What Is The Best Lighter For You?

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What Is The Best Lighter For You?

A lighter is just a lighter right? Nope, far from it. There are several aspects which need to be considered before selecting an essential incinerating device. There are subtle differences in lighters which we shall explore.


It may sound simple, but at their core, lighters create fire. The flame that is generated by the lighter can be used to light up tobacco, weed, bonfires - you name it. Lighters are usually very small and compact which makes them portable. Unlike matches that only incinerate once per match, lighters can be lit hundreds of times without the need of a refill. Most lighters contain a flammable substance, usually, butane gas – which is not always desirable. The substance is released while a regular or an electric spark sets the substance on fire; every lighter has a mechanism to put out the flame. There are, of course, exceptions to this classic lighter mechanism, which we will mention.



The most common type of lighter is the cheap, disposable plastic lighter that cannot be refilled, such as the Clipper. They are filled with butane gas which lights up once released and triggered by a spark.


Torch lighters are very powerful and great for extreme weather conditions. These lighters produce a small yet very intense wind-proof flame that reaches higher temps than its disposable lighter counterpart. The colour of the flame is usually blue or green. Contrary to many beliefs, these lighters produce a strong flame by releasing air with the butane, which generates a smaller yet harder flame. They are refillable.


As technology evolved, plasma lighters emerged. These lighters don’t contain any flammable substance; they are electrically powered. The lighter looks like a Zippo, although, once the shaft is open, four coils emerge. These coils shoot beams of electricity diagonally which make an “x” shape which incinerates whatever it touches. It’s cool, innovative and it’s charged by a USB cable. They are a great option for those looking to avoid chemical-fuelled flames, or like a bit of high-tech gadgetry!

VIDEO: Novi Plasma Lighter Review


For a chemical-free alternative, hemp wick can be used. This hemp based thread can be lit by using any incinerating device, which in turn functions as a soft flame lighter. It’s a chemical-free alternative, which many use on a daily basis. It is a bit more involved, as you first light the hemp wick before lighting your joint, but it ensures butane and joint never meet – making it popular among the more health conscious.



Let’s start with the financial aspect. The disposable lighter is inexpensive, so if your baked friend borrows your lighter and forgets to return it, your bank account shall remain unharmed; and let’s face it, unintentionally stolen lighters is not an uncommon faux pas. The spark wheel of the lighter can be removed and used as a packing tool, which is great for making those tight spliffs. Although initially more expensive, the plasma lighter works out cheaper in the long run due to its reusability - if you don’t lose it.


What if you want to smoke a joint when the wind is going berserk, or if you’re on a mountain where the oxygen is scarce. The best option would be a torch or plasma lighter. The torch lighter has a hard flame that disregards the tumultuous weather conditions. The same can be said for the plasma lighter, as it uses bolts of electricity; however, if you're trekking or climbing mountains, just make sure to have the plasma lighter charged - you don’t want to discover a perfect smoke spot and unable to light up that spliff; it would be borderline blasphemous.


What are the best bong lighting methods? There are three main choices: Disposable lighters, torch lighters, and hemp wick. Disposable lighters work great since they produce a soft flame and bend together with the inhalation. The torch lighters also work well, just make sure that the design of the lighter isn't clumsy, since you will need to have the lighter upside down while spreading the flame over the bowl (due to the flame being unbending). Hemp wick takes the prize since it's chemical-free and allows you to spread the fire with precision. You can forget plasma lighters, as the design does not allow for bowl lighting.

Cheech Chong bong


With regards to smoking joints or spliffs, you can use any lighter that does the job. Maybe something that will impress your friends or be a good conversation starter. If you’re looking for something cheap that looks cool, thousands of various designs are printed on the disposable lighters, which many find artistic and amusing. If you have a bigger budget, or are looking for something cleaner, the other types of lighters work just as well.

There you have it; you have been illuminated with lighter knowledge. So, light those spliffs and blaze!


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