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What Are Moon Rocks And How To Make Your Own

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Moon rocks are the rocket fuel for the cannabis secret space program. This ultra-potent marijuana that resembles an unidentified alien mineral is simple to make. Get ready to experiment with the fabric of space, time, and THC.


What’s the most potent cannabis cocktail on the market? It's a triple threat of bud, hash oil, and kief. Moon rocks are the latest, game-changing, connoisseur-grade smoke. Moreover, they are literally in a cannabis class of their own. Expect 50%+ THC from dispensary-grade specimens.

Moon rocks might look like off-world weed, but they are most definitely native to this Earth. It’s fair to describe moon rocks as an experimental cannabis cocktail. Visually, moon rocks resemble some kind of extra-terrestrial boulders of trichomes.

How To Make Your Own Moonrocks

In the US, Kurupt’s Moon Rocks with 51% THC and Big Tray Dee’s Sun Rocks with up to 80% THC are the hottest stashes right now. Slick branding combined with celebrity endorsements from the likes of stoner kings such as Snoop Dogg have gotten the word out globally. Moon rocks make other concentrates look boring. Dabbing/vaping honey oil can get you sky high. But some of us prefer to throw some flower in the mix. Add crystals as the icing atop gooey, oil-dripping bud and you’ve got it all with moon rocks.


At this point, you are probably drooling over the prospect of smoking this delicacy; if you’re a grower, you want the recipe for Moon Rocks bad. Well, here it is.


Moon Rocks Recipe

The three essential ingredients for making moon rocks are top-shelf bud, clean honey oil, and pollen dust. Most US dispensaries favour Girl Scout Cookies or O.G. Kush for the flower component. However, you can use any strain you prefer with your own custom moon rocks. Mix and match. Maybe use oil and kief from two other strains. Why not go for a more diverse cannabinoid profile?

For the most part, commercial moon rocks are measured to a standard 1g weight. The big advantage of homemade moon rocks is you can make them huge. Well, as large as you have the stash for. Upgrade from meteorite to asteroid if you can.

The trick to making moon rocks is you already need to have some knowledge and hands-on experience making honey oil. You can use BHO, alcohol, or whichever methods you prefer - just make sure the oil is clean and well-purged. You really don’t need much, just a few grams of syrupy oil will suffice.

Acquiring enough kief for a moon rocks run can be as simple as breaking into the bottom, pollen-catching chamber of your grinder. Alternatively, you can use a simple pollen shaker to refine a small amount of popcorn buds or sugar leaves into pollen powder. You need to apply a healthy crystal top-coat to achieve the full-on otherworldly looks.

Start with a frosty, tight bud of choice cannabis. Paint on a coating of hash oil with a clean artist brush or a fine makeup brush. Finally, dunk and roll in kief.

It’s best to use a stainless steel bowl to avoid a sticky mess on the kitchen counter tops. Always wear a pair of latex gloves and handle all that fine cannabis with care throughout the process. Allow moon rocks to dry, then blaze away.


How To Toke THC Asteroids

Toking Moon Rocks from the dispensary or local cannabis club will likely set you back in the region of €25-50. Perhaps even more if some uber-exotic, large, Kuiper belt objects are available. Even Homemade moon rocks will deplete reserves of both buds and concentrates. At such a high cost, it’s vital to get the most from the moon rock toking experience.

You must resist the natural impulse to grind moon rocks up like garden variety sticky-green. The teeth of a grinder will devastate and spoil that thick overcoat of kief. This is next-gen stash with old school smokability. Pluck off a piece with your fingers and pack the bowl of a bong or pipe for a deliciously potent hit. No need to dab or vape. For those that are all fingers and thumbs when stoned, moon rocks are super sticky, heavenly gifts. A regular lighter instead of a blow torch is recommended. Blaze and blast off!

Whether you’re a fire-breathing dragon or an occasional user, moon rocks will take you beyond your cannabis threshold. Now you’re prepared, err, as ready as you ever will be for a journey to a stoney galaxy far, far, away.


Written by: Zamnesia
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