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Combining Cannabis And Coffee: Where To Begin?

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Those looking for a different way to start their day should pay close attention. The combination of cannabis and coffee has long been a talking point. On the surface, both offer opposite effects, but combined, they provide a unique high that is really something to enjoy!

Some combinations are just undeniable. Coffee and cannabis is one of them! For many, the thought of having one without the other isn’t worth considering. That’s precisely why we have so many cannabis coffeeshops! In this article, we delve into why this continues to be such a popular combination.

What Are The Separate Effects Of Marijuana And Caffeine?


Before we get into how this combination works, we should get a shared understanding of what each does separately. Then we can see how they complement each other.


While many use cannabis recreationally, some use it to enhance well-being. In either case, marijuana primarily works by interfacing with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Specifically, the THC in marijuana binds to CB1 receptors in the brain to catalyse short-term changes in brain chemistry. This is perceived by the user as a “high”, which is defined by feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and loss of inhibition.


Whether you’re enjoying a flavourful coffee or are into your energy drinks, both contain large amounts of caffeine, a known stimulant. However you’re drinking it, there’s no denying that caffeine-based drinks are hugely popular.

Yet, they don’t actually give you energy; caffeine inhibits the flow of adenosine into the brain—a chemical compound responsible for making you feel tired and relaxed—and boosts levels of [2]dopamine, noradrenalin, and glutamate. As such, caffeine drinkers may perceive that they’re not exhausted, and then “crash” when the caffeine wears off and adenosine comes rushing back into the brain.

What Happens When You Mix Cannabis And Caffeine?


So, given the separate effects of marijuana and caffeine, what happens when you combine them? While the caffeine will act as a stimulant, the cannabis will mellow it out with more of a relaxing effect. Some may worry that combining the two substances will lead to overstimulation, but, due to their unique mechanisms, there is no worry of potentiating the effects of either substance.

That said, the combination can cause feelings of nervousness, paranoia, or increased heart rate if you overindulge. This is why it’s essential to find the right balance for yourself, starting with a smaller dose and seeing what works for you. Allowing your body some time to adjust before adding more of either substance will undoubtedly work in your favour.

How To Combine Caffeine And Marijuana

There are a variety of ways to combine caffeine and cannabis. Whether you want to start your day with it or enjoy an afternoon break, here are a few suggestions.

Wake And Bake


There’s nothing like a good old wake and bake. Getting up in the morning, brewing yourself a coffee, and lighting up your favourite strain—it’s an absolute classic way to combine coffee and cannabis! But first, you need to determine which strains best complement the experience. Once you’ve found your strain of choice, take things one toke, and one cup, at a time so you can hit that perfect sweet spot and enjoy smooth sailing for the rest of your bake.

Use A Coffee Grinder To Make Canna-Coffee


Another method is simply grinding some decarbed cannabis in with your coffee beans. Then, you can brew this tasty combination and pour into your favourite coffee mug to enjoy. Expect a stronger flavour as you’ll be getting the notes of both the coffee and the cannabis.

You can also make things a little more fun by trying out some different flavour combinations to enhance your brew. For instance, opt for fruity or sweet strains to lighten up the flavour profile, or go all in with strains reeking of coffee and chocolate themselves! For that quick fix, consider using a coffee grinder to really help you get going in the morning.

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Make Cannabis Coffee Or Tea By Hand

While you can just throw your bud in the coffee grinder, you can make a more potent coffee infusion using cannabutter or canna-coconut oil. Simply add a dollop of cannabutter to your morning cup and stir well to mix the fat into the hot beverage.

Alternatively, use cannabutter or coconut oil to make your own tea bag. Especially if you’re looking for a milder caffeine hit, making cannabis tea could not be easier or more enjoyable. Empty a bag of your favourite tea into a mix of butter and bud, and combine. Add the tea-weed-butter mixture back into the bag or into a tea ball, and allow to simmer in a pot of water for several minutes before cooling and pouring into your mug.

Cbd And Coffee

The combination of a heavy THC strain and coffee is primarily what we’ve focused on so far, but CBD makes an equally good candidate in morning beverages. Whether it’s CBD-rich cannabutter or a few drops of CBD oil, it’s never been easier to add cannabidiol to a wide range of food and drink. Just know that if you’re using CBD exclusively, you will not get high. Still, this combination might be ideal for those having their morning cup of coffee or tea before work or school.

Best Cannabis Strains To Try With Coffee


As mentioned, there is no “perfect” cannabis strain to use in your coffee. It really boils down to preference once again. However, there are two main areas to consider when picking the strain you’d like to use. Whether you’re looking to complement the flavour of your roast or achieve specific effects, here’s what you need to consider.


Both coffee and cannabis are beloved by connoisseurs for their distinct and wide range of flavours. For that very reason, many canna-coffee drinkers try to match the flavour profile of a given strain with their favourite roast to bring out the best notes in each. Each roast can be broken down further into many individual regions and cultivation styles, but you can generally lump them into three categories.

Light Roast Coffee


A light roast coffee is certainly suited for a more pungent strain, such as Cheese, that will counter the acidity of the coffee. Cheese will maximise the overall aroma and bring out the opposing notes in the coffee, making for a mouth-watering combination of scent and taste. Or, why not complement coffee with coffee? Add Choco Haze to the equation to bring out the deepest notes in the lightest roast.

Medium Roast Coffee


Those seeking a strain to complement a more bitter, slightly darker roast should consider a sweeter option like Bubba Kush. This is a fruity, sweet, and somewhat spicy strain that works incredibly well in your coffee. Want to amp that sweetness up even more? There's no better choice than Monster Zkittlez.

Dark Roast Coffee


If you favour a rich, dark roast coffee, you may want to check out a super-fruity strain like Pineapple Express. This will introduce a sweet, fruity, and citrus burst of flavour into your dark brew. While some may not be too keen on the introduction of citrus flavours into their coffee, the results speak for themselves! Another sweet and fruity strain you can consider is Blueberry. Far from offensive, it won't overpower your coffee.



Aside from flavour, how your cannabis coffee combination makes you feel is the other priority you have to consider. Once again, the most crucial aspect of choosing a strain is purely preference. But, depending on the type of experience you want, there are some general guidelines you can follow.


As we know, indica-dominant strains tend to offer a relaxing full-body high. This, coupled with a strong coffee, makes for a more balanced psychoactive experience. In fact, many report that indicas can take the jittery edge off the caffeine high. If you opt for a decaf version, you can even enjoy this pairing at night!


Sativas are for those coffee-drinking stoners who love the rush of adrenaline that this combo provides. If you really want to “blaze through” some chores or assignments, get your hands on a sativa ASAP. Obviously, this pairing is best suited for the morning, unless you’re down for decaf. While the combo will have you feeling uplifted and energised for the day ahead, it can make some people feel a little too tense and jittery. Proceed slowly and observe how you feel.

The Effect Of Cannabis And Coffee Will Differ From Person To Person


Ultimately, many variables will determine how the cannabis and coffee pairing affects you. Aside from the type of strain and the type of roast, other factors individual to you will impact how you feel when sipping on both a mug and a joint. Also, you don’t necessarily need to opt for coffee either. Have you considered some of the natural coffee alternatives out there?

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So, whether you’re into your dark roasts or are really fond of green teas, the combination of caffeine and cannabis is an area ripe for exploration. You might be surprised just how much this pairing can change your life—or at least your morning!


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