7 Cartoons Stoners Will Love To Watch
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7 Cartoons Stoners Will Love To Watch

4 min

These 7 shows represent the best of the best stoner cartoons you may not have seen before. Sit back, blaze, relax, and enter the new dimensions of these animated series.

Sex robots, evil gnomes, deep frying a cow, and toothache; just another day in the life of the characters of these animated series. Perfect for a chilled out session on the sofa or just getting high with a few friends, each one will have you giggling feverishly for days.

Everyone knows the classics; Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, even Futurama has become a mainstay of stoner culture. Many smokers will be able to regale stories of the time they ate too many edibles and thought their goldfish was actually Klaus from American’ve all done that right? At least admit you’ve ordered a pizza using a Chef from South Park soundboard...still no? Ok, let's move very swiftly on.

No matter what you get up to when stoned and watching cartoons, the allure of animated characters is a powerful one. If you are tired of watching the same episodes on repeat, here are 7 essential animated series that any self-respecting stoner much watch.

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Humour us if you will. Imagine two 20-year-olds who both work at a local park as groundskeepers. They get up to all the usual stuff you would expect a teenager-turned-adult to: make epic raps, try to impress the cool kids, trick or treat, and attempt to work out the more delicate points of microwave cuisine. Did we mention one is a racoon and the other a blue jay? We didn't? Too weird? Apparently, someone has not smoked a bucket load of Girl Scout Cookies and watched a trippy episode of Planet Earth 2.

The show centres around the trials and tribulations of the two friends as their lives go from straight up sci-fi action to fantasy-themed horror. If the idea of eating a chocolate version of your friend after an evil witch has abducted them on Halloween sounds like your typical night out, Regular Show is made for you.

Video: Regular Show


Millenials will hate you for it and everyone else will have no idea what you are talking about, but watching Rick and Morty has become the backbone of popular culture. It doesn't pull any punches either; even the pilot episode thrusts you straight into the action as you see Rick drag Morty out of his bed, before contemplating blowing up the world so it can be repopulated. All of this occurs while Rick is blind drunk, flying a vehicle he made himself.

The concept of the show is so outlandish at times that you have to question whether you are actually stoned. If you aren’t, then smoking while watching an episode of Rick and Morty can seem like opening Pandora's box in your mind. While surfing waves of euphoria, you may end up meeting a sex robot and creating an illegitimate child of the future. Yep, just another day for Rick and Morty.

Video: Rick & Morty


If the previous two cartoons were based somewhat in reality, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is based on the inside of a stoner’s head after they smoked an ounce of Gorilla Glue and went to a Salvador Dali exhibition. The usual rules of logic have no place in this animated universe, and it is for that reason that we love it! If taking too many hits from your pipe has your mind spinning, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the perfect mong-out series. Don’t try to reason with it, don’t try to fight it, just let the talking cup and floating head do their thing on screen.

Some critics would call it absurd. We think Adult Swim hits the nail on the head with this series. In a world full of work-related stress and long hours, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the perfect remedy.

Video: Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Spongebob is the meme that keeps on giving. If nautical jokes, a resilient sponge, and a snail called Gary sound like your kind of thing, then you need to head to Bikini Bottom with your fellow seamen. Spongebob's brilliance comes from beneath the surface. The basic premise and hilarious gaffs make it the perfect kid’s show. Dig deeper, and the subtle one-liners and suggested innuendos will leave adults grinning from ear to ear.

Simplistic storylines and straightforward animation don’t take away from the impact either; all effort has been put towards cultivating relationships between characters and making them stand out on screen. Whether you enjoy the family-friendly storylines or continuously send Spongebob memes to your mates, the world of Bikini Bottom is a great way to lose yourself for an afternoon. You bring the Volcano; we bring the memes.

Video: Spongebob Squarepants


The technical wizardry that comes with The Amazing World Of Gumball is a visual treat, especially if you are six joints deep. A unique blend of CGI animation, puppets, and live sets helps build a strangely relatable world. The presentation alone is enough to recommend this show, but it's the pop culture references that will hook older viewers. 

Subtext and quirky one-liners will have stoners of all ages chuckling away to themselves. The family dynamic is dead on, the jokes fly dangerously close to the edge of reality, and the darker moments will have you wondering how this started out as a kid’s television show.

Video: The Amazing World Of Gumball


In comparison to our previous nominations, Gravity Falls may appear tamer, regarding both punchlines and innuendo. That should not, however, be seen as a negative. Even the mind-melting style of Aqua Teen Hunger Force requires viewers to focus on joke after joke, rather than a particular mood. Gravity Falls is set in an imaginary town in Oregon that also just so happens to be home to loads of supernatural beings.

The jokes are easy to follow, the animation is endearing, and the two main characters—brother and sister—have a relatable bond. Gravity Falls can be summed up as one of those shows you watch back-to-back-to-back, and at the end of it, you are not sure why. What you do know is you had a great time and are left with a feel-good vibe. Is there a better feeling you could pair with big rips from a vaporizer? We don't think so.

Video: Gravity Falls


Trippy is the keyword newcomers often use to describe Adventure Time. While this is 100% true, Adventure Time’s true appeal comes when you look past the trippy landscapes and mind-boggling characters. The slight pop culture references and the way the show captures the childish desires of adults have driven a cult following. You find us a stoner that hasn't wanted to secretly be a ninja, and we will eat our concealed ninja handbook. A situation the main protagonists Jake and Finn often find themselves in.

It is the long-running inside jokes that hook viewers and is also the reason Adventure Time is a prime candidate for binge-watching. The running themes that operate in the background help the flow of continuity, and when that punchline finally hits, it tastes so much sweeter. Experience the trippy, embrace the trippy.

Video: Adventure Time

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