Rosin Hash: Easy, Safe and Potent

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Rosin Hash

Rosin Hash is the new BHO, except unlike BHO, it is easy, safe, and quick to make - anyone can do it!

For the last couple of years, BHO has been making waves within the cannabis community. This cannabis concentrate has been heralded as one of the most potent forms available, with every hit being like the first time you ever smoked. However, BHO doesn’t come without its drawbacks, it is notoriously dangerous to make, involving the extremely flammable solvent, butane. It also requires a complicated procedure to make, and if done incorrectly, could leave you with a tainted, potentially dangerous product.

This is where rosin hash comes in. Rosin hash is a relatively new way of producing cannabis resin, and it is one that rivals BHO in quality. What makes rosin hash such a step forward, and potentially the death of BHO, is that it doesn’t require any solvents or alcohol. It is completely safe to produce. Furthermore, it is also extremely easy to make, and relatively quick. All you need is some bud, hair straighteners, and some parchment paper.


Basically, rosin hash is a solventless cannabis oil concentrate made from nothing but pressure and heat. This makes safe to extract, and possess no risk of conta ining any contaminants – all the while retaining the quality of other popular concentrates.


The advantages of rosin hash are many. The main of which is that anyone can do it without risk to their physical safety. The end product also remains pure, so even the most amateur concentrate maker can make rosin without risk of contamination – which cannot be said for BHO. What’s more, rosin can be made very quickly, with experienced makers producing it in under 5 minutes. The only downfall we can see is that it is not as easy to make loads of when compared to BHO. But for the hobbyist, this isn’t going to be a concern, as the technique easily produces enough for a personal stash.


You will need:

• A flat hair straightening iron (ideally with digital temp control)

• Parchment paper (do not use wax paper)

• Potent nugs

• Optional: oven mitt – the straightening iron may get hot.


1. Prepare your cannabis nugs. Ideally you want them to be reasonably small, so they comfortably fit in the iron.

2. Heat up the straightening iron to 160-180 degrees Celsius. The higher the temp, the faster resin will be produced. However, the offset is that higher temps create a darker, sappier product.

3. Take some parchment paper and fold it in half. Place a nug in the middle (between the fold and edge).

4. Place the parchment with nug in it in between the irons of your straightener.

5. Press down hard and evenly. Just be careful not to do it so hard that you break the irons!

6. Press for no more than 3 seconds. Any longer any you may burn the resin.

7. Carefully slide the parchment paper out. Be sure that the nug does not move, or it may wipe away the resin that has been squeezed out.

8. Carefully open up the paper and move the nug to a new place on the paper.

9. Press the nug again using the iron (no more than 3 seconds).

10. Repeat this process a couple of more times, until no more resin is produced.

11. Scrape all the resin together using a dapper and enjoy at your leisure!

Note: the flat bud will still be fairly potent, so save it for future use, like in edibles.

There you go! A super easy and super safe way for anyone to make potent cannabis oil in no time at all. Anyone can do it! It really could spell the end BHO, which relies on dangerous techniques to provide its end product. Happy blazing!

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