Mighty vs Crafty+
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Mighty vs Crafty+: Which One Is Right For You?

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The Mighty and Crafty+ portable vaporizers are siblings, one large one small, each with their own pros and cons. Well, it is time for these brothers to stand off and find out which is the best of all.

Created by Storz & Bickel - the renowned German vaporizer manufacturer responsible for the Volcano - the Mighty and Crafty+ vaporizers both have been a resounding success and are exemplary displays of quality, functionality, and precision engineering. We already know they are excellent; the real question is which is the one for you?

So let’s get to it.


Mighty Vs Crafty+ : Size

The first obvious difference between these two vaporizers is their size – as hinted in their names. The Mighty is large and bulky where the Crafty+ is small and discreet. It highlights the difference in intention for each design. The Crafty+ is all about discretion and use on the go, slipping into your pocket when not in use. The large mass of the Mighty has been made with group sessions in mind, when you are heading over to a friend’s house, or meeting in the countryside for a session in the sun.

The Crafty+, which measures at 11cm H x 5.7cm W x 3.3cm D and weighs 135g, can fit into most pockets a phone can fit into – albeit with an extra bit of thickness. The Mighty on the other hand, which measure in at 14cm H x 8cm W x 3cm D and weighs 230g, requires a large hoody pocket, backpack or handbag to be transported discreetly.


Mighty Filling Chamber

Some may be surprised to hear it, but the inner workings of both the Mighty and the Crafty+ are practically the same. They both have the same vapour path, herb chamber size, and heating elements. The only real difference is that as the Mighty is bigger, it has a slightly bigger cooling unit.

Upon testing, the Mighty did produce a slightly cooler vape, but the difference was almost negligible. They both produce an extremely high-quality vapour, making it unlikely to be a deciding factor between the two.


One of the major differences between the Mighty and Crafty+ is battery life. Both have an inbuilt battery that cannot be removed; however, one lasts much longer than the other.

It is, of course, the Mighty that houses the more monolithic battery, and it is quite an impressive one. The Mighty offers an average 90-95 minutes of continuous use, allowing for multiple sessions before it needs to be plugged back in for some juice. As the battery is quite a beast, it cannot be charged via USB, and has a traditional wall socket charger to power back up. The charging time when fully depleted is about 2 hours, but the Mighty does have a pass-through mechanism that allows it to be used as it charges – only needing a few minutes of charging before it can boot up.

Mighty Vaporizer


The Crafty+, with its much smaller battery, has a continuous usage time of roughly 60 minutes. It still allows for a good few sessions before it runs out. Like the Mighty, the Crafty+ has a charge time of roughly 2 hours; however, unlike the Mighty, the Crafty+ can be charged via USB. This USB functionality is pretty useful, as it means the vaporizer can be charged from a portable battery pack – ideal if you are traveling, or out enjoying the countryside.

The Crafty+ also has pass-through functionality, meaning it can be used while charging, but it is not instant. If fully depleted, the battery will need to charge for about 20 minutes before the pass-through functionality becomes active.

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When it comes to using the Mighty and Crafty+ Vaporizers, both are exceedingly straightforward, to the point a novice could pick either up and use it with no prior knowledge. Both are easily loaded with herb by twisting off the top, and both have an automatic heat up once switched on – with both taking roughly 90 seconds to reach temperature.

The Crafty+, however, features the so-called "Super-Boost"; pressing the power button three times in a row will speed up the process and have the device warmed up to 210°C at a fraction of the normal heating time.

Crafty+ Vaporizer


The main difference is in how temperature is controlled. The Mighty has an inbuilt LED display and control buttons to allow the temperature to be precisely monitored and set on the actual unit. The Crafty+, on the other hand, uses Bluetooth to link to a Web app on your smartphone. This app offers the same layout and control as the Mighty, but it is separate from the unit. Both are intuitive and easy to use. I never had any problem with connectivity or complicated controls when using the Crafty+’s temperature control app.


Both the Mighty and Crafty+ are expensive bits of kit and sit at the top end of the market for not only quality but price as well. The Mighty costs €299, whereas the Crafty+ is €298. If you are already considering dropping the money required to buy one of these devices, then a €1 difference is highly unlikely to affect the decision.

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Crafty+ Vaporizer

So which is better, the Mighty or the Crafty+? Well, it is a hard call to make. Both are excellent vaporizers that closely rival each other in functionality and quality. The real question is more what do you intend to use it for? If you want a personal vaporizer that you will use on the go, then you could do no better than the Crafty+.

However, if you want a portable vaporizer that you can use around the house or one that will excel in group situations, then the Mighty is probably the better option. They have both been built with these specific uses in mind, and they perform the job they have been made to do almost flawlessly.

My personal favourite is the Mighty as I often use socially, but I also know my fellow writer Lucas prefers the Crafty+, as the combination of discretion, easy portability, and quality suits his needs better. So, maybe don’t try and work out which is better, but which suits your needs.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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