Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

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Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Great, indica heavy experience is coupled with what is deemed the best taste of any autoflowering strain in Pineapple Punch. It’s a fast growing plant that requires little maintenance, and is a

Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Feminized Pineapple Punch – Auto Seeds

Great, indica heavy experience is coupled with what is deemed the best taste of any autoflowering strain in Pineapple Punch. It’s a fast growing plant that requires little maintenance, and is a reliable grower. Feminized Pineapple Punch seeds are developed by Auto Seeds, a feminized autoflowering cannabis specialty seedbank.

Feminized Amnesia Haze Auto – Royal Queen Seeds

Many different strains and growers have crossed genes over the years to arrive at the Amnesia Haze Automatic herb (including Ruderalis, making it a cerebral and sativa heavy experience while keeping the flowering time down). Its exceptional CBD content adds to the strain’s mind opening smoke. Amnesia Haze plants are known to grow tall and give long, wispy buds and to produce around 5 oz a seed.

Feminized 60 Day Wonder – DNA Genetics

The 60 Day Wonder is another fast strain, and for that it produces big yield. Finishes in, as the name suggests, around 60 days. The strain from DNA genetics is an interesting cross of the strain Williams Wonder and Ruderalis, and is happy growing out in indoor or outdoor growing housings.

Feminized Auto Blueberry – Dutch Passion

A full, no-spots-left-out smoke, and a strong, soothing scent. Grows in a quick 70 days. This amazing strain was created by Dutch Passion by crossing the all-time favorite Blueberry strain with Ruderalis, making the plant 100% autoflowering. Grows well on odd light schedules

Feminized Critical Jack Auto – Dinafem

Dinafem wanted a better Critical Jack because they liked it so much. So they crossed the strain with Roadrunner, and Critical Jack Auto was born. With a production yield that’s higher than its predecessor and a still super-fast flowering time, the strain has a tight following among growers.

Feminized White Russian Auto – Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is seriously dipping its foot in some innovative strain crossing, experiment the mix of the two greats AK-47 and White Widow. Though White Russian Auto plants can still vary greatly and can be slightly inconsistent, the strain was released early, since customers were demanding its high THC content and stunning looks.

Feminized Jack Herer Auto – Zambeza

Jack Herer is loved by everyone (the strain, not the activist, though I’m sure many love him too). Now being added to the ranks by Zambeza is the Jack Herer Auto, which reportedly smokes and feels just like good old Jack Herer. The plant develops with consistently high THC content, and the strain is relatively easy for even new growers.

Feminized Turbo Jack – AC Genetics

Time between germination & first bowl of Turbo Jack: 70 to 75 days. Turbo Jack grows relatively large and dense, with impressively sized, potent buds. AC Genetics created Turbo Jack by crossing Quick Bud with the aforementioned Jack Herer

Feminized Auto Skunk Mass – Advanced Seeds

This bud comes with a strong musty flavor and perks of both sativa and indica feeling. It’s production yield never disappoints for an auto strain. Advanced Seeds created Auto Skunk Mass by crossing Critical Mass and Skunk #1, earning the strain its name, adding in Ruderalis (where you can almost never go wrong).

Feminized Sweet Skunk Auto – Sweet Seeds

Sweet Skunk Auto is bred from high potency parents, and its heavy crystal appearance speaks to its own. Sweet Seeds has strived to breed an autoflowering strain that rivals the potency and quality of standard strains, and with the Sweet Skunk Auto, they’re nearing their goal. The plant grows short but dense, with a satisfying yield and amazing nugs. Sweet Seeds crossed Critical Mass Auto and Early Skunk to produce the strain.

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