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How CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Multiple variables can influence one's sex life. CBD has the ability to increase intimacy between partners by decreasing stress and pain, while inducing calm and mental clarity.

The day-to-day of life can have an impact on one’s sexuality, and unfortunately, people often report experiencing more difficulty in the bedroom. One possible way to assist in creating a positive sex life is to bring CBD into the boudoir with you.

Because there are no toxic limits, CBD is a fantastic intimacy enhancer. There is no need to worry about dosage, and it can be taken at any time. A little bit can go a long way and can be delivered in multiple forms like vapor, balm, flower, or edibles.


CBD Relieves Sexual Anxiety And Stress

Because CBD is an anxiolytic, it naturally relieves stress and anxiety. By activating the serotonin receptors in the brain, the body and mind is flooded with its own anti-depressants. The brain also inhibits the release of chemicals that produce inflammation, fear, and worry. CBD can do this without psychoactive effects, which leaves the user feeling refreshed without being spacey.

There are a number of anecdotal reports gathered from people in their 30’s to 50’s that use CBD for improved sex life:

  • Men say they have stronger orgasms with more frequency
  • Women have less difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Women and men claim to be more amenable to desire and more connected to their partners
Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Having Sex

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CBD Improves Communication And Vivid Thought

The brain has two interconnected systems that regulate sexual desire. The sexual inhibition system (SIS) and the sexual excitation system (SES) interact with each other to put an individual in the mood for intercourse. The SIS inhibits desire, and if anxiety and stress builds, it makes it more difficult to decrease the SIS in order for the SES to take over.

CBD decreases feelings of anxiety and stress. While doing so, it makes the user think more clearly. Due to less nervousness, CBD induces a smooth, natural way of expressing oneself. This promotes honest communication between partners. The increased intimacy herein can help encourage a stronger sex life due to activation of the sexual excitation system (SES).


CBD also appears to help individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction, which is caused by weakened blood flow and tissue damage. Some researchers note that a toxin called dioxin could potentially influence erectile dysfunction. The toxin builds up in the body over time due to food consumption and environmental exposure. CBD helps flush dioxin from the body and inhibits it from reforming in fat cells.

In situations where CBD and THC are combined together, THC may overpower CBD and have a negative effect towards erectile dysfunction. So, it is considered advantageous to take high-CBD strains or pure CBD for this condition.

What Are The Best Drugs To Have Sex On?

Sex and drugs have been used together for ages. Some drugs can enhance sex. Others, however, are highly dangerous and should be avoided.

CBD As A Pain Reliever During Sex

CBD As A Pain Reliever During Sex

Some individuals experience pain when engaging in intercourse. Women who have used balms or ointments with high concentrations of CBD experience more comfort due to improved blood flow and increased lubrication. Women going through menopause cite these exact reasons for why they use CBD oil.

CBD is not only beneficial for those experiencing painful intercourse, but for individuals that experience chronic pain for other reasons. Decreased inflammation and increased serotonin helps bodies to relax and feel at their peak.


Cannabis Strain Recommendations

What strains are suggested to increase CBD intake and encourage a positive sex life? There are a few that could be considered. Royal Highness is the result of crossing two amazing strains, Respect and Dance Hall. It is a hybrid with high levels of CBD, which gives the user daytime energy without the psychoactive effects.

Royal Highness (Royal Queen Seeds)View Royal Highness

CBD Jam is a well-known CBD strain resulting from a cross between Critical Mass and Lavender to createa balanced 50/50 hybrid. Known for its amazing pineapple flavour, this strain initiates a calm and relaxed body high with exceptional focus. Candida (CD-1) crosses two of the most amazing CBD strains, ACDC and Harlequin. This strain tests in the 20% range for CBD with minimal THC. Candida is also another well-balanced hybrid. Improve your concentration and allow tranquility all day (and night) with these sensational strains.

Chris Kimpel

Written by: Chris Kimpel
Old school cannabis user in the United States, Chris works within the medical marijuana industry. Chris diligently strives to be a part of the conversation towards cannabis education and legalization.

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