Top 5 High-THC Cannabis Strains
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Top 5 Strongest And Most Potent Cannabis Strains

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We bring you the strongest, most potent, and highest-THC strains you can get your hands on in today's market. Are you ready for this list of uber-fire genetics? Let's find out!

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With all the new and exciting strains that come out every year, it’s worth making a list to highlight the very best of them. Otherwise, one could get lost browsing the hundreds, if not thousands of strains out there. Although potency is by no means the sole indicator of a quality strain, high-THC cultivars do represent the upper-echelon of cannabis breeding.

But what constitutes a strain as being “high-THC”? What is the threshold here? Well, today's top-shelf weed strains can feature THC percentages between 20–30%+. Generally, the standard for a high-THC strain is approximately 17% nowadays. Strains with more than 25% THC can be considered ultra-potent.

THC can sustain a slightly different effect on each individual. When the levels are boosted above 20%, it can augment these effects much further.

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There are many satisfying effects associated with the consumption of high-THC weed, and there are some not-so-enjoyable side effects too. For beginners, it is recommended to start with strains that have THC percentages of 15% or lower. From there, you can work your way up.

The most common effect of THC is euphoria. That's the typical “high” feeling everyone associates with smoking marijuana. Weed is a great mood-lifter that induces feelings of bliss while allowing you stay in control, unlike other drugs. It helps you forget about the stress and worries of life for a little while. Another point is that high-THC strains can lead to an altered perception of time - so 15 minutes can seem like 30 minutes.

THC also sedates you, and thus, helps with falling asleep. That is actually a pretty beneficial aspect as deeper and longer sleep is generally good for your overall health. The cannabinoid is a powerful pain-reducer as well. As a proven analgesic, it even helps patients undergoing chemotherapy to deal with the pain.

On the downside, THC can also cause short-term memory loss, something that is normally associated with the stoner stereotype. Thankfully, that is only true for the amount of time you are high, and is no lasting condition. In fact, THC shows promising qualities for improving the memory of aging adults.

Something that most beginner smokers experience with high-THC strains is anxiety or paranoia. But these emotions are also temporary. Set and setting play a big part in this too. Like mentioned earlier, always start slow and use strains with less THC and more CBD until you build a tolerance. THC can lead to an increased heart rate; therefore, people with high blood pressure or heart diseases should be very careful when consuming marijuana.

Everybody gets red, bloodshot eyes, especially in the beginning. That's why sunglasses are a stoner's best friend. While some find this annoying, others with glaucoma and ocular pressure benefit from it. Dizziness is another downside that can occur from the consumption of high amounts of THC.

It should not go unmentioned that these side effects are not perceived as negative by all stoners. And they don't necessarily have to occur. It really depends on you and your surroundings, as well as the quality and profile of the weed being smoked. For most smokers, the positive effects far outweigh the negatives.

Top 5 Strongest And Most Potent Cannabis Strains

So, now that you’re familiar with the nature of THC, here are the top 5 high-THC strains!


Bruce Banner 3 (Grower’s Choice)

Bruce Banner #3 by Grower’s Choice is probably one of the most powerful strains on Earth right now. This cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel will hit up to 27% THC with some phenos. She is so potent that even seasoned smokers can be overwhelmed by her strength.

Take it slow with this one! This strain is incredibly powerful and the effect is ultra fast-hitting. Most of you know already that Bruce Banner is the alter ego of the Incredible Hulk, but can you keep up with this force? Only the most experienced will not be smashed into the ground from this smoke.

But jokes aside, despite its power, the effect is nicely balanced, with happy euphoria and awesome relaxation soothing the consumer. This way, you can either get creative or chill and relax with Bruce Banner #3. The taste and aroma are rich and flavoursome as well. Expect earthy kush notes that are combined with diesel and sweet berry tones from Strawberry Diesel. This is the top choice for all cannabis connoisseurs out there!


Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds)

This is another uber-potent strain! Royal Gorilla by Royal Queen Seeds also reaches 27% in THC. This will give you a spectacular high that will make you feel strong like King Kong. Like Bruce Banner #3, the Royal Gorilla strain family comes from the USA. Now, Royal Queen Seeds has made this special treat available for all you growers in Europe.

Royal Gorilla is derived from Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel genetics. The effect of Royal Gorilla is perfect for chilling out and relieving stress. But these relaxed sensations are balanced with an uplifting and happy high.

The strength of Royal Gorilla makes her a good strain for medical users as well. She helps manage symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, and more. Her flavour consists of earthy, piney, lemony, and sweet tones. Royal Gorilla is an outstanding strain that gets you super baked while keeping you coherent with euphoria!

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C. Banana (Zamnesia Seeds)

Banana by Zamnesia Seeds brings something different to the table. Banana flavours aren't something you see in strains all the time. But this lady gives you sweet and mouth-watering banana flavour all the way. There is also some lemon and pepper detectable in the aromatic mix of this delicious treat. This cross of OG Kush and Banana is another strain that originated in the US (yes, they have got the heat over there!). The remarkable lady features THC values of up to a mind-blowing 30%!

So don't get fooled by her sweet side, she can be really overwhelming if you aren’t careful. But the flavour though! It is so multi-layered, combining the unmistakable sweetness of banana with citrus notes and hints of spice. Your taste buds will have a hard time coping with this sweet and fruity tropical explosion—but in a good way.

Smoking or vaping Banana is an unbelievably pleasant and unforgettable experience. The effect starts with a sativa head rush that gets you motivated and inspired. This then gets balanced out by her indica side, which introduces wonderful relaxation into the mix. However, this phenomenal hybrid is suitable for all kinds of smoking scenarios.


King's Banner (Dark Horse Genetics)

The crazy-potent King's Banner by Dark Horse Genetics has a THC content that sometimes measures up to a jaw-dropping 30%. This strain is a cross of the famous Bruce Banner #3 and two of the best Kushes out there: King Louie XIII and Joseph OG. This cross results in the ultimate kushyness—a real powerhouse! No wonder this strain, which is based on one of the strongest strains on Earth, now sits atop the throne as even more formidable than her ancestor.

Prepare for a heavy couch-lock and grab yourself some snacks for the munchies because King's Banner gets you stoned as hell. This lady breaks all records! Make no plans for the day, for this indica provides long-lasting and deep relaxation like no other. But not only that, the superb King's Banner is also great for patients since she helps with chronic pain, muscle tension, sleeping problems, and other ailments.


Gorilla Glue 4 (BSB Genetics)

You really know there is something very special and unique about a specific cross when it appears twice on a list like this. Here, you have another Gorilla version, this time from BSB Genetics. And boy, she really is the queen of this ranking with THC contents peaking at an exceptional 31%. Yes, you read that right. Top breeders nowadays are able to do that. And aren't we super excited about this?

This weed will get you super couch-locked as well, so turn on a long movie, preferably with some nice visuals, or play your favourite video game. Gorilla Glue #4 is just perfect for that kind of activity. Or is it even an activity when only your brain is active while your body turns into jelly? We’ll let you decide. Maybe this powerful indica puts you straight to sleep anyway.

The high is super intense and strong, and one thing is for sure: Gorilla Glue #4 will glue a smile on your face. The good thing is, you will only need a few tokes to get super baked from these sticky, resinous buds. This fabulous strain has got it all, so you should definitely check this modern legend out. But first, get ready for her effect—this is no beginner stuff!

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Written by: Grant Robinson
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