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Top 10 Cannabis Strains By Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Queen Seeds is one of Europe’s most renowned cannabis seed companies. Their award-winning strains are made only from the best cannabis genetics from around the world, carefully selected and constantly tested for quality. Here, we look at the top 10 cannabis strains by Royal Queen Seeds available at Zamnesia.

Royal Queen Seeds started out in the Netherlands, where they built up many years of experience growing cannabis seeds. It didn’t take long before they became one of Europe’s most recognised cannabis seed companies. With their pristine reputation spreading rapidly as they become a household name among the cannabis cultivators of Europe, they also boast a high-quality line of their own cannabis seeds.

Royal Queen Seeds prides themselves on providing only top-quality strains grown organically, selected by hand, and tested for quality and germination rate. Their seed selection includes many Cannabis Cup award-winners, as well as classic strains such as White Widow, Northern Lights, and Amnesia Haze. You can also find famous strains like OG Kush, Skunk #1, and Critical in their assortment.


In this post, we want to take a deeper look at the top 10 cannabis strains by Royal Queen Seeds—all available at Zamnesia!


Well, names don’t lie. When Quick One was introduced to cannabis growers by Royal Queen Seeds, she was one of the fastest-growing cannabis breeds on Earth. Their latest version of this autoflowering lady, a cross between Williams Wonder, Northern Lights, and ruderalis, delivers her delicious harvest only 8–9 weeks after germination.

Quick One - Royal Queen Seeds

View Quick One

She is a tiny plant that won’t grow taller than 60cm, but this can make her an excellent choice if your growing space is limited. Quick One will delight with her intense lime aroma and a smoke that is both refreshing and pleasantly mild. All the same, she’s potent enough to deliver a super relaxing indica stone.


Royal Gorilla by Royal Queen Seeds is a unique strain, and in more ways than one. Calling her “powerful” would be an understatement, seeing that she can reach an insane 27–30% THC, making her one of the most potent hybrids you can grow. Aside from her crazy potency, how the original strain was discovered is also noteworthy. She is the result of one of the most fortunate accidents in cannabis history, when a Chem Sis hermaphrodite accidentally pollinated a Sour Dubb. Fortunately, the breeders didn’t toss the “spoiled” seeds, but germinated them later out of curiosity.

Royal Gorilla - Royal Queen Seeds

View royal gorilla

Yes, Royal Gorilla is utterly powerful, but her effect is not just one-sided. She will deeply relax you, but with a nice uplifting euphoria, instead of knocking you out cold. Her smoke has a great taste that blends earthy and sweet flavour notes with lemon and pine.

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Northern Lights is a true coffeeshop classic and still extremely popular. Although the strain was created back in the '70s from Afghani genetics, its career really took off later in the '80s, where it quickly became the standard for indoor growers everywhere. Royal Queen Seeds added ruderalis genetics to the popular strain to bring us this no-less-impressive autoflowering variant.

Nortern Light Automatic - Royal Queen Seeds

View Northern Light Automatic

Reaching 120cm in height, Northern Light Automatic grows quite tall for an autoflower. She also grows fast and rewards you with a good 90g per plant indoors only 10 weeks after germination. Just as with the photoperiod version, Northern Light Automatic’s sweet and juicy buds make for a smoke of excellent quality. Smoke this girl and you can enjoy an awesomely soft and delicate indica high that is perfect for relaxing.


To create their Royal Dwarf, Royal Queen Seeds took some of the best auto breeds and mixed them with an outstanding female Skunk. The result is a spectacular hybrid that, despite her small size, impresses with good yields, a great aroma, and a fantastic high. Her effect is super relaxing, but also happy and uplifting, which makes her a great social smoke as well.

Royal Dwarf - Royal Queen Seeds

View Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf may not look like much if you’re just judging from size. But don’t be mistaken. Her height of 40–60cm makes this “bonsai hybrid” an ideal plant for stealth grows, or if you have limited farming space. What’s more, her yields are actually really good for her size, with up to 60g per plant in a pleasantly short 9 weeks.


With their Royal Highness, Royal Queen Seeds went all-out to make a great strain (not only) for medicinal users. The blend of Royal Queen Seeds’ formidable Respect with Dancehall gives us a strain that is very high in CBD. As a result, her effect won’t lock you to your couch, and it isn’t as psychoactive as most other strains: perfect for medicinal uses!

Royal Highness - Royal Queen Seeds

View Royal highness

Another highlight of Royal Highness is her amazing flavour. She blends sweet and fruity notes with some subtle skunky ones, making your medicine taste outright awesome. Her effect is nicely balanced too. Although mainly a sativa, she will give you a clean and clear high without the typical sativa punch, and without turning you into a couch potato either. This means you can enjoy her all day long to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress, and you can still get work done!


Amnesia Haze has long been a bestseller in Dutch coffeeshops, and still has a dedicated following. No wonder, seeing that she is an incredibly potent strain that delivers an almost psychedelic experience when you enjoy her. To make this powerful sativa, Royal Queen Seeds took some of the best Haze strains from both sides of the Atlantic. She is the combo of a powerful American Haze with her modern Dutch cousin.

Amnesia Haze - Royal Queen Seeds

View amnesia haze

As with growing most Hazes, quality takes a little time. Amnesia Haze goes through her flowering in 12 weeks, but good indoor yields of 600g/m² and up to 200g per plant outdoors will make the wait worthwhile! Get ready for an incredible cerebral high, where she may turn your conscious self off for a refreshing reset.


White Widow is a very popular cannabis classic that’s still flying off the shelves in dispensaries and coffeeshops everywhere. This legendary hybrid shines with an exquisite high, a superb taste, and is also very easy to grow. The exact lineage of White Widow is shrouded in mystery, but some believe that she may be a mix between a Brazilian sativa and an indica hybrid from India.

White Widow - Royal Queen Seeds

View White widow

Grow the girl in your tent, and she will yield you a nice 400g/m² in a short 9 weeks. The outstanding quality of the girl’s buds won’t disappoint. Her smoke is just like that of classic old-school ganja—hard-hitting and superbly refreshing. With an effect that is relaxing yet balanced, you can enjoy this smoke on any occasion!


Fast Eddy by Royal Queen Seeds is another strain for those who want quality bud, but don’t like to wait. Plant your seed, and she will be ready for you in only 8–9 weeks. To bring this autoflowering strain into being, Royal Queen Seeds combined Cheese with Juanita la Lagrimosa and ruderalis genetics. The result is an uncomplicated plant that brings good yields and high CBD content to the table.

Fast Eddy - Royal Queen Seeds

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Fast Eddy won’t get taller than 60–100cm, so she will fit in most grow rooms. She can also be optimal if you plan on running a stealthy grow outdoors. Yet, with up to 450g/m² of juicy buds, her yields surely are nothing to complain about. With her low THC content of 9%, Fast Eddy’s high is pleasantly clear and comfortable. She’s a great strain for those with a low THC tolerance, and her high CBD content makes her perfect for medicinal users.


Royal Gorilla Automatic is Royal Queen Seeds’ autoflowering version of the ultra-potent photoperiod namesake. Concocted from the dankest West Coast genetics of Royal Gorilla, Royal Cookies, and a touch of ruderalis, this lady proves that you don’t have to compromise when growing autoflowers. Weighing in at 20% THC, she is an impressively powerful strain that you wouldn’t expect from an autoflower. This powerhouse doesn’t get too tall (60–100cm) and grows amazingly fast. Get ready to harvest top buds in a short 8–10 weeks after planting your seeds!

Royal Cookies Automatic - Royal Queen Seeds

View Royal Gorilla Automatic

When you smoke Royal Gorilla Automatic, she will at first give you a surging euphoria that gradually settles into an amazingly relaxing buzz. Her taste and aroma are top-notch as well; she blends woody notes with sweet and fruity flavours with refreshing citrus on top.


Calling Special Queen 1 by Royal Queen Seeds special may be an understatement. Imagine a sativa that can easily reach 4m if you grow her outdoors. Ready to grow some cannabis trees, anyone? Even indoors, this illustrious lady with a parentage of classic Skunk, Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani reaches about 150cm in height. Otherwise, the Queen is actually surprisingly easy to cultivate. And to top it off, she runs through her flowering time in only 8 weeks, which is quite astonishing for a sativa of this calibre.

Special Queen 1 - Royal Queen Seeds

View Special Queen 1

When you smoke Special Queen 1, she will induce a very long-lasting yet balanced effect, which is deeply relaxing with a nice euphoric touch. Her spicy, sweet, and skunky notes make for an aromatic and highly enjoyable smoke.

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