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The Top 5 Cannabis Strains To Try This Summer

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Here are the top 5 cannabis strains to smoke this summer. Whether you plan to sunbathe and relax or get up and be active, these strains will surely rise to the occasion.

Summer is arguably the best season for stoners. The weather is warmer, which makes it far more pleasant to burn some herb outside under the balmy and comforting rays of the sun. The trees and flowers are covered in delightful shades of green, making for a stunning landscape for stoned, red eyes to gaze upon. Most of all, summer is the ideal time for camping. Great memories are formed when out in the woods or meadows with a pack of friendly stoners, cooking up some munch and adventuring with a few bags of weed.

With that said, it may not be as simple as throwing any old herb into a joint to reach an optimal high in the summertime. It is no secret that the thousands of strains available on today’s market offer profoundly different psychoactive effects. At a basic level, sativas are known for cerebral, energetic head highs. In contrast, indica varieties are commonly associated with body highs that induce relaxation and sleepiness.

Under these two umbrellas of classification reside countless different strains, including hybrids, that offer different cannabinoid and terpene profiles, contributing to major and subtle differences in the high. This is an important consideration when selecting the best strains to accompany the various summer activities you plan on engaging in.


We have compiled a list of some of the very best cannabis strains to be toking this summer. These incredible varieties include Bubba Kush, NYC Diesel, Trainwreck, Super Silver Haze and Pineapple Express.


Bubba Kush Dinafem

Let’s kick things off with the indica-heavy strain Bubba Kush. With 90 percent indica genetics and only 10 percent sativa, this strain is definitely on the mellow end of the spectrum. Bubba Kush is the perfect strain to roll up when relaxing outdoors in parks or your garden during the sunny summer months.

The heavy body high associated with this strain makes it one that will put you in the mood for some serious down time, whether that be sunbathing, a leisurely walk or a spot of outdoor meditation. The strain contains a THC content of 18 percent, as well as minor amounts of CBD. The body high generated from smoking Bubba Kush is associated with calmness and sleepiness. Get ready to fire up the barbecue because this strain will get your appetite surging. A joint full of Bubba Kush will be a tasty one, perfect to match with some chilled drinks. Flavours of coffee, sandalwood and cedarwood are all present.


NYC Diesel Zambeza

NYC Diesel represents the middle ground between sativa and indica effects, consisting of 60 percent sativa genetics and 40 percent indica. This balance makes NYC Diesel a multipurpose strain capable of helping you relax in the summer sun or get active and go for a hike, skate or swim in the great outdoors. This strain contains a THC content of 19 percent, making it highly potent and capable of delivering a potent psychoactive hit.

NYC Diesel is derived from the crossbreeding of parent strains Diesel, Hawaiian, Shiva and Northern Lights. When observing the genetic lineage of this strain, it is no surprise that it packs such a punch. If you are still not convinced of the sheer power of this strain, simply take a look at its impressive array of awards. NYC Diesel has won 5 High Times Cannabis Cup awards, 3 IC420 Growers Cup awards and 2 HighLife Cup awards.

The balanced body and head high generated by NYC Diesel is associated with contrasting effects that include a calming, sleepy couch-lock feeling. This is accompanied by an uplifting, energising and exhilarating high when used in the correct time and place. The strain is famous for its complex smells and tastes, characteristics that make it a real treat when smoked outdoors around the grill. When smoking a joint of NYC Diesel, expect tastes of grapefruit, lime, diesel, fruit and bubblegum. When burned, await aromas of tropical fruit.


Trainwreck Humboldt

Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its hard-hitting high. This strain will turn a regular summer day into a meditative and thought provoking experience. Trainwreck consists of a fairly modest THC percentage of 15 percent, but this doesn’t prevent it from providing a solid and impressively balanced high. The psychoactive effect is strong and long-lasting, making it great for any outdoor excursion, such as bike rides and nature immersion.

The body and head high generated from smoking a joint of Trainwreck presents calming and sleepy qualities that are augmented by uplifting and meditative states. The tastes of this strain are very grounding and offer hints of earthiness, musk and sweetness. The scents released when burned are equally pleasant, featuring notes of spice and sweetness.


Super Silver Haze Zamnesia

Super Silver Haze is a name that the vast majority of cannabis smokers are familiar with. This is because it is of legendary status, having won a total of 25 awards for its highly appreciated cannabinoid, taste and aromatic profiles. The strain is derived from the crossbreeding of parents Haze, Skunk and Northern Light.

The THC content is high, mediated by a slight presence of CBD produced in the plant’s trichomes. This sativa-dominant hybrid makes for excellent summer smoking due to the energetic effects it conjures. Its cerebral, psychoactive high is perfect for adding an element of wonder and awe when engaging in outdoor activities and hobbies. It will plunge you into the zone when skating, cycling and hiking. It will also assist in the creative process when it comes to outdoor photography and filmmaking.

The sativa elements of the high provide uplifting, exhilarating and thought provoking sensations. The indica aspects may induce feelings of hunger and even calmness when taken throughout a relaxing evening. The tastes of this strain are complex, offering flavours of hash, earth, sweetness, sourness and bitterness. The aromas are equally mind-blowing - smelling of lemon, strawberry, blackberry, spice, flowers and sugar.


Pineapple Express Barney's Farm

Pineapple Express is another great smoke for the summer months. It contains a modest THC percentage between 12 and 15 percent, which makes it ideal for those moments where you want a slight lift that isn’t to overwhelming. This strain is a product from crossbreeding the parent strains cannabis ruderalis, Skunk and Cheese. The indica-dominant traits of this plant make for an enjoyable, relaxing and stress-relieving smoke.

Planning a beach party? Look no further than Pineapple Express. This strain is of course renowned for its assertive pineapple flavour and supportive notes from other tropical fruits, not to mention a distinctive sweetness. As one of the most festive and legendary strains around, it’s high time to acquire some Pineapple Express before its all out!


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Written by: Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter is a journalist based in the United Kingdom, specialising in health, alternative medicine, herbs and psychedelic healing. He has written for outlets such as, Medical Daily and The Mind Unleashed, covering these and other areas.

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