THCV Cannabis Strains
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Top 6 THCV Cannabis Strains

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When it comes to cannabis cultivation, science is proving time and again that this versatile plant is far more complex than we first thought. Following the impact CBD has had on the market, we now turn our attention to another compound: THCV. Below, we'll explain a little bit more about what THCV does, and introduce you to our favourite strains.

Every day, science is verifying that even the tiniest molecule can have a huge impact on a cannabis strain. Researchers are discovering new cannabinoids, new effects, new benefits, and more. Amongst all of the compounds we’ve discovered, though, THCV might just be one of the most exciting.

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Everything You Need To Know About THCV

What Is THCV?

Like CBD and THC, THCV—or tetrahydrocannabivarin if you're feeling scientific—is one of the many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. It's usually found in trace amounts within most cannabis strains, particularly sativas. These amounts are so minuscule, in fact, that cannabis scientists are only just beginning to isolate it and study the potential benefits.

Although THCV might be similar to THC in molecular structure—and psychoactivity—it is not the same. If you look closer, you’ll notice THCV has distinct effects. One of the benefits unique to THCV is its potential to limit appetite and decrease feelings of hunger. Far from Hollywood's idea of the munchies, THCV’s range of qualities may also help provide a boost of energy.

So, where do you start if you want some? Which cannabis strains are high in THCV? Here are six of our favourite strains proven to have a high THCV content for you to check out.

1. Durban Poison by Dutch Passion

Durban Poison (Dutch Passion)

If you're on the hunt for high-THCV bud, South African sativa strains are the first place to go. Amongst them, Durban Poison is one of the most common and beloved on the market. The award-winning strain is a luscious blend of prime genetics from the prominent Dutch Passion seed bank. It’s the closest you can get to all-natural marijuana, and it has featured heavily in THCV research in the last few years.

Known for its unique aniseed candy and black liquorice-style kick, as well as its cheerful effects and natural THCV concentration of almost 1%, Durban Poison is one of our go-to’s for growing and toking! Expect about 8–9 weeks between the beginning of flowering and harvesting.

2. Girl Scout Cookies by Zamnesia Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies (Zamnesia Seeds)

True to its namesake, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain with notes of warm brown sugar and nutmeg that melt on the tongue. This award-winning indica-dominant hybrid was originally bred in California, but has since become hugely popular across the globe. A sweetly spiced pungent hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies has won numerous Cannabis Cups since it appeared on the market.

GSC is perfect for those who want to stay alert without the heart racing, offering full-body bliss and euphoria with 23% THC. Producing around 500g/plant, GSC strikes a fabulous balance between quantity and quality. With its glorious flavour profile, earthy aroma, and powerful effects, we definitely say it's worth its weight in gold.


THCV By Kannabia

As her name suggests, this cultivar serves as one of the best sources of the novel cannabinoid. If you’re curious about experiencing this phytochemical, you need to fire up a bowl of these flowers. Alongside high quantities of THCV, a THC content of 7% offers a subtle euphoric effect that heightens the senses and hugs the body. But THCV doesn’t just boast novelty. She features all of the traits of any successful strain, including huge indoor and outdoor yields, a brief flowering time, and mouth-watering tastes of earth and citrus. Add this 100% sativa specimen to your collection. 

4. Tangie by BSF Seeds

Tangie (BSF Seeds)

An altered genetic reworking of Tangerine Dream, Tangie is a terpene-rich strain that hits all the right taste buds. This sativa hybrid was made by mixing California Orange with Skunk. It has a distinct citrus aroma that invokes freshly peeled sweet tangerines and hints of orange peel, setting it apart from other citrusy strains.

Well-suited for daytime use, its cerebral, euphoric high enhances creativity while keeping you focused and happy—in large part thanks to its THCV content. Many fans of Tangie even consider it an antidote to procrastination, or a means of exploring their creativity. One thing we will say, however, is that due to its high THC concentration, this strain might be too overpowering for novice smokers.

5. Skunk 1 by Sensi Seeds

Skunk 1 (Sensi Seeds)

First bloomed in the 1970s, Skunk 1 is a hybrid strain that has shaped cannabis culture as we know it. It first started making its mark in the 80s, and—unlike many of its peers—it’s remained at the top, setting cultivation benchmarks in reliability, yield, and uniformity.

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What Is Skunk Cannabis?

When you close your eyes and picture the scent of weed, you're likely sensing Skunk’s aroma. It’s a subtle blend of earth, sour musk, and just a hint of jasmine. The genetics aren’t too modern, so the THC caps out at between 15–19%, but the effects will surpass your expectations. If you’re ready to grow it, you should note that Skunk 1 has a short flowering period of just 45–50 days. With this winning trait, alongside its high-energy buzz and high THCV level, we'd say Skunk 1 is here to stay.

6. THC-Victory by Dutch Passion

THC-Victory (Dutch Passion)

THC-Victory is, as the name says, the "winner" amongst our list of high-THCV cannabis strains. Why? Because THC-Victory is specifically bred to produce high levels of THCV. This pioneering strain is one of the first commercial cannabis varieties with a THC:THCV ratio of 1:1, with its flowers containing 6–8% of both compounds.

Although its flowering period can be as long as 11 weeks, in good hands, these seeds can provide large yields whether cultivated indoors or outdoors. An expert grower, for example, can harvest up to 600g/plant outdoors under the right conditions.

THC-Victory provides a pleasant, subtle psychoactive effect—just strong enough to tap into the most colourful parts of your mind without impairing day-to-day functions. Its fruity terpene profile is brought to life with hints of citrus, standing out without being too overpowering. The high is subtle yet noticeable, and even novice smokers can enjoy a fair amount without tapping out.

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