, thick slabs of hashy goodness.

Mexicana USA will produce a strong and soaring high. The latest analysis performed on Mexcana USA showed a THC percentage of more than 63%, with CBD at an absolute 0%. Due to the absence of CBD, which is known to tone down the effects THC, you will understand that this is a hash that requires a bit of caution from its consumer, especially if said consumer is new to the hash game.

Coffeeshop The Stud, Molukkenstraat 581, 1095 BJ Amsterdam



Tangerine G13 From Boerejongens

Boerejongens is a classy chain of marijuana sommeliers. It is popular amongst Amsterdam locals and is a must-visit for hash-lovers. Owned by seed company Amsterdam Genetics, they have partnered with cultivators in Morocco to produce the finest hash. The Tangerine G13 hash at Boerejongens boasts a phenomenal THC content of 41.7%.

Such results are to be expected from breeding Tangerine with G13. This should produce a very strong high with buzzing and tingling sensations throughout your body. This hash has won many prizes at cannabis cups throughout the Netherlands.

Coffeeshop Boerejongens Center, Utrechtsestraat 21, 1017 VH Amsterdam

Val Watts

Written by: Val Watts
Val Watts is not talented enough to be Reggie Watts and not zen enough to be Alan Watts. But he does what he can writing about cannabis from the Emerald Isle. He hopes some day the green will be accepted everywhere so he loves researching and visiting the places it is.

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