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The Weezy: The New Way To Smoke Cannabis

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The Weezy is a revolutionary cannabis product. This pipe works with pre-filled cartridges of weed or hash that are easily slotted into the end of the device. The mouthpiece also features a charcoal filter for cleaner and healthier hits.

The legalization of cannabis in some regions has smashed open the gates to a huge market that is now rife with innovation and entrepreneurship. The vigorous yet healthy competition within this arena is breeding products that are completely changing the image of cannabis and how the herb is consumed. Innovations such as the vaporizer have somewhat sophisticated the act of enjoying cannabis, also making it slightly healthier. As well as offering users new, exciting, and easier ways to blaze, such devices make cannabis look more tame and civilised to the outside world, which is an overall bonus to the plant and the industry.

It was only a decade ago that burning bong bowls and smoking joints with bleached paper was the norm, however, such mechanisms appear crude in comparison to what the market now has to offer. The most recent lunge forward in cannabis consumption arrives in the form of The Weezy, a device that offers an instant and clean hit of cannabis with the satisfaction of a pipe, but minimal mess and effort.


The Weezy: The Next Pioneering Step In Cannabis Consumption

Something has been missing from the cannabis market for some time. Sure, the options cannabis consumers have are broad. Old-school guys and girls have a preference for the ritualistic nature of rolling joints and blunts, hitting bongs, and loading pipes. However, these methods are impractical at best and messy at worst. Rolling joints and blunts is no doubt a therapeutic act, but loading up a paper to the brim with flowers, licking the top, rolling, and forming a cone is certainly a time-consuming process. If you’re out and about or in a rush to leave the house, then it’s simply not the best option.

The advent of the vaporizer appeared to be the solution to this issue. Vapes are now available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and can process dried herbs, extracts, or both. Vapes certainly address the time problem, and can be used to easily dose up almost anywhere and at any time. Pen vaporizers are also highly discreet and allow users to keep their activities low-key when out in public or at home.

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Although vapes are a superb invention, many cannabis consumers feel as though something key is still missing. The taste is great and the hits are smooth, but they just don’t offer that visceral sense of dense smoke running down the lungs. This is where The Weezy comes in. This revolutionary pipe offers a satisfying hit that can certainly be felt in the throat and lungs, but one that is passed through a carbon filter, adding a smoother, cleaner element to the product.


The Anatomy Of The Weezy

The Weezy is the brainchild of Amsterdam Genetics and e-njoint. This masterpiece of a smoking mechanism exists in the no-man's land between smoking and vaping. The device is a mere 9.2cm in length and weighs only 63 grams. This makes it extremely easy to carry around in a pocket or small bag. The pipe features a patented cone-shaped design that fits into the hand with comfort and ease. The device also has a mouthpiece, within which fits replaceable charcoal filters that remove some of the nasty chemicals from the smoke, contributing to a healthier hit.

The Weezy can also be transported in its own Travel Tube, which can be attached to a key chain and serves to protect it during transport and keep things discreet. It’s made from sturdy aluminum and will keep odours from leaking out.


What makes The Weezy particularly unique is its ultra-easy use. Gone are the days of spilling weed all over the coffee table or spilling dirty bong water on the carpet. The Weezy is the first cannabis pipe to ever feature a pod-system that closely resembles the revolutionarily easy method of making coffee: the instant espresso machine. Just like this machine removed the hassle of grinding coffee and boiling water separately, The Weezy has made smoking weed incredibly efficient. The pipe is designed to be used with pre-filled “Jack-Pods” that are loaded with up to 0.2 grams of cannabis flower or hash.

Fill-It 10 with Stash Box + 10 PodsView Product

Jack-Pods are durable aluminum vessels that smoothly slot into the tip of the cone. They are also rather environmentally friendly as they have a screw-on lid which enables them to be used around 100 times before having to be disposed of. The Weezy also features a compartment under the Jack-Pod called the Boost-iT pod. This small pocket can be filled with terpenes or e-liquid to add some serious flavour to each hit.

Preparing your own stash of Jack-Pods is super easy when using the Fill-It 10 kit. The kit comes with 10 Jack-Pods that can be filled at the same time, and also serves as a storage unit after they have been loaded with some dank herb or hash.

Simply grind up some high-quality herb or hash and place the Jack-Pods in the green rack provided. Empty the contents of the grinder into the rack and use the green presser to spread the ground material evenly into each pod. Once loaded, use the presser to compress the pods so they are nice and snug. Next, place the rack of ten lids over the rack loaded with the pods and use the presser once more to apply the lids. It’s as easy as that!


Firing Up The Weezy

Now that your Jack-Pods are locked and loaded, it's time to get familiar with using The Weezy itself. Fortunately, this is a super easy process.

  1. Start by removing your Weezy from the storage tube. Simply give the sides a good squeeze until you hear a pop, and slide it out of the tube. Unscrew the top of The Weezy and place a full Jack-Pod into the end; screw the top back in place.

  2. Hold The Weezy to your mouth, apply a flame to the end, and inhale.

  3. After taking a few hefty and tasty tokes, let the Jack-Pod cool down, remove it, and place it back into the end of The Weezy facing the other way around. This will allow you to burn all of the contents evenly and make use of all the material inside.

  4. After a maximum of ten sessions, it is advised to change the charcoal filter in the mouthpiece to ensure every hit continues to be clean and tasty. To do so, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and replace the filter with a fresh one.


Written by: Zamnesia
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