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Does Drinking Coffee Affect Your High?

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The great relationship between coffee and marijuana is more than just coincidence, science has just found out that they are a match made in heaven!

A lot of stoners will stand by how coffee adds a lot to their experience. Many people love the flavour mixture and others claim the pairing improves their high. We decided to dive into this topic and try to explain why this mixture is worth being vouched for by many of us in the stoner community.


We all know why we drink coffee. It’s not consumed recreationally. Coffee is a modern day drug that has gained extreme popularity, especially amongst the working community. And this comes as no surprise. Coffee won’t give you direct energy, but it will inhibit the flow of adenosine into the brain. This is the chemical compound responsible for making you sleepy and relaxed. Caffeine mimics this chemical seamlessly, blocking receptors from receiving adenosine.

Cannabis works really differently. It’s a drug taken for both recreational and medical purposes. It will alter your brain chemistry much more than coffee and consequently, will sustain more noticeable effects. A wake-and-bake will not have the same effect as a coffee for breakfast. Cannabis contains cannabinoids that resemble the endocannabinoids already present in our brain and central nervous system.

This means that cannabis will bind to these receptor sites, enhancing the sensations we experience. Cannabis will also take out the natural limitation of neuron activity in the brain. This means that thoughts, feelings, and imagination are all amplified.


Effect Of Cannabis And Coffee Mixed

Although a lot of people understand how these two substances work separately, when asked about their mixture, most of us won’t be able to confidently answer. A lot of people worry about mixing coffee and weed because they’re two opposite drugs. Coffee will stimulate while cannabis will serve more as a relaxant. A lot of consumers are also scared of the fact that both drugs will increase your heart rate.

When looking at the correlation between these two substances, a 2014 study[1] reached very interesting conclusions. The research aimed to look at how caffeine increased the will to consume THC. Researchers gave monkeys a way of self-administering THC after being given a certain amount of caffeine. They started the study by providing 1mg of caffeine, then repeated it using 3mg. The test subjects were given the free choice to pull a lever with a limitless supply of THC after both caffeine doses.

While after just 1mg the monkeys consumed very little THC, this quantity increased significantly after 3mg of caffeine. This study, therefore, suggests a correlation but not a causation between the will to consume THC and caffeine consumption. But definite conclusions are still lacking as this is only one piece of research performed on monkeys, not a human population.

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For now, there is still no conclusive research regarding how coffee adds to the high provided by cannabis. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more on that in the future; but for now, what we do know is that both of these substances will leave you feeling euphoric.


Effect Coffee Combined With Cannabis Will Vary From Person To Person

We all have different body chemistries and reactions to substances, especially regarding a drug like cannabis. It’s a substance where the effects are dependent on individual endocannabinoid systems, tolerance levels, and more. No one can fully predict exactly how their high will be, as this is contingent on one’s company, environment, and experience.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that the same will happen when mixing coffee and weed. Some people might actually feel a difference in their high, while others won’t. Not only that, but tolerance for both substances will also play an important role in this. An experienced smoker who rarely drinks coffee might notice more amplified differences when pairing coffee with her/his joint.

Even though adding to the high might not be the main reason why people mix coffee with cannabis, the fact is, they do. And we might know why. Here is what we think the best combinations of coffee and cannabis will be.


Pairing Coffee And Cannabis - Flavour

Cannabis flavour will be affected by strain, climate, if it was grown indoors or outdoors, and even how it was cured and packaged. Coffee's taste will vary in the way it was washed and especially, how it was roasted. Balancing all these factors into a perfect combination is what makes this the perfect stoner duo.

Let’s go through the main factor you can control in coffee: roast. You can purchase a caffeinated drink with a light, medium, or dark roast. The lighter the roast, the more acid and caffeine contained within. But this will also be the sweetest option.

With a light roast, we would recommend the indica-dominant Skywalker or the hybrid Cheese. The Star Wars-themed strain is pungently sweet, which will help counteract the roast’s acidity. The Cheese hybrid will help bring out the full aromas in the coffee, making you love it even more. It’s a very Skunky strain with strong aromas that will not distract from the coffee, but rather, complement it well.

When drinking a medium roast, the bitterness will increase. For that, we recommend a very sweet option, Bubba Kush. This is a sugary yet light-flavoured flower that will allow you to enjoy the true flavours of the more aggressive roast.

And finally, for the dark roast, we have a great hybrid and a fantastic indica. The famous Pineapple Express will be a great pairing to the bitter drink. It will make you wonder if actual pineapple goes well with coffee. And Blueberry, the sweet indica queen, will even add more flavour to your combination than Pineapple Express. This might ruin the coffee for some, but will be delicious for those who love the fruit.


Pairing Coffee And Cannabis - Effect

While the flavour is something where most humans share similarities, the preferred high will be very specific to the individual. This is why you’ll have to be the final judge when it comes to combining the coffee and weed. But we’ll give you a tip to start off with.

If you enjoy coffee in the night time, it might be wise to pair it with an indica. This will ensure you have a good night’s rest and wake up refreshed. For a wake-and-bake, on the other hand, a sativa might pair well with your morning coffee. For the same reason, you should be aiming for lighter roasts in the morning and darker ones at night. This will reduce your caffeine intake throughout the day. Or if you enjoy decaf, it might also taste very well to you at any time of day.

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When it comes to how these two substances affect one’s brain chemistry when used together, only further research will reveal the conclusive final word. For now, just enjoy your ritual with what pleases you.


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