Top 10 Unusual Cannabis Recipes
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Top 10 Unusual Cannabis Recipes

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Dive into the world of culinary cannabis with 10 recipes that will blow your mind, both with flavour and effects. From the sweetness of honey-infused cannabutter to the mouth-watering savoury zest of BBQ sauce and even cannabis wine—these recipes are straightforward and require very little equipment or culinary expertise.

It's no secret that cannabis is super versatile. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with packing out your favourite bong or rolling a joint, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention some delicious (and unusual) cannabis recipes that will really help you make the most of your herb.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a top 10 list of uncommon or unique edible creations, with a link to each recipe, so you can try them all out for yourself. Get ready to hit the kitchen and experiment!

1. Cannabis-infused honey butter

Cannabis-infused honey butter

Cannabutter is pretty much the foundation of all cannabis cooking. From brownies to cookies and even apple pie, this cannabis-infused ingredient is versatile and suitable for various uses. So, how can you improve on this already well-established edible? Well, you add honey into the mix, of course! This recipe adds a little sweetness to the butter and gives you plenty more options when using it. Whether you're looking to make more tasty baked goods or just want to spread it on some toast, add some cannabis-infused honey butter into your life; you won't regret it.

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2. Cannabis BBQ sauce

Cannabis BBQ sauce

Not just suitable for the summer months, a good BBQ sauce can be used year-round. This recipe takes you through each step of creating your own cannabis-infused BBQ sauce, from start to finish. Though the recipe is straightforward, we aren’t just throwing some ground cannabis into a ready-made sauce—this is the real deal. That said, you don't have to be a Michelin-star chef to pull this off; just follow the steps and enjoy cannabis BBQ sauce whenever the mood strikes. Perfect for dipping, marinading, or just as a condiment—it's up to you!

3. Cannabis-infused guacamole

Cannabis-infused guacamole

There's no denying just how tasty guacamole is. Whether loaded into a burrito, used as a dip for chips, or piled atop a salad, this green beauty makes for an excellent accompaniment. It also goes exceptionally well with cannabis. By adding a little cannabis oil to this recipe, you can have some ganja guac that's perfect for sharing with friends, and will get you all feeling buzzed in no time. So next time you've got a movie night or party lined up, consider some cannabis-infused guacamole to set things off.

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4. Cannabis chocolate

Cannabis chocolate

So far, we've focused on the more savoury side of edibles, but we've got something for the sweet-toothed cannabis fan right here. This cannabis chocolate is not only bursting with sweet flavour, but you'll also get a wicked high off of it too! However, if you prefer, you can always add a CBD strain into the mix instead. This tasty and indulgent treat is ideal for eating like regular chocolate, breaking off a piece at a time, or you can add it to cake recipes for extra mileage.

5. Cannabis beer

Cannabis beer

It's often thought that cannabis and beer don't make the best of partnerships. However, this is simply not true. As with most things in life, moderation is key, and this definitely goes for cannabis beer. Fortunately, making this tasty brew is an effortless task. If you're looking to enjoy a delicious concoction that pairs alcohol with your finest herb, there's no better way. First, you'll have to make or source some beer, but who knows, you might stumble upon the greatest combination yet!

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6. Cannabis wine

Cannabis wine

If beer is not your thing, have you considered creating some cannabis wine? Ideal for sharing at dinner parties and other gatherings, this cannabis-infused libation makes for a great centrepiece. You have two options with this particular recipe: you can either infuse red wine to create a fortified version, or you can go about creating your very own wine from scratch. Either way, you'll have a delicious drink in no time. Wine is well-known for pairing with foods, and this cannabis version is no different; perhaps it's time to get some friends over and host a nice dinner party.

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7. Cannabis-infused pizza

Cannabis-infused pizza

Who doesn't love pizza? Regardless of whether it's shop-bought, homemade, or from your favourite takeaway restaurant, the fact remains: this cheesy goodness is to die for. So how can you improve upon this titan of foods? You add some cannabis, obviously! Second only to cannabutter, cannabis oil is a massively popular ingredient when creating edibles, and the perfect addition to pizza. Once you've got your cannabis oil made, simply add a drizzle of the good stuff and enjoy a herbal hit.

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8. Hash yoghurt

Hash yoghurt

Take your yoghurt from boring to soaring with the help of cannabis. It's also straightforward and effortless to achieve! This recipe caters to fans of thicker Greek yoghurts, and those who prefer flavoured ones. All that's required are a few simple ingredients and some of the aforementioned cannabutter (honey or regular) or cannabis oil. Add some fruit and nuts into the mix, and you've got a one-way ticket to a long-lasting high. Maybe not ideal for breakfast during the working week, sure, but hash yoghurt is the perfect way to unwind during those late starts at the weekend.

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9. Cannabis-infused Nutella

Cannabis-infused Nutella

Originating from Italy, Nutella has become a staple around Europe and the rest of the world thanks to its sweet and nutty flavour. This spread can be slathered on pancakes, smothered all over toast, or planted on top of a few scoops of ice cream. Simply put, Nutella is highly versatile and deserves its place in every home's food cupboard. But if you're looking to bring this sweet treat up to the next level, add a little cannabis oil and stir to create a great-tasting spread that's teeming with terpenes and cannabinoids.

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10. Pot-infused pesto pasta

Pot-infused pesto pasta

Last up on our list of tantalising cannabis treats is a pot-infused pesto pasta. Arguably, this is one of the easiest recipes to follow, and just requires garnishing some freshly cooked pesto pasta with a little cannabis oil. Add a little cheese to finish things off, and you've got the perfect cannabis carb-loaded meal anytime you fancy it. Enjoy the rich herbaceous flavours of the pesto and experience the buzz that comes with the cannabis oil.

Cannabis recipe risks

While there are no life-threatening risks or side effects involved with cannabis edibles, it should be noted that edibles have the potential to hit much harder than smoking or vaping. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to start with small doses of edibles and build up over time. You don't want to eat too much too soon and potentially ruin the experience of these delicious edibles for yourself.

Experiment with edibles today

Experiment with edibles today

Those are our top 10 recipes that show you just how far your cannabis can go in the kitchen. While many love smoking or vaping their weed, if you're searching for a more social or unique way to enjoy your herb, the recipes mentioned here are your best bet. If we've piqued your interest, head to the Zamnesia store, get your seeds and supplies, and prepare to experiment with edibles.

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