12 Tips For A Great Experience With Magic Truffles
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12 Tips For A Great Experience With Magic Truffles

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Psychedelics can be unpredictable—the inner journey that commences once magic truffles have been ingested can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring experience that transforms your soul. But it can also be one of the most overwhelming experiences you could possibly imagine. However, help is at hand, as we've put together 12 tips to guide you.

Many factors influence the experience of taking psychedelic truffles—from the environment in which you take them to the type of truffle you use. With so many variables, how can you set yourself up for the best trip possible? Well, with a little help from Zamnesia, you’ll soon become acquainted with 12 tips for getting the most out of your psilocybin truffle experience. Whether it’s your first time or you're just looking for some helpful pointers, we've got you covered.

Risks of taking psilocybin truffles

Risks of taking psilocybin truffles

We'd be remiss if we didn't highlight some potential risks associated with taking truffles. There's no denying the profound mental and physical effects that magic truffles catalyse. When taken in too high a dose or consumed in the wrong scenario, this can lead to uncomfortable effects that, although not life-threatening, can be very disconcerting to the individual.

Some mental and emotional risks of taking psilocybin truffles include:

  • Panic
  • Paranoia
  • Distress
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations

Here are some physical risks:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Increased heart rate

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12 tips for a great experience with truffles

12 tips for a great experience with truffles

With all the above in mind, let’s get into how to maximise your psilocybin truffle experience while avoiding potential pitfalls associated with uninformed use. With these 12 tips, you can appropriately prepare for your truffle experience.

1. Do your research

First things first—do your research! While our list of tips is a great place to start, consider delving even further into the world of psychedelic truffles and their constituents. At Zamnesia, we have a host of articles catering to this topic. In addition, consider checking out some anecdotal accounts, aka “trip reports”, online so you have an idea of what to expect. Of course, everyone's experience will differ somewhat, but these accounts can give you some insight before undertaking your trip.

All that said, be aware that no amount of research can prepare you for the journey itself. So if it's your first time taking truffles, know that you will be “giving yourself up” to the experience somewhat. Still, while the psychedelic experience is broad and difficult to put into words, it’s better to have some idea of what you’re going into before you take the dive.

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2. Set and setting

Set and setting

The concept of “set and setting” is one that pervades the psychedelic experience in general. A tried and tested nugget of advice, respecting the variables of set and setting will help you to optimise your experience. “Set” refers to your mental state, or mindset, at the time of ingestion. Do you feel calm and open to the experience? Or are you stressed out and worried about all manner of things? Generally, it's best not to take a psychedelic during times of acute stress, grief, or depression. Psychedelics typically amplify emotions and can possibly intensify negative emotions.

“Setting”, on the other hand, refers to the external environment in which you embark on your journey, and the people surrounding you. So, everything from the space itself, to the music playing, to the other people tripping with you can influence the truffle experience. If it's your first time, pay particular attention to this. The initial foray into psychedelics can be an extreme and life-changing moment, so it's good to do it in the right place, with the right people.

Typically, natural settings are best for taking truffles, as psilocybin works to enhance the beauty and profundity of nature. A secluded beach or clearing in the forest makes for the ideal setting. Camping under the stars with mates is also a popular option for many. You essentially want to minimise the chances of bumping into a stranger, and also have a safe place to go to if things become overwhelming or uncomfortable. However, if a nature-based setting isn't viable, or you're simply nervous about your first time, you can always opt for somewhere that feels familiar and safe to you, like your bedroom with some close friends.

3. Preparation is key

We've long been told that “preparation is the key to success”, and this sentiment could not be more relevant regarding truffles. Ensure that wherever you are, you have an ample supply of water nearby and some snacks in case you get hungry during or directly after your trip. Note that there is some speculation that eating sugar-laden treats may dampen the effects of your truffles, so start with something a little lighter. However, you may find that you don't have an appetite at all once you're under the influence, but it's worth having some snacks and drinks at the ready regardless.

Not only should snacks and refreshments be a priority, but it's also good to keep some creative tools nearby too. Things like musical instruments and art supplies cater for any flickers of creativity that may arise during your psychedelic trip. Other items, such as trippy toys, glow sticks, and optical illusions, are sure to keep the mind engaged and the hands busy during a psychedelic experience. Also, if you're thinking of using your truffles outdoors, bring your sun cream as it's easy to become distracted while tripping and forget to protect your skin.

Lastly, consider what you’d like to do after your journey. Most likely, you'll be feeling mentally and physically exhausted, so you'll want to prepare a comfortable, warm bed before you start tripping so you can crash out immediately when the time is right.

4. Switch your phone off!

Clear any appointments for the day of the trip, and the following day if possible, and be sure to switch off your phone. In the unlikely event that you receive some bad news during your trip, it could severely impact the experience, as you won't be in the right frame of mind to deal with such information.

So, as a rule of thumb, calls and messages can wait until after you're done tripping. The same goes for computers, tablets, and laptops; this isn't the time to check your socials and engage with the outside world. The fewer distractions, the better. It's good practice to tell a close, experienced friend that you're taking a psychedelic that day, and to let them know where you can be found in case of a real emergency.

5. Don't mix drugs

 Don't mix drugs

When taking truffles, you want the purest experience possible, so never drink alcohol while under the influence of a psychedelic, and certainly don't mix with any other drugs. However, there is one potential exception to the rule; cannabis. Some psychedelic aficionados claim that smoking a little weed or hash can counter some of the adverse side effects associated with truffle intoxication, such as nausea and appetite loss. It can also add a nice little complementary element to the trip, as cannabis can enhance visuals and promote a mellow mood.

6. Call a sitter

A tried and true tip for truffle trippers is calling a trip sitter to oversee your psychedelic experience. Recruit a close and trusted friend who will remain sober and act as a guardian during the proceedings. They will watch over you and ensure you stay comfortable for the whole duration. The best trip sitters are very experienced with psychedelics and have a patient, caring nature. So keep these attributes in mind when picking yours.

However, if you feel a little more experienced, you can always choose to go it alone. For some people, the most profound inner journeys happen in isolation, so this could be an option for you too.

7. Take your truffles correctly

Take your truffles correctly

If you want to have a meaningful truffle experience, you've got to do it properly! It's always best to consume truffles on an empty stomach. So don’t have a huge meal right before you plan to trip. Also, be sure to take them within the recommended time frame; for fresh truffles, this means eating them relatively soon after you acquire them. Fresh truffles last around three months in the fridge if sealed in proper packaging, and then must be used within 48 hours of opening. Dried truffles can last much longer if stored in proper conditions.

Moreover, consider chopping up the truffles into tiny pieces to increase the surface area and make them easier for your body to process. Chewing the sclerotia thoroughly when eating them also works.

For most psychedelic journeys, the entire dose is to be consumed at once. However, if you are nervous and want to take things slow, eating just half of your dose at first is good practice. Then, if your “come up” period is comfortable and you're feeling good, you can always look to have the second half around an hour or so later. However, note that psilocybin tolerance comes on fast; if you are going to redose, it’s best to do so within 1–3 hours after taking your initial dose. Redose after several hours, and you might not feel anything.

8. Change up the flavour

There's no denying the bitter flavour of truffles. However, there are many ways to disguise it. Try blending your truffles in a smoothie, chopping them into small pieces and sprinkling them on top of a healthy salad, or adding them to a bowl of muesli and enjoying them with yoghurt. Other options include eating with dark chocolate or putting the stones on top of a slice of pizza. Exposing your truffles to extreme heat will degrade the active constituents and therefore diminish the potency.

Brewing tea is another excellent option. Many people opt for truffle tea as it has the potential to prevent some of the adverse side effects that come with eating raw truffles, such as nausea. To make truffle tea, chop your truffles finely, and bring water to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn the water off. Now, steep the truffle pieces in hot water for 10–12 minutes before adding your favourite herbal tea blend and letting it brew. When you drink the tea, be sure to chew up the little pieces before swallowing them. Liquids absorb into your bloodstream a lot faster than solids are processed.

Another method of consumption is lemon tek. This is a process in which finely chopped truffle pieces are left to soak in freshly squeezed lemon juice for around 20 minutes. After this point, the juice (and the pieces) are consumed. The acids in the lemon juice help to increase psilocin's bioavailability, making for a faster come-up and a potentially stronger experience.

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9. Do what feels good

Do what feels good

As mentioned, the truffle psychedelic journey is a deeply personal and profound one. Each individual will have their own unique experience, so it's essential to not have any expectations. Just breathe, stay comfortable, and don't fight what happens to you. The effects of truffles are mind-blowing. It can sometimes be a frightening or overwhelming experience, but just go wherever it takes you.

Also, don’t feel as though you have to do, or not do, certain things during your trip. If you want to listen to music, that’s great! If not, that’s just fine too. The same goes for the time of day at which you take truffles. These decisions are all up to you; just be aware that different settings and scenarios might change the nature of your trip to some degree.

10. Avoid a bad trip

There are some who believe that there’s no such thing as a “bad” truffle or mushroom trip. However, most of us go into the psychedelic experience hoping to experience predominantly positive emotions. One of the best ways to prevent distressing or overwhelming effects from coming on is to be moderate with dosing.

If things get to be a little too much, and you start feeling like you can't handle what's happening, try changing things up. This can be as simple as switching on the light, turning off the music, drinking some water, or moving away from that one person who won't stop talking. Walk to a different room or head outside to get a change of scenery. Breathing exercises also work well for centring and grounding you. Or, if you're musically inclined, try singing! Singing releases dopamine in your brain, which, more often than not, can be enough to shift your trip in a positive direction.

Regardless of the dose, it's important to remember that the trip is only temporary. The effects will eventually wear off, and you will return to ordinary consciousness. As crazy as things get, they will ultimately end.

Also, when taking magic truffles with friends, you should all work together to have a good time and look out for one another if somebody has a negative experience. Different doses affect people in different ways, and what might be quite easy to handle for some can be overwhelming for others. Be sure to stay calm, promote an atmosphere of positivity, and be sympathetic to those who may be uncomfortable.

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11. Leave the next day open

Leave the next day open

Tripping, for most people, can be an exhausting experience both physically and mentally. That's why you should leave your diary open the next day. Having any prior obligations, meetings, or work can all take away from the experience. Most likely, you'll want to reflect on the journey, sit around, and talk. Without sounding too pretentious, insight and wisdom are to be found during these conversations. Some trips are life-changing and transformative, so who knows what you'll want to do the following day.

12. Don't overdo it

Last on our list of tips is a simple yet important one; don't overdo it. Do not take magic truffles more than once a week. The body will quickly build up a tolerance to the effects, and the sensations will be much less profound as a result. It's important to take some time after each trip to understand and process the experience. Truffles are not party drugs and shouldn't be treated as a “quick fix” for anything. Enjoy truffles as a rare treat, and every time will be special.

Truffles to try

Truffles to try

If you're new to the world of truffles, choosing a variety to try out can seem like a daunting prospect. With so many different options available, where do you begin? Luckily, we've rounded up three varieties that range from light to strong in terms of effects, and as such are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and experienced trippers respectively.

Light: Mexicana

As arguably the mildest form of truffles, Mexicana makes for the ideal jumping-off point for prospective truffle enthusiasts. With a small dose of 5 grams, some effects, such as euphoria, can be felt. In medium doses, mild visuals and a desire to socialise are your reward. However, higher doses can kickstart creativity and introspection, allowing you to think “outside the box”.

Medium: Atlantis

First discovered in Georgia, USA, the Atlantis truffle is a medium-strength variety aimed at more experienced trippers. Users open themselves to hallucinations, euphoria, and a distorted sense of time. With 3–5 grams making for a mild experience, and 15 grams making for a full-on trip, there's plenty to experience with Atlantis.

Strong: Valhalla

As one of the strongest varieties available on the market today, Valhalla is reserved for seasoned psychedelic fans. Users can anticipate some intense sensations as well as visual and mental hallucinations alongside massive waves of euphoria and changes in perception. A dose of 7.5 grams is recommended to sample the array of effects on offer.

Time to try truffles

With the help of our tips, you've got all the ammunition you need for a successful psychedelic experience. Of course, the power of truffles shouldn't be underestimated, and part of getting it right is fine-tuning the dose. However, help is at hand! Not only does Zamnesia stock a wide variety of magic truffles and mushroom grow kits, but we can also help you figure out the right amount to use, thanks to our dosage calculator. So all that's left to do is try truffles for yourself, and experience all they have to offer.

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