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Blow up your grow with Monster marijuana plants. If you want super heavyweight harvests, you need to make some changes. Forget what you have been told about the limitations of indoor cannabis cultivation. Follow our 10 steps and start shopping for bigger scales.

Growing giant cannabis plants with massive yields cannot be accomplished with conventional methods alone. To successfully grow super-sized ganja trees you need to dial the grow operation up to 11. You better believe you really can harvest more weed from just one monster marijuana plant than a high volume SOG.

Moreover, you don’t need a huge grow space to crop impressive bud-laden trees. If you don’t mind hands-on cannabis cultivation and making a few modifications to the grow room, there’s no reason why you can’t fell a forest of bud come harvest.


Measure twice and you won’t have to cull plants later. Whether you plan on converting a wardrobe or a warehouse into a cannabis garden, you need accurate measurements. This job is a whole lot easier if you use a grow tent. Regardless, you need this data to decide how many plants to grow.

Monster marijuana plants are space-hungry. A typical 1 × 1 × 2m grow room might be suitable for as many as a dozen clones in small containers, while this same area can be completely filled by 1–4 weed trees in deluxe size pots. Before you rush into selecting a stretchy strain, make sure you have the vertical grow space to work with.



Large pots and containers are essential. Instead of the typical 11l black square pot, think far bigger, like 20l minimum. Better still go for an air-pot. Monster marijuana plants need plenty of room for a sprawling healthy root zone. We’re talking a huge root mass that will become root-bound in a standard size pot. Big pots and containers are valuable root real estate.

It doesn’t really make much of a difference if an oversized pot is round or square. The most important thing about a pot is that it drains well. If you have a large grow space, you could drill some holes in the base of an 85l recycle bin. The downside is large containers are really heavy when wet. Moving plants after watering or feeding for any reason won’t be an option unless you’re the Hulk. Sitting plants on stands with wheels is advised.


Triple X dankness with the genetic potential to produce a scale-tipping harvest is not limited to photoperiodic heavyweight champions. Micro-growers can squeeze in an autoflowering behemoth with the right pruning and training.

If you have a large grow space to fill then a proven biological bud machine like Moby Dick Autoflowering by Dinafem Seeds is a top pick. She is a solid White Widow and Haze hybrid that you can count on to pack the bud weight on. Alternatively, if you are looking for King Kong nuggets with intense couchlock effects that disturb the force of gravity, its gotta be Gorilla Glue by Zamnesia Seeds.

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For the high-flying sativa sybarite seeking head stash in fat stacks, you need a real Haze hybrid powerhouse. NL #5 Haze Mist by Greenhouse Seeds is a space-hungry sativa dominant hybrid that will explode with dense long-running flower clusters to rival the chunkiest indica colas. But if you are on a tighter schedule or just short on patience, consider Super Autos.

Sticky Beast Automatic is our very own next generation autoflowering hybrid with an unbelievable flower to leaf ratio. Then there’s Royal Cookies Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds, perhaps the fastest, fattest stash of desert cannabis on the planet.

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see” – Edgar Allan Poe.

Do your own research on a short list of potential strains before making your final decision. Check out a variety of blogs and YouTube videos to get an idea how the strain has performed for other growers. Ideally, those with a similar setup to your own grow room. Also, chat with other growers at the local cannabis club or coffee shop if you live near one.



If you are going to grow monster plants you might as well go organic. But we are not ruling out hydroponics. Sure, you can invest in a new super-size DWC bucket. But if you insist on cultivating a hydro monster you could grow in a “Hempy Bucket” and save your money. This is a passive system that works fine with hand watering. You can use 100% perlite, but we recommend mixing in about 30% vermiculite for best results.

All you need is a big bucket approximately 20l with a fingernail size hole drilled through one side a few centimetre from the base. Be careful not to place your drainage hole too low or the reservoir will be too shallow for a thirsty monster plant.

In our opinion, organic marijuana has a flavour that hydroponic buds just cannot match. An organic soil grow operation is pretty handy to convert for a monster. All you really need is more soil and bigger pots. Unless you have a tried and trusted super soil, stick with brand name cannabis specific soils.

If you start your seedling in a light airy medium you can transplant the rooted sprout into a big pot filled with richer, more fertile soil. Of course, you can sow directly into a large container of light soil mix or pot up into the same light mix. However, you will definitely need to heavily supplement with liquid fertilisers. Monster plants will exhaust the nutrients in soil rapidly.

Coco growers can get in on the monster plant action too. Similar to soil growers that prefer a light mix the only significant additional costs will be extra fertilisers and bigger containers.


As you might expect monster plants are thirsty weed trees. That being said, one of the most common problems with growing giant ganja is overwatering. An effective wet-dry cycle is a critical factor in successful cannabis cultivation. A waterlogged medium can easily lead to root rot.

When your monster plant's medium is dry, you will probably be just about able to pick up the container. This is what you must wait for. By the time you're halfway through flowering daily watering may be required. Watering by hand is less of a chore with only a weed tree or two to attend to.

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The volume of water should be 10–20% of the container size. So if you are growing in a 30l pot you water 3–6ltr per feed and watch for run-off. Take care not to leave plants sitting in a pool of run-off water. And for the love of bud adjust the pH. Soil growers need to aim for 6.0–6.5pH. Coco/hydro water must be a little lower between 5.8–6.3 pH.



A simple feed-water-feed-water schedule is very effective across a variety of substrates. You will be sorely tempted to juice your plants with high doses of nutrients from the very beginning, but don’t. Developing a healthy root zone is the top priority. If you want to indulge in grow store products you can never add enough beneficial microbes to your substrate.

By all means, load up on enzymes and mycorrhizae. High-quality organic base nutrients and one or two chemical bloom boosters are recommended for best results. Build up doses incrementally, starting with about 25% strength.


No major changes required here. Stick with your existing lights. Focus on maintaining the optimal distance between the plant canopy and the grow lamp. This can vary widely depending on the brand of LED system or wattage of your HID bulbs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Expect to keep photoperiodic monster plants in vegetative growth for 6–8 weeks. You may need this time for transplanting and you will definitely need to allow recovery time after pruning and training. With an autoflowering strain, the clock is counting down to flowering so be prepared to get hands-on from an early stage to make a monster out of her.



LST, Topping, FIM, Lollipopping, and the ScrOG method are all highly recommended. But if you want a supernatural specimen, you need to combine these techniques for maximum effect. Think Medusa with shoots instead of snakes.


That’s right, we saved the best for last. This method is strictly for photoperiodic cannabis and it definitely takes some green-fingered finesse to pull off. But if you take a cutting from a flowering plant and get it to root, you’ll have a natural born monster on your hands. Monster Cropping is revegging a clone. It’s not pretty but these little monsters grow like bushes all by themselves and are the best-kept secret of professional growers.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
With an AB Mass Media and Communications degree, Miguel Ordoñez is a veteran writer of 13 years and counting and has been covering cannabis-related content since 2017. Continuous, meticulous research along with personal experience has helped him build a deep well of knowledge on the subject.
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