A Must Watch Medical Cannabis Documentary: The Scientist

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A Must Watch Medical Cannabis Documentary: The Scientist

If you want to see a documentary exploring the very roots of cannabis research, this is the one to watch. It will blow your mind.

Documentaries are an excellent way to bring facts and truth about cannabis to the masses. It is a method that has been used to great effect already; for example, Dr Sanjay Gupta’s series of “WEED” documentaries had a huge part to play in changing US public opinion – and now legalisation is sweeping across the country. It shows the incredible power of a well-constructed documentary, and how a documentary can both be inspired by scientific discoveries, as well as be the spark to spur on new and exciting research.

A producer of such game-changing documentaries is Zach Klein. Klein is responsible for 2009’s “Prescribed Grass,” a documentary that showed such stunning success from the use of medical marijuana,  it resulted in Israeli health officials starting what is now one of the largest and most comprehensive medical marijuana programmes in the world. His latest work, titled “The Scientist” documents the life and times of Dr Raphael Mechoulam, the father of all modern medically based cannabis research.


Dr Mechoulam’s foray into cannabis research started as a matter of mere convenience; it was something that fitted his current small budget. But little did he know that he would go onto to shape the world and shock the scientific community with finding after finding of previously undiscovered fundamental truths about cannabis. He is the man responsible for identifying the chemical structures of both THC and CBD. He is the man that discovered our bodies have specific receptors for interacting with cannabis. He is the man who identified the body’s own natural versions of cannabinoids, and he is the man who discovered the endocannabinoid system – an entirely new and unknown system that affects pretty much every cell in the body. They are by no means small feats.


Research into the endocannabinoid system is throwing up all kinds of new possibilities. There is strong evidence to suggest that its manipulation could be instrumental in the treatment of all kinds of ailments – and Mechoulam is at the root of it all. It makes his research the very foundation of knowledge when it comes to medical cannabis, and it is no understatement that the result of this documentary, The Scientist, could be game changing. It outlines everything there is to know about his work, in an easy to watch, mainstream friendly way.

So, we implore you, watch it yourself and share it with those you think would be interested. It is as significant as it is fascinating. It is knowledge everyone needs to know.