Top 10 Ganja Chicks On Instagram

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Top 10 Ganja Chicks On Instagram

These ganja girls are taking herbal endeavors to the next level. Check out what all the Mary Janes' are up to in this THC-filled world.

The cannabis industry is dominated by men, but true ganja chicks are the backbone of the business. The following top 10 Ganja Chicks represent the diversity of all the female tokers out there. These bosses are taking their herbal enthusiasm and expressing it through artistic and sexy photography, invoking the spirit of Mary Jane.

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1. Krissy Perry (@thisiskrissyperry)

A bag of weed, a bag of weed, everything's better with a bag of weed! Krissy is a true ganja chick who doesn’t hide her passion for the high-class herb. Her BFF (comprised of massive bags of weed) keeps Krissy company while playing Super Smash Bros. She bathes in weed, eats weed, sleeps with weed, and rolls fat joints. Her creative uses of ganja in her pics are both original and super funny.

2. Phoenix Elbow (@phoenixelbow)

Phoenix Elbow, a certified crystal healer, be smoking mad kush. Once the blunts have been burnt, she rises from the ashes, reborn, ready to hit those blunts again and again. Trap beats bumping in her videos set the mood for enjoying the dankest herb. It’s impressive how often Phoenix changes her hairstyle; she’s definitely serious about her herbal artistry.

3. Meaghan Bolton (@cloud_9_baby)

Next up is Meaghan Bolton, exhaling so much smoke she changes the weather forecast. Her passion involves smoking mad herb from bongs and fruit, posting sexy ganja-inspired pics, and taking selfies with her pizza shaped phone. She’s into biopsychology, CBD research, and mind-liberating activities. To summarise, Meaghan is a free spirit, blazing wherever she goes.

4. Baby Angel Princess Kitten (@_herrokitty)

Baby Angel Princess Kitten, going by the handle @_herrokitty, is the next ganja chick on the list. She’s into dogs, cats, and the dankest of the dank. Her impressive bong toking abilities draw the attention of thousands of fans. Dabs are her speciality, taking cannabis concentrates to the next level. Her possession of massive bags of weed is definitely a winning asset. Stay tuned for her green magic and THC-filled pics.

5. Angela Mazzanti (@angela_mazzanti)

Angela Mazzanti is a ganja superstar, illuminating her fans with beauty and mad herbal activities. With almost 400k followers on Instagram, Angela is definitely an established cannabis queen. Covered with tattoos, she rocks a darker aesthetic. Provoking today’s norms is what her art is all about. A staple in the ganja world, she is definitely the green fairy to follow on social platforms.

6. Jennie Diana (@sheflieshigh)

Let’s welcome Jennie Diana to the list, an underrated ganja chick. Her modelling skills are real and her love for sweet Mary Jane is real, too. The concepts behind her art are definitely interesting - body paint, greased-up skin, sensual images... she delivers a unique element to the cannabis world. Jennie is the future of ganja modelling; if you're going to bet on a ganja chick, bet on Jennie.

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7. Sarah Jain (@sarahjain420)

Some female cannabis aficionados are rocking the herb occasionally, while Sarah Jain is ALL about weed. This ganja babe takes weed worship to the next level. Impeccable buds hybridised with her beauty makes the perfect recipe for any toker out there. She’s a traveller, visiting plenty of destinations where she can encounter unexplored strains. When she comes to your city, make sure she receives the highest-quality herb.

8. Trippy Treez (@trippy.treez)

A true renaissance chick, trippy.treez is spreading her wings in the cannabis world. She’s a cannabis producer, writer, marketer, director, model, vegan edible expert, and most importantly, a rolling instructor. She can execute intense yoga moves while smoking fat J’s; quite impressive to say the least. This professional ganja chick is a true inspiration.

9. Kristy Silchenkova (@ganjabunny710)

With her self-explanatory alias, ganjabunny710 is a devoted cannabinoid expert and a dab connoisseur. This ganja chick gets elevated with her dabbing adventures and incredibly picturesque buds. She’s sponsoring cannabis paraphernalia, crystal pipes, Pokemon grinders - you name it. This ganja business chick has the talent to take cannabis products to the next level.

10. Bess Byers (@imcannabess)

Last, but definitely not least, Bess Byers exudes the true ganja spirit. As a cannabis photographer and journalist, she has a backstage pass to the cannabis industry, where she photographs true wonders. Beautiful canopies, drying nugs, concentrates, picturesque smoke spots - Bess delivers high-quality art. She’s quite special because she captures the entirety of what the ganja world represents. And looks incredible doing it.


Do you have aspirations of becoming a Ganja Chick? Madelyn “Madzilla” Lance is a legit example, smoking that herb like a pro. She makes smoking look cool and holds extensive knowledge of all things dank. Her skills can be experienced through the “French Inhale” video by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Tune-in to her Ganja Chick advice.

Madelyn “Madzilla” Lance

VIDEO: "FRENCH INHALE" (Snoop Dogg & Wizz Khalifa)

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