Top Psychedelic Festivals in Europe Part 2: June - July 2014

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Top Psychedelic Festivals in Europe Part 2: June - July 2014

The second edition of our guide to the biggest and best psychedelic festivals this summer

You haven’t made up your mind on which festival to go to this summer? It shall not fail due to the lack of options! For your inspiration we’ve picked out the most exiting festivals of this season:


Kosmos Festival • June 6. - 8. • Finland

The Kosmos Festival takes place in Ristiina, Finland and will amaze you with many live acts, DJs from all over the globe and all sorts of other activities. During the daytime you can participate in workshops and listen to lectures introducing you to the secrets of electronic music and arts such as acrobatics or decoration. Or you can learn something about a sustainable lifestyle, natural healing, conscious and critical thinking and many other topics. If you get tired of dancing, you can take a break from partying in the healing area, where several different kinds of natural healing methods are introduced or have a look at the work of creative visual artists. Each stage at the festival will feature a different kind of music. The "Vortex" stage will feature many forms of psychedelic trance, the "Gravity" stage will cover hypnotic techno, as well as rolling drum’n’bass sounds and the "Chill-out" stage is reserved for sounds from outer space. This gathering will be attended by people from countries from around the world and the artists on stage are as international as the audience. There will be live acts and DJs from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Norway, Estonia and Romania to blow the speakers. The price for a ticket is €57. For more information please visit

Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival Berlin • June 7. - 9. • Germany

The "Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival" will take place in Berlin Friedrichshain, Germany and will be a kind of Goa meets techhouse and electroswing/balkanbeats event. There will be a big campfire to meet fellow travelers for profound conversations and booths where you can buy food (yes, vegan food is on offer as well) and all sorts of clothes and accessories. The decorations of various teams will make the event a feast for the eye and if you want to be part of the visual expression, you can have your body painted in regular or UV color. Internationally renowned acts participating are Ace Ventura from Israel, Aioska from Austria, Schultze & Specht from Germany, the Mc Coys S.U.N. Project from Germany and there will be many more DJs shaking the ground with diverging sounds of the electronica genre. The price for a ticket (valid for all 3 days of the duration of the event) is €25. For more information please visit

Satori Festival • June 12. - 15. • Romania

The Satori Festival is held deep in the woods of Moldavia, in Poiana Caprioarei, Vaslui county. A shuttle bus is available from Vaslui (12 km away). Organizer is the "ASOCIATIA SATORI" - they are a NGO that is intended to promote a sustainable lifestyle, in close communion with nature and with cultural values at heart. As such, they kindly ask you to protect the environment and keep everything in pristine condition during and after the festival. Each Satori Fest visitor will receive free ashtrays and trash bags - please use them. There will be two stages featuring different currents of psychedelic music. The main stage is reserved for: Dark, forest, psycore and hitech. The chill stage is reserved for: Psychill, psystep, glitch, future bass and ambient. But there is also a healing area and workshops and shops to provide sustenance. Prices for the event are as following: €45 till May 1., €50 till May 20. and €60 at the gate. For more information please visit or

Kupuri Festival • June 14. - 15. • Mexico

For the Kupuri Festival you must hop over the big pond, it takes place in Tlalpan, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Yes, this one is obviously not in Europe but we though you might be on holidays in summer and why not take a trip to Mexico? And what’s better than combining a vacation with a party? This festival was created for the celebration of unity and for sharing the evolution of consciousness towards respect and love for mother earth and the universe. Apart from dozens of musical artists and DJs performing on two stages there will be a visionary art gallery, a healing area, a workshop area (sustainability, art and lots more), a circus and many performances, conferences for sharing information and opinions, a Chai shop, vegetarian food and much more. The price for a ticket is: $350 until April 30., from May 1. to June 13. $420, at the gate $500. For more information please visit

Tree Of Life Festival • June 18. - June 25. • Turkey

The Tree Of Life Festival will be held at Lake Karagoal, Izmir and celebrates the summer solstice of 2014. It will be the third edition of the event and once again you will able to dance to the the best music and to feast your eyes on fancy-pancy decorations and visuals in order to create the perfect transformation into a peaceful individual with a deep feeling of unity and global respect. 7 days to celebrate all life on earth! Aside from the sound event, there is a healing area, morning yoga on the stage nearby the lake, workshops, international food to provide sustenance and clothing markets, artistic performances, fire shows, a cinema, kabalic awareness lessons about the tree of life vision, health and much more. The price for a ticket is €105. For more information please visit

Freaks in Love Festival • June 26. - 29. • Turkey

The Freaks in Love Festival takes place in Izmir and will be a magical experience with tons of life acts and over a dozen DJs from all over the globe. Be part of the beautiful creation and praise the infinite universe with dance, magic and love in this gathering. But there is much more on offer on this event. When you are in need for a place to unwind, you can visit the chill out area or healing area or watch a movie at the open air cinema. There will be shops and of course an area where you can acquire food to recharge your body with the required calories to keep on dancing - and traditional Turkish food is known for its delicacy. For more information please visit

Reisefieber 10 • June 27. - 29. • Switzerland

The Reisefieber 10 will take place in Schelten, a little village in Switzerland, picturesquely situated between romantic forests and steep meadows; the perfect location for a gathering in nature. There will be a dozen live acts performing on stage and about 15 DJs to enrapture your eardrums with psychedelic sounds. Camping on the site is permitted so as long as you don't erect a house tent. There are a few things to abide by here. Animals are not allowed on the festival site - the volume of the music is simply not suited for animals. Only 3 liters of drinks are allowed per person and glass is not permitted at all, only drinks in PET, aluminum or tetra pack containers. Actually you won't need to bring any drinks - a free water supply for visitors is granted. The prices are as following. Main parking lot with free shuttle service: CHF 80.00 - parking lot near the festival site: CHF 90.00. For more information please visit


Spirit Base Festival • July 3. - 6 • Hungary

The Spirit Base Festival will be held on an island near the village Rajka, Hungary, only 10 minutes away from the Austrian border. In order to make your trip to the festival easier, a shuttle bus departing from Rajka will bring you to the event site. In case you are traveling light or simply don't want to bring your own tent or don't own one, you can use the on-site "rent a tent" service. On the festival site you will be surrounded by wonderful nature and if you feel heated up you can even swim in the side-arms of the nearby river Danube. Music-wise, there will be three stages featuring over 50 (!) artists from around the globe. But the festival puts on a show for the eyes as well - the stunning decoration, LED designs and interactive lights and lasers show will fascinate you. The prices are as following: €49 till May 15.; €55 till June 30. For more information please visit

Freqs Of Nature Festival • July 3. - 8. • Germany

The Freqs of Nature Festival will take place in Niedergörsdorf, Germany, 70km south of Berlin. The nearby village may be small, but the festival will be a huge event with more than 80 (!) musical artists from all over the globe on four stages - ranging from known experts to the most talented newcomers. For four days you can leave the world behind and delve into deep psychedelic and experimental music and other genres such as experimental dance music, heavy techno, house, glitch-hop, hard-tech, electro house, breakcore, IDM, Balkan beats and other breakbeat music. In specific areas and also integrated into the surroundings there will be art presented through various mediums such as giant installations, unique objects and mesmerizing displays. The prices for tickets are as following: €90 until April 30.; €95 until May 31.; €100 until June 30.; €115 at the gate. For more information please visit

Funny Moon Festival • July 9. - 13. • Czech Republic

The Funny Moon Festival will be held at Valec, Czech Republic. Valec is beautiful little village with a very small population in the region of Karlovarsky kraj, located less than 100km south-east of Prague. The Funny Moon Festival is an event for the whole family - every peaceful being is welcome. More than 20 live acts and more than 30 DJs will be on stage to make your feet move and spirit fly and in the healing area with workshops you can expand your consciousness. The price for a ticket is €75 (Eastern European citizens €45). For more information please visit

One Love Festival • July 10. - 14. • Switzerland

The One Love Festival will take place in Filisur, a magical place in the mountains of Switzerland. Be prepared for a colorful lineup with more than 40 DJs and more than 40 live acts and four days filled with psytrance, fullon, progressive, darkpsy and techno music. Workshops, artistic performances, sculptures, spacy decorations, a hammock park and the 80'000 Watt sound system ensure for an experience you won't forget. In order to make the journey there easier, a shuttle service connects the train station in Filisur with the festival site. The parking lot nearby the festival site is dimensioned for cars, SUVs, buses, mobile homes, and caravans. The price for a ticket is CHF 115 (pre-sale) - at the gate: CHF 135. For more information please visit

Life Celebration Festival • July 10. - 14. • Croatia

The 6th edition of the Life Celebration Festival will take place in Pula, Croatia at an old Austrian fortress called Fort Punta Christo. More than 30 life acts and more than 40 DJs will attend to fill the air with life and positive energy for you while you dance, have fun or simply feel good and chill with good people and old and new friends. Other activities offered on the festival are workshops with live acoustic music, sounds of djembe, didgeridoo and other ethnic acoustic instruments, fire shows, juggling and much more. Since the festival takes place in the woods, it should be self-explaining why open fires are not allowed. Don't try to smuggle alcohol, bottles or weapons on the site, the staff will ransack your bags at the entrance. And don't forget to have a valid ID card with you - you must be at least 18 years old to enter. The prices for tickets are as following: Until May 31.: €55; until July 1.: €60 - At the gate: One-day ticket €25, festival-ticket €70. For more information please visit

Antaris Project 20th Anniversary • July 11. - 14. • Germany

The 20th Anniversary of the Antaris Project (Against War) takes place in Stölln, Germany, at the world's oldest airport where Otto Lilienthal took off with his glider 117 years ago. The Mission of the Antaris Project is to spread friendship, peace and freedom to the Galaxies of the Universe via interstellar music transmitters. More than 40 DJs and more than 30 live acts will be there to fill your ears with spacey psychedelic sound. When you come back down to earth after your intergalactic excursion and need to relax, you can visit the Spiritual Circle and unwind with yoga, meditation and massages. There even will be a space for your kids where they can paint, tinker, handicraft, chill, play as they please. Tickets on pre-sale: €80 - Ticket price at the gate: €90. For more information please visit

Mo:Dem Festival • July 15. - 21. • Croatia

The Mo:Dem Festival (Momento Demento) takes place in Primislje, Croatia, on the Vrela Mrežnica campsite, also known as Robinson Camp, a lush green natural paradise with a rich flora and fauna. The Mo:Dem is a psychedelic music and art festival with a theme dedicated to ecology. The first 2 days of this festival will be dedicated entirely to holistic and cultural activities of various kinds so that you can discover the beautiful surroundings of the Mrežnica River and ease your way into the upcoming five days of fresh underground music with more than 50 live acts and more than 20 DJs playing fresh, high-grade, organic and underground music. Traveling traders and artisans will offer their goods and artifacts on the flea market, you can listen to lectures, participate in workshops, and watch movies if you are tired of dancing. The prices for tickets are as following: €100 until May 15.; €110 until July 1. For more information please visit

Midnight Sun • July 16. - 22. • Norway

The Midnight Sun festival will be held on the majestic Arctic Island of Værøy in Lofoten, Norway, in a spectacular environment above the arctic circle. Here you can enjoy cutting-edge electronic music and art in the arctic nature and wildlife during nighttime while the sun is shining. You will be carried away by a variety of sounds, ranging from live, to ethnic, ambient, down-beat, up-beat, tech, house, minimal and groundbreaking, creative and wild underground full power psytrance music, represented by 25 live acts and several DJs. In Værøy you will experience a natural phenomena called the "midnight sun" every summer; this means that you will have sunshine 24 hours a day from May 30th to July 13th. During the festival the Sun is almost always present - only at midnight it moves a little bit towards the horizon. According to Norwegian law it is OK to pitch your tent anywhere, as long as it is 100 meters away from someones house. In other words, bring your tent and a sleeping bag and you won't have to spend anything on lodging while you're there. Restaurants are expensive, so it is a good idea to make your own food - there will be a kitchen on the festival site and you are all welcome to use it. The prices for tickets are as following: €88 until May 31.; €100 until July 15.; €120 at the gate. For more information please visit

S.U.N. Festival • July 22. - 27. • Hungary

The S.U.N. Festival will take place in Csobánkapuszta, Hungary. The theme for this year's edition is "Interconnected" - the "S.U.N. family" is a collective of musicians, artists, promoters, designers, teachers, labels from all over the world, coming together once a year, with the goal to bring a change into the world and the life of the people, showing how all mankind could live together and cooperate as one big tribe, regardless of the nativity and social background. Well over 50 musical artists ensure for a diversified experience for the eardrum and you won't go short on other active and passive activities. During the day you can participate in instrument workshops, listen to lectures, relax in the healing area, watch psychedelic video art or visit the visionary art gallery. The prices for tickets are as following: €85 until July 6.; €110 at the gate; €90 weekend tickets at the gate. For more information please visit

Lost Theory 2014 • July 22. - 28. • Croatia

The 4th edition of the Lost Theory Festival will take place in the picturesque Croatian outback, in a little place called Deringaj, just six kilometers away from the next bigger town of Gracac. Dozens of musical artists from hi-tech and alternative electronic music genres will be performing there, but the event also features artistic performances, cultural activities, such as workshops, lectures, and practices and a place for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience with old and new friends. The price for a ticket is €80 - this includes: 9 days of camping, seven days of festival, parking and drinking water. For more information please visit

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2014 • July 29. - August 3. • Hungary

The Ozora Festival takes place in Dádpuszta, Hungary. This event is the biggest trance festival in Hungary and has become one of the most influential psychedelic get-togethers - numerous live acts and DJs (more than 80 musical artists will perform on stage!) and many other passive and active activities, such as workshops, including didgeridoo, psychedelic visuals and lectures, a magic forest with arts and crafts, a healing temple with yoga, meditation and massage, and much more. Also on offer will be an international culinary experience: You will be able to sample the taste of cuisine from all over the world, from African, to Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai or Turkish. The prices for tickets are as following: €110 until July 15.; €130 at the gate; weekend ticket €110. For more information please visit