5 Ideas For a Cannabis-Themed Valentines Day

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5 Ideas For a Cannabis-Themed Valentines Day

Bring some extra magic to Valentine’s Day with these cannabis inspired activates. They will take your enjoyment to all new heights.

Looking for a way to make this Valentine’s Day special for the stoner in your life? If you are one-half of a cannabis couple, chances are you know first-hand the power cannabis has to bring you closer together during a smoking session, helping create a deep enduring bond. So why not include this shared passion in your celebrations of this day of love.

The best way to go about it is to create an evening of luxury, pampering and intimacy. Fortunately, cannabis can help with all of them. We have put together a few ideas that when combined, can make for a romantic cannabis-themed evening you will not soon forget!


The traditional box of chocolates may be cheesy, but they can go a long to creating a pleasurable evening, especially where weed is involved. So why not take things a little further, and add a personal touch by making your own homemade cannabis-infused chocolate truffles. The extra effort of making your own is sure to go down well, and the added cannabis will help get the evening off with a blissful buzz! Just remember that edibles can take a while to kick in, so time it right!

You can check out our recipe for making your own here.


A sensual cannabis oil massage can relax the body while stimulating desire. The topical application of cannabis rarely gets you high, but it enhances the skin's sense of touch, making every movement feel more intimate and relaxing. Not only will this enhance the romantic mood, but leave the person massaged feeling great afterwards.

Making your own cannabis massage oil is easy and straightforward process. You can check out our recipe here.


Cannabis and sex go hand in hand, especially where a sativa is concerned. As long as you don’t go overboard, a few gentle tokes will enhance physical sensitivity, making everything much more pleasurable; it will open you up emotionally, connecting your souls and turning sex into lovemaking; it can also inspire creativity in the bedroom, having you and your partner explore and try things you may not have otherwise thought of. An orgasm while high is like no other, and the emotional bond felt will persist far beyond the physical act. Just make sure that if you have had some cannabis chocolates, you don’t overdo it with the bud. You want a moderate, comfortable buzz – too much weed may get you too baked and kill the mood!

You can find out more about cannabis and sex and how they come together here.


If you want to take the lovemaking even further, consider using some cannabis-infused lube. It is a phenomenon that has become immensely popular in places where cannabis is legal – with it flying off the shelves. Cannabis infused lubricant can dramatically enhance the sensation for women, making the orgasm much more intense and longer lasting. Unfortunately for men, it doesn’t create the same mind-blowing effect. However, it can improve performance, allowing you to go for longer. Like the massage, it is unlikely to get you high, but you are sure to enjoy the physical benefits.

Cannalube has to be used as a "pre-lube," meaning the women need to apply it 45 minutes before getting down and dirty. This is so that it has time to take effect. It will give you time to work on the massage, or enhance your foreplay.

Learn how to make your own homemade cannabis lube and enhance the sensations here.


Combined with other herbs, such as lavender or chamomile, a hemp/cannabis bath can create an extremely soothing and relaxing end to the evening – especially if your bathtub is big enough for the both of you. Not only is it a great way to finish off your cannabis-themed day, but the essential oils will also help keep your skin healthy and leave you refreshed for the days ahead. Who knows, of you are still feeling a little sensual and hot-blooded, it could result in round 2!



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