Bud Buddies: Cannabis Oil In The UK
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Bud Buddies: Cannabis Oil In The UK

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The UK has a reputation for being pretty regressive when it comes to cannabis. The upcoming documentary Bud Buddies: Project Storm wants to change that.

Over the last one-hundred years cannabis developed quite a bad rep, especially in the UK. If you happen to live in the UK, you will know first-hand the prejudice this potentially lifesaving plant is dealt; and how, as America and Europe become more liberal with medical cannabis, the UK government is still digging it’s heels in and refusing to make change.

One argument for this stubbornness is the lack of knowledge. The large majority of the UK public have no idea of the ever mounting pile of favorable research, nor the reform that is going on across the world – and if the public doesn't have an opinion on it, then sadly, neither do the majority of politicians.

Project storm is hoping to change this. Bud Buddies, a UK organisation that gives out free cannabis oil (Rick Simpson Oil) to patients in need, and film maker George Wilkins, are making a documentary following the lives 4 adults and 2 children with terminal cancer, and their use of cannabis oil. Through this intimate look into the lives of cancer sufferers, as well as the history science and research surrounding cannabis based cancer treatment, Bud Buddies are hoping to actively open the eyes of many UK citizens (as well as those around the world), and shape public opinion on the matter – because it is when public opinion sways in favour of medical cannabis that politicians will start taking action.

Below is the trailer for the upcoming documentary.



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