Blue Honey: Making Psychedelic Honey With Magic Mushrooms
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Blue Honey: Making Psychedelic Honey With Magic Mushrooms

4 min

Of all psychedelics, magic mushrooms offer the widest variety in terms of how they can be taken. You can munch them down as quickly as possible, make them into a lemony mess to blow your mind, and brew a gentle tea and sip to your heart's content. Or, if you like things sweet, you can make blue honey, which looks and tastes amazing.

Magic mushrooms are incredible life forms. But, sometimes they can be a little gross. There are many ways to improve the taste of mushrooms, from lemon tek (questionable if it actually does improve the taste) to mixing them with food. Some of these can be quite hands on and technical. For the ultimate in making magic mushrooms taste good, with only minimal effort, look no further than mushroom honey (also called blue honey).

What Is Blue Honey?

What Is Blue Honey?

Blue honey is psilocybin-infused honey; sweet deliciousness packed with a psychedelic agent. Sounds good, right? Easy to make and as strong as you’d like, mushroom honey is a brilliant way to ingest mushrooms without having to gag through mouthfuls of dry stems. Even better, as honey basically lasts forever, so too does mushroom honey! So, alongside being delicious, it’s one of the best ways to safely store your mushrooms.

Why Do Magic Mushrooms Turn Blue?

Simply put, magic mushrooms turn blue as psilocybin oxidises. But, it’s not as simple as that. Researchers in Germany have shown, after a surprisingly difficult process, that what is actually happening is a cascade reaction. Unlike previously thought, it is not a single molecule responsible, but around six that combine to produce the mysterious blue tinge.

The thought behind why magic mushrooms do this is to deter predators. Researchers suggest that these compounds are likely to be toxic to the sort of insect that would most likely prey on magic mushrooms. Although, this is only speculation.

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What Does Blue Bruising Mean On Magic Mushrooms?

Are Blue Magic Mushrooms Stronger?

Blue honey is actually a bit of a misnomer. The honey will only turn blue if the mushrooms have oxidised. Whilst this will happen to some degree with all magic mushrooms once they are cut, it is in your best interest to limit it as much as possible. Oxidation actually degrades psilocybin, making the overall strength of your honey weaker. Don’t worry too much, as it is inevitable and usually the impact won’t be noticeable, but don’t go out of your way to bruise your mushrooms just to make your honey bluer!

The honey will only turn blue if the mushrooms have oxidised

What Are the Benefits of Blue Honey?

What Are the Benefits of Blue Honey?

  • As already mentioned, honey acts as a fantastic preservative that will keep your mushrooms viable indefinitely.

  • As there is no cooking required to make blue honey, there is no risk of destroying your mushrooms. High heat will destroy psilocybin.

  • Easy to dose—eventually! Once you’ve figured out the dosage for your jar of honey, you will know how many teaspoons you need to take to ascend.

  • Likewise, you can control the potency from the beginning. By managing the honey to mushroom ratio, you can make a mixture that is as strong or as weak as you’d like.

  • Last but not least, it’s delicious!

How To Make Magic Mushroom Honey (Blue Honey)

Now, onto the important part, how do you actually make mushroom honey? Fortunately, it’s really easy. Below is a step-by-step guide showing you exactly what you need to do in order to make your very own jar of sweet trippiness.

Equipment for Blue Honey

Equipment for Blue Honey

The equipment required to make mushroom honey is minimal and easily accessible. If you don’t already have everything at home, a quick foray onto the high street or the internet will yield results immediately and with minimal expenditure.

Airtight Glass Jar

To hold the final mixture.

Sharp Knife

You need to cut the mushrooms into the smallest pieces you can in order to maximise potency.

Coffee Grinder

This is optional. Serving the same purpose as the knife, it is an easy way to ensure the maximum surface area to honey ratio. The larger this is, the faster the process will happen and the stronger it will be.

Ingredients for Blue Honey

Ingredients for Blue Honey

The name “mushroom honey” immediately describes the two ingredients necessary.

Thoroughly Dried Magic Mushrooms

It is important that your mushrooms are cracker-dry, else they may ferment and degrade. If this happens, they will no longer get you high.

Runny Honey

This is for convenience, as mixing ground mushrooms into solid honey will become a serious task.

Blue Honey: Step-by-Step Instructions

Blue Honey: Step-By-Step Instructions

Here are the simple steps needed to make your blue honey dreams come true.

  1. Cut or grind your mushrooms as finely as you can.

  2. Layer your jar with your cut-up/powdered magic mushrooms and honey. Start with a layer of mushrooms, then pour over some honey, then another layer of mushrooms, and so on, until you’ve filled it. Obviously, the more mushrooms you put in, the more potent it will be.

    Note: Do not heat up your honey to make it runnier. Excess heat can cause psilocybin to break down.

    Alternatively, you can mix your desired amount of honey and mushrooms up in a bowl, then pour it into the jar. Both methods work just as well; it just depends if you want mushrooms throughout the entire jar, or in easy to manage layers.

  3. Seal the jar, and place it in a dark, cool, and dry place for 1–4 months. The longer you leave it, the more psilocybin will seep out and infuse the honey. It may be hard to resist, but this is a long-term investment!

  4. Enjoy! As the potency will be unknown, we recommend starting with a small amount, such as a teaspoon full, and working your way up. Dose at your own discretion.

Can Agave Replace Honey?

Blue Honey: Can Agave Replace Honey?

For the vegans amongst you, it is possible to use agave syrup with exactly the same results as honey. There are no changes or extra steps needed. Simply replace honey with agave and follow the instructions above.

How Strong Is Blue Honey?

Really, this is up to you. Strength varies between individual mushrooms, strains, and species. How well-kept they are and their size also affect the overall strength (gram for gram, smaller ones are more potent). So, without trying your honey, there is no way to know exactly how strong it will be. Although, if you know how many mushrooms you put in there and how much honey you used, it should be possible to estimate the strength.

How Much Blue Honey Should You Eat?

Given that, it is recommended to start small and go from there. Begin with a single teaspoon and increase gradually. Even if you’re a seasoned psychonaut, this is worth doing. Each teaspoon will be about the same strength, so knowing how strong one is will allow you to accurately dose and get the most out of subsequent trips.

For more information on mushroom dosage, check out our handy calculator.

Magic mushroom dosage calculatorCalculate

How To Take Mushroom Honey

Blue Honey: How To Take Mushroom Honey

The strongest way to take mushroom honey is by itself. It can be taken with food, but as mushrooms are digested in the stomach, some will be absorbed by the food, not your blood. Likewise, with all mushroom trips, eating near the time you take the mushrooms will dull the trip.

How To Store Blue Honey

Store blue honey as you would normal honey: in a cool, dry place. If the mushrooms were properly dried, then your mixture should basically last forever, so long as it is kept in the correct conditions.

If you’ve tried mushroom honey and liked it, but fancy experimenting with some other methods, check out five other tasty magic mushroom recipes. But, however you take your mushrooms, be sure to enjoy yourself.

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