Trippy Video: Combining Ferrofluid and Glowsticks
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Trippy Video: Combining Ferrofluid And Glowsticks

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While glow sticks and Ferrofluids are pretty awesome on their own, mixing them together can create some truly trippy results.

Ferrofluids are a cool, somewhat novelty item, that appeals to all those with a little bit of a geeky side. It is basically a liquid that contains non-magnetic particles, so whenever a magnet gets close, they form all kinds of cool and crazy patterns.

Although this is cool on its own, add in the luminescent liquid of a glow stick and a black light into the mix, and you end up with some really awesome visuals. In the below video, Physics Girl gives a nice demonstration, as well as explaining how it works (for those of you that want to learn as well).

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