Why Should You Try A MushMush Grow Kit?

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Try A MushMush Grow Kit

At Zamnesia we carry magic mushroom grow kits by a number of trusted and experienced manufacturers. For this article, we will take a closer look at the kits made by MushMush.

Have you ever wanted to grow your own magic mushrooms? If so, you could consider trying a ready-to-grow mushroom grow kit. Not only are they easy to use, they also come with pretty much everything you need. All that's asked of you is that you come prepared with water and a great deal of patience.

Why Use A MushMush Grow Kit?

Aside from coming ready-to-use, MushMush grow kits don't require a lot of attention. Not to mention, they include nearly everything that you need in the package, from paper clips to a grow bag.

Speaking of kits, you get to choose from a variety of strains and packs, all of which come from manufacturers with almost two decades worth of experience. And multiple flushes are entirely possible.


Company History And Mission

We had the pleasure of interviewing the expert mycologists behind MushMush. When asked about how MushMush came to be, and what their company stands for, this is what they had to say:

"We started our business in 2001, but have been busy cultivating mushrooms since 1997. At the time, both cultivation and drying of mushrooms was legal, and the process proved to be quite rewarding for us alongside our studies. When the drying of mushrooms became illegal, we found ourselves facing a logistical problem, as fresh mushrooms have a limited shelf life. That is when we started to sell and ship mushroom spores.

After a while we started to sell grow kits and sclerotia; spore sales became less important. Due to a shortage of time and legal uncertainties, we eventually stopped shipping internationally. At the moment, we only do wholesale business in the Netherlands and do not sell directly to individuals. We are currently producing home-grown sclerotia as well as its substrate, for others to grow sclerotia on.

Wholesale Business In The Netherlands

Making a home-grow kit is a process that takes about 4-5 weeks. It consists of growing mycelium in a liquid medium, inoculating and colonising the sterilized substrate, sterile filling of the trays, and maturing of thegrow kits. All parts of this process happen under sterile conditions. The smallest contamination could spoil the crop.

At present, we produce home-grow kits withn numerous different strains, all selected to very good producers under grow kit conditions. In addition, we have recently acquired a number of strains with very interesting features. The idea is to cross them in combinations with strains we have already perfected, in order to create novel and unique strains.

We spend a lot of time and attention on the maintenance and rejuvenation of our lines. Cultures lose their vitality over time, and must, therefore, be replaced regularly by new lines isolated from spores. In addition, we produce hybrids by crossing lines.

Our kits are made weekly, so we do not deliver from stock. This guarantees the freshest possible product every time.


Both the culture kits and the culture bags are equipped with a microfilter. Problems with infections or insects are virtually a non-issue. The filter bag is specially made for us with a filter that is significantly larger than standard issue. Mushrooms like fresh air, but also high humidity.

We would, however, like to take the opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding in the world. Our sets are considered to include “fillers,” as if the bottom and top layers of perlite and vermiculite, respectively, do not have a function. The bottom layer serves both for drainage and as a moisture reservoir; the top layer promotes the formation of mushrooms."


Exciting Range Of MushMush Products

Again, you're not limited to just one type of MushMush grow kit. In fact, there are several. We, of course, recommend trying them all to see what you like best, as there are way too many awesome options to choose just one.

First, you have the classic Psilocybe cubensis kits, which include the "B+" and the "Mckennaii", to name a few. Due to its gorgeous fruit bodies, B+ is one of the most popular packages available, capable of producing multiple flushes. Mckennaii, on the other hand, is smaller in stature but will blow any psilocybin fan away with its visual treats and psychic maelstroms.

Next, there are the speciality strain kits, including but not limited to "Solaris", "Moby Big", and "Moby Dick". Solaris, in particular, is a sure attention grabber with its visuals. Between the combination of colours and the way the magic mushrooms burst open and split symmetrically around the cap rim, Solaris offers one hell of an experience. As for Moby Big, this kit is a must-have for mycelium lovers. Moby Big provides some of the most powerful effects. Not to mention, its pale and pointy caps make it stand out from all the other flat-topped crosses. Another example is, sweet, sweet Moby Dick: a delicious result of merging Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. The fact that some virtuous mycologist took the time to create a product out of two of the most famous mushroom strains makes Moby Dick worth purchasing, especially if you enjoy variety.

Last, but certainly not least, are the variety packs like "Alpha" and "Omega". Both are ideal for those who are new to growing magic mushrooms. They're also perfect for those who cannot make up their mind as to which strains they'd like to choose. Alpha contains Cambodia, Mazatapec, and Moby Dick, while Omega comes with Moby Big, B+, and McKennaii. And of course, all the other necessities come with the variety kits as well.



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