Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus)
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Wild Dagga - A Gentle Euphoriant

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Meet Leonotis leonorus: A lighter, legal, and easier to handle alternative to marijuana.

You may, or may not have heard of Wild Dagga. It is an interesting plant that is producing effects somewhat similar to cannabis in its effects, but significantly milder in nature. It offers a smooth alternative for those days you don’t want to go full force, or when it is time to mix up the blend in your bowl.

What is Wild Dagga?

What is Wild Dagga?

Leonotis leonorus is a large broad-leafed shrub natively found growing in Southern Africa. This stimulating and robust beauty is actually a member of the mint family - but is literally called ‘wild cannabis’ in South Africa due to its mild similarities to marijuana.

It is completely legal in most countries, and is often grown as an ornamental plant, or to attract wildlife into a garden – as it produces copious amounts of resin and nectar, which is extremely appealing to birds and butterflies.

It doesn’t have the same potency as cannabis, so don’t go thinking it is a like for like alternative, but clearly there is a similarity. The high is easier to control, so it can offer a light and smooth alternative.

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The Effects of Wild Dagga

So what does wild dagga do? Well, the best way to describe it would be as a slight euphoric buzz and feelings of increased comfort. It doesn’t hit you hard or straight away, but as you progressively smoke your way through it, it slowly eases you down into a relaxed comfort.

Using Wild Dagga

Using Wild Dagga

Wild Dagga is available in both leaf form and concentrated extract from the Zamnesia store.

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Wild dagga has been harnessed for its calming and euphoric effects for quite a while. Its use originated in South Africa, where the Hottentot tribe is most famously known for integrating it into their culture – although both the Zulu and Xhosa peoples have also been known to use it as well.

Aside from its euphoric effects, wild dagga has been used in traditional tribal medicine to treat a wide range of ailment, from stomach ache to snake bites.

If you fancy a herb that is lighter and more accessible than cannabis, wild dagga could be just up your street. Just remember it is not going to be the same as cannabis - it has its own unique character, flavor, and effects. However, the similarities allow it to act as a light alternative, and makes for a great addition to any herbal blend. We hope you enjoy!


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