Zamnesia's Amsterdam Coffeeshop Visits
3 min

Zamnesia's Amsterdam Coffeeshop Visits

3 min

Tag along with the Zamnesia team on their Amsterdam coffeeshop tour, and discover ten coffeeshops that are not to be missed when visiting this beautiful Dutch capital.

Amsterdam. Such a peaceful city. Bikes, canals, beautiful architecture... so much to see. But we went to Amsterdam for a different reason: The Zamnesia Amsterdam Coffeeshop visits!

Our team spent a full two days in this gorgeous city, having sought out ten of the most notable coffeeshops worth visiting. Some of these coffeeshops are backed by huge players in the cannabis industry, while others may stand out because of rave reviews on forums, for their quality weed, or for their extraordinary approach towards tourists and regulars alike.

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We found it very difficult to pry ourselves away from the chilled and friendly atmosphere we encountered in each and every shop. Check out the videos below to get an impression of said atmosphere, and maybe plan a visit to Amsterdam to experience it for yourself.


Our first stop will be Boerejongens Coffeeshop West at Baarsjesweg 239. It’s not a bouncer that welcomes you, but a true host. The interior design makes you feel like you are walking into a super classy pharmacy.

Not only do they have some of the best weed and hash, they also offer CBD oil and cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics. You can even get your hands on Boerejongens merchandise to take home with you as a souvenir. And if you’re not a smoker, they have some great chocolate brownies to please the palate.


The Stud is known as ‘’The Friendliest Coffeeshop in Amsterdam’’. Located at the Molukkenstraat 581, more on the outskirts of the city centre, you will find yourself among city locals when visiting this shop. However, The Stud employees treat everyone like a welcome regular! Service and products are of high quality, and if you want some heavy stuff, be sure to ask for the ‘’Canna Hash’’, with 66% THC!

If you don’t know what you want to smoke, they have special surprise boxes providing you with a variety of different strains grown from a variety of cannabis seeds for you to try. Next door is their own merchandise store, with everything from shirts and sweaters, to shoes and caps.


Next stop is Coffeeshop DNA, located at the Achillesstraat 104. Also being more on the outskirts of the city centre, the location is very relaxed and low-key. With a wide open reception area and separate smoking room, Coffeeshop DNA will surely not disappoint those looking for a break from Amsterdam’s hustle and bustle.

At the moment we were there, they were doing some construction work, so be sure to check them out to see what the new shop looks like. Oh, and definitely try one of the delicious Hash Cakes when you're there!


Right between the narrow streets of Amsterdam, we arrive at the next stop on our coffeeshop tour called the Tweede Kamer, which is the Dutch translation for “The Parliament”. This theme is reflected in the shop’s interior design: the classically luxurious and stately in-house look, paired with some of the best strains Amsterdam has to offer, will have you feeling like royalty for sure.


At the Marnixstraat 194, we find the 5th coffeeshop en route to ultimate coffeeshop bliss, called 1e Hulp. This roomy coffeeshop with a nice Middle Eastern theme and relaxing vibe is a must-visit if you’re in Amsterdam. 1e Hulp is known for their classy weed and hash, but is also recognised for their high-quality Moonrocks. So be sure to try one of those!


We are already halfway through our list, and our next visit is going to be Amnesia at the Herengracht 133-i. In the heart of the city, and with a great view of the Amsterdam canals, feel free to smoke some great weed or hash in a joint, or get your vape on with the help of one of the Volcano vaporizers Amnesia has on display.


Barney’s Farm is a well-known brand, so it should come as no surprise that we wanted to visit them! At the Haarlemmerstraat 102, you will find one of the many Barney’s Coffeeshop locations. With friendly and helpful staff, they will make sure you get what’s right for you! And of course, there is your fair share of Barney’s Farm merchandise for you to purchase and cherish forever.


When you leave Barney’s, turn left and walk eastwards down the street for about a 100 metres, and you will find The GreenHouse Coffeeshop at the Haarlemmerstraat 64.

This shop has some high-quality strains for you to enjoy, and GreenHouse brand seeds and gifts to commemorate your visit. They even have an underground fish tank for you to gawk at. On the walls, you will find the many prizes they’ve won and pictures of all the celebrities that have been there before you. It’s also a great place to get something to eat or drink, including space cake.


Just a couple more shops left, so let’s get a move on to our next little gem. This stop is going to be the Het Ballonnetje at the Roetersstraat 12, one of the older Amsterdam coffeeshops, and one that is well-respected among its peers.

Quite close to one of the Amsterdam University buildings, you will find a lot of students here. So feel free to light up some green and talk about the more important things in life—like what strain you should get, for instance…


And finally, in the heart of the city, our final visit: Bulldog The First at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90. Of course, everyone knows The Bulldog, so we could not leave this one off the list!

With the big signs outside and colourful storefront, the Bulldog is a hard one to miss. People from all over the world have visited this coffeeshop. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out and light up some cannabis inside or outside on the patio, right next to the canal. A nice and fitting conclusion to our Zamnesia Amsterdam Coffeeshop visits!

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Luke Sholl
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