Suicide Tuesday
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What Is Suicide Tuesday?

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MDMA, best known as ecstasy, is a commonly used party drug and mood booster. But its synthetic nature also comes with some adverse effects, especially after the high has totally faded.

Dabbling with psychedelic drugs has its positive and negative outcomes. For the pros, it essentially opens up a part of yourself that you may have never experienced before. It takes the metaphorical blinders off and at best, makes for more introspective moments.

The cons, on the other hand, can hit hard. Especially from synthetic designer drugs like 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, most commonly known as MDMA, ecstasy, or Molly. The worst thing that happens is the exact opposite of the “happy high” it gives upon ingestion, launching users into a post-party depression ranging from the uncomfortable to the very concerning.

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This is known as “Suicide Tuesday,” a period of deep melancholy that usually occurs mid-week after a weekend of partying.


How Does Ecstasy Work?

Ecstasy is a drug that has been popular since the 1980’s, and is most appealing to young people, particularly those who frequent clubs with dancing and loud music. It is an amphetamine stimulant, meaning it aims to improve a person’s overall disposition once taken. The chemical produces physical energy, and the brain experiences a massive boost in reward chemicals, particularly serotonin. This is the chemical that regulates a person’s mood, sensitivity to pain, and sexual activity.

Most users begin to experience the high within 20 minutes upon taking one tablet and could hold the feeling for as long as six hours. Throughout this duration, users experience a euphoric feeling, as if everything has been enhanced - from another person’s touch, to the sound and colours surrounding them. This is also why ecstasy is often used in clubs and parties where most of these sensations are present and/or prevalent.


Withdrawal Symptoms

As Sir Isaac Newton put it, what goes up must come down. This applies to all aspects of life, especially the high that one gets when taking ecstasy. After that period of bright, lovey-dovey, and blissful emotions, users experience a major drop in his or her mood. Apart from the physical symptoms, such as chills and restlessness, fatigue, and muscle pains, the biggest blow is to one’s psyche.

Many have written personal accounts of experiencing what is described as a “burnout period” that lasts for a few days. All of it points to the sudden drop in serotonin levels. Although its effects vary from one person to another, some individuals experience more depressive symptoms than others, potentially requiring them to seek forms of therapy and even psychiatric help.


How To Combat MDMA Withdrawals

A common assumption is that MDMA withdrawal can be counteracted with antidepressants. In actuality, trying to combat a drug’s after-effects with another drug is not only counterproductive, but could lead to far worse repercussions.

There are natural ways to combat the unwanted ramifications of low serotonin levels. These are the usual recommendations that a doctor would make, such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and drinking liquids like fresh juices and water. Serotonin levels can also be increased through cardiovascular exercise and even sex. The endorphins brought on by these activities can, at the very least, help to improve one’s mood.

Other supplements can also be taken, such as L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP. 5-HTP is extracted from the seeds of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant of Africa, which helps balance out and support emotional equilibrium through its calming effect. It is also a good sleep aid. Meanwhile, L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps boost serotonin in a more organic way. There are also morning-after remedies that can be taken, such as After D and L-Tyrosine, both of which can be used as natural stimulants.

But of course, prevention is still always better than cure. If you are at a party and someone hands you a tablet or powder of something, you can actually detect if this substance contains MDMA using EZ Test Ecstasy. It only takes a few minutes to find out if the sample you have on hand is a good idea to be ingesting.

From a superficial standpoint, the appeal of taking a drug that is essentially a shot of euphoria is understandable. However, it is also important to remember that there are repercussions that come along with taking ecstasy.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
With an AB Mass Media and Communications degree, Miguel Ordoñez is a veteran writer of 13 years and counting and has been covering cannabis-related content since 2017. Continuous, meticulous research along with personal experience has helped him build a deep well of knowledge on the subject.
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