How to Grow Your Own Magic Truffles
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How to Grow Your Own Magic Truffles (From Scratch)

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Growing your own magic truffles is a highly satisfying activity. Not only does it save you money, it allows you to establish a deeper connection with the truffles. However, mushrooms are not the only option available to the self-sufficient psychonaut.

A few strains of mushroom also produce sclerotia, more commonly referred to as truffles or philosopher stones. The advantage of growing truffles over shrooms is that they are much more resistant to external factors, such as heat and dehydration, are more discreet to grow, plus they contain a higher concentration of psilocybin than their mushroom counterpart.

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There are essentially two ways to grow your own truffles: Either with a grow kit, or from scratch. Similar to the mushroom grow kits, you can effortlessly cultivate the nuggets of wisdom with a truffle grow kit. With the kit, growing truffles is easy as pie - and you can harvest already after 3 days!

But if you want to experience the complete process and have total control over your grow, then cultivating from scratch is the way to go. Not only will this method give you fundamental insight into the lifecycle of the truffles, it also allows you to scale up your grow to fit your needs.

Here’s how to grow your own magic truffles

How To Grow You Own Magic Truffles

You will need:

  • Either a spore syringe, a spore print or living mycelium from your strain of choice (Psilocybe mexicana and Psilocybe tampanensis are both great strains that form truffles)

  • Grass seeds (your growing substrate)

  • A grow bag with filter

  • A pressure cooker

  • Water

  • Incubator (depending on your location)

The Process:

  1. The first thing you need to do is create your growing substrate. Grass seeds are the most commonly used substrate, but you can also use rye. To make the growing substrate yourself, you need to mix 10 parts grass seeds with 5 parts water. An example would be 1000 grams of grass seeds and 500ml of water.

    Another easy option would be getting a pre-sterilized bag of rye. If going this route you can proceed to step 5.

  2. Next you need to sterilize the substrate. To do this, put your grass seeds and water in a grow bag, and then place it in a pressure cooker.

  3. Cook the filter bag and contents for 1 hour at 15 psi. This will thoroughly sterilize it.

  4. Once the substrate has cooled down, you can inoculate it with your syringe, spore print or mycelium on agar. The pre-sterilized rye bag comes with a syringe port which allows for clean inoculation without opening the bag. Otherwise, working in a glove box is recommended to avoid contamination in this step. Work fast and clean.

  5. Shake the inoculated substrate to spread the spores or mycelium all over the substrate.

  6. The mixture now needs to be kept warm in a dark place. The ideal temperature is between 21-25 degrees Celsius – so use an incubator or an insulated heating mat if your room temperature is lower.

  7. The initial colonization process will take 2-4 weeks. Over this time, shake the mixture up every now and again.

  8. Once the colonization period has passed, and the substrate is fully colonized, all the hard work is done; all you need now is patience. Leave your bag of colonized substrate in your dark warm environment, and cease shaking it. This will allow the rapid development of hard, walnut looking lumps – your truffles. These truffles can continue to grow for 3-4 months, increasing in size the longer you leave them. How long you leave them will depend on how patient you are.

As you can see, growing truffles is a bit simpler than growing mushrooms, as the fruiting stage falls away. On the other hand, the process does take more time, as the truffles need longer to form and mature than the shrooms.

VIDEO: Magic Truffle Cultivation Set


Fancy a trip across the cosmos without the steps listed above? Our cultivation sets are a simple alternative to growing psilocybin-rich magic truffles. The prepared substrate comes already inoculated. Simply find a nice quiet place for your magic truffles to cultivate and wait! After approximately three months, they will be ready to harvest, and with up to 80 grams of truffles possible, you cannot go wrong.

Magic Truffle Cultivation SetView Magic Truffle Cultivation Set

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