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Note that the magic truffles are fungus material that also contains psychoactive tryptamines. Wrong storage can destroy both quickly. For one, the sclerotia are delivered fresh. This means they need to be refrigerated afterwards in order to not be mushy and eventually rot.

In addition, the contained tryptamines decay relatively quickly in a warm, light and oxygen rich environment. Therefore it is advisable to keep the sclerotia in a lower compartment of the refrigerator. It is particularly cool down there and the fridge itself also provides the needed darkness. Freezing is not recommended, because it can destroy the active ingredients as well. In addition, the sclerotia will be just a pile of mud after thawing. Finally, you can also dry the magic truffles. This is best achieved in the fresh air and can take several days. Thereafter, the percentage of active substances content is higher of course.


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