High Yielding And Mould Resistant Cannabis Strains

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High Yielding And Mould Resistant Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis outdoors has several advantages, but you should always take the environmental conditions into consideration when choosing a strain. Some things you cannot control outdoors are the weather and bugs feeding on your plants.

But some strains are endowed with higher resistance to mould and pests, drastically reducing the chance to end up with mouldy buds. Below you will find some strains with a higher natural resistance to pests and botrytis.

Insect and mould resistant strains

Dinafem Blue Widow
A Strong and highly potent Sativa. She is the result of a crossing between the famed White Widow and Blueberry. She can grow up to a tall tree that takes on a diverse range of colors toward the end of the flowering cycle. Extremely productive plant with yields in the range of 800-1200 grams. Very resistant to mould and cold.

Swiss Cheese
Very aromatic variety created by crossing Swiss Miss and Skunk #1. Highly recommended to novice growers, because she has a good resistance to mould. Has a fuely, skunky flavor and will give you a sweet heady kick. High yields within a short period of time. Boasts a THC level of 10-15%.

Swiss Cheese

Hollands Hope
A very mould resistant plant. Highly recommended to novices in outdoor cultivation. Requires only 8 weeks to finish flowering - just about in time to be ready for harvesting before the autumn rain sets in. Provides a strong body-related effect. A 100% Indica that makes you sit down and relax.

Frisian Dew
A beautiful child of Super Skunk and Purple Star. Easy to grow and not very demanding in regard to care and fertilizers. As a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid, she is a real beauty to look at, with dense, lilac buds. Despite her dense buds she almost completely resistant to mould. A guarantee of bountiful yields.

Passion #1
Easy to grow, strong and stable. This queen can reach a staggering height of 3.5m if started early in the season. Yields can go up to 750g from a large plant. The buds are dripping with resin and have a soft and gentle fresh citrus flavor. Hammers your head with a THC level of roughly 20%.

White Widow
Very easy to grow, very resistant to diseases and pests. 50% Indica/50% Sativa hybrid with the potential to reach 2 meters in height. Yields 550-650 grams per plant. Ready for harvesting in late October. Legendary primal mother of the White family with a highly potent end product. Boasts a THC level of 19%.

A.M.S. is the abbreviation for Anti Mould Strain. She is the result of crossing a Swiss Sativa with a Swiss Indica from the Ticino region. Shows a very good resistance to mould and bugs. Finishes flowering at the end of September, with each plant yielding up to 800 grams. Very resinous and dense flower clusters with a lovely fruity, citrusy smell.

Highest yielding strains for outdoor cultivation

One thing all growers have in common is the quest for massive yields. They are the result of many factors, such as a good environment with plenty of light, adequate fertilizer, rich soil etc. But the genetics of the plant play a central role as well, so we compiled a list with the highest yielding strains for outdoor cultivation. The following strains will reward your love and care with yields close to or in excess of 1 kilogram per plant.

The Church
Very good yielder that produces a highly potent product. Highly resistant to mould, making it ideal for humid areas and novice growers. Can carry up to 900 grams at the end of September. 20% of the yield is pure THC. The high is very motivating and social. Perfect variety for a funny get-together with buddies.

The Church

Northern Lights #5 X Haze
An award-winning crossing of two legendary strains. Combines the "best of both worlds", for it brings together everything you want from a Sativa with just enough of an Indica to make it the perfect plant. Grows tall and produces an amazing yield of dense, long and very resinous buds. Induces a pleasant physical buzz along with a long-lasting cerebral high.

Big Bud
The name is program; this strain produces jaw-dropping yields. It’s a crossing of a sturdy Afghanica and Skunk. Sweet and fruity flavors. The giant, sweet-smelling, sparkling buds can grow so heavy that the branches bow down and snap, so some kind of support will become mandatory toward the end of the flowering time.

Can reach a height of up to 3 meters when given enough space. Exudes a very intense aroma during her flowering period. Impresses with yields in the range of 900-1200 grams per plant. The smoke has a nice fruity typically skunk taste. Produces a combination of a strong body buzz and a nice cerebral high.

Big Bang
Highly productive crossing of Skunk, Northern Light and El Niño. Wide, very bushy plant with a very strong odor. Develops very thick candle-shaped buds. Reaches its full maturity at the end of September, with each plant yielding up to 1kg. Roughly 18-20% of the yield is pure THC. The physical effects are more pronounced than the cerebral inebriation.

Big Bang

This guide should give you a good idea on how to select a strain based on your needs and geographical location. Also, make sure to check out the other articles on growing cannabis outdoors.

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