How To Use CBD
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How To Use CBD

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CBD is becoming an increasingly popular dietary supplement, yet for the unfamiliar, knowing the most suitable way to take CBD can be a challenge.

It doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. CBD is an extremely versatile product, and each method of including it in your life has its advantages. However, what is most important to know is that there is no one correct way that is far superior to the others, it mainly comes down to personal preference.

So let’s take a look at each method, and the advantages that go with them.


Taking CBD as an oil is probably the most popular form of including this health supplement in your diet. In most cases, CBD oil is made from infusing olive oil with pure CBD, which then comes in a dropper bottle with a pipette. This allows for easily measurable and controlled dosing, as each drop will contain a certain amount of CBD depending on the oil’s strength. It is also very easy to store, discreet, and allows for the dosing of food. Generally speaking, CBD oil is taken by placing a few drops under the tongue, followed by swallowing, or by adding it to food or drink.


CBD paste is a made by extracting CBD from hemp using CO2 extraction methods. The result is a pure CBD paste that is often (but not always) stronger, but also more expensive than its oil counterpart. Most CBD paste comes in a large syringe that once again, allows for smooth and controlled dosing. It most often taken by eating it on its own or with food.


Taking on the go dosing and discretion to the next level are CBD capsules. These are gel caps (often vegan-friendly) that contain a dose of CBD paste. However, as they are in capsules instead of a syringe, it is much easier to quickly pop a dose in your mouth and swallow it when you are out and about, or even at work. The capsules then dissolve in the stomach, making the CBD paste available for absorption. Taking CBD in capsule form also offers those who do not like the taste of the paste another way of taking CBD without any flavour.


A more recent development to the CBD market are CBD vaporizers and e-liquids. These are inert liquids that carry CBD, primed and ready to be vaporized using an e-cigarette. It results in a cloud of CBD being delivered directly to the lungs, which is then absorbed instantly into the blood. This makes vaporizing a much faster acting methods than those that involve ingesting CBD.


CBD cosmetics apply CBD topically to the skin. As such, they tend to be the focus for users wanting to supplement their skin care regime – be it cosmetic or pharmaceutical - with CBD. It doesn’t get CBD around the entire body like it does when ingested or vaporized, but is anecdotally thought to be an effective supplement for helping treat localised conditions, like joint pain, dry skin, and acne. In addition to this, CBD cosmetics also tend to contain other herbal oil, such as lavender oil and citrus oil, adding extra benefits that help maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

So as you can see, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want to get out of your CBD. Ingesting CBD makes for an easy and quick solution, whereas vaporizing CBD can offer a more rapid and enjoyable experience. As long as you are getting CBD into your system, then it is going to do its job. You just have to choose what best suits you!

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