Coconut Water As Organic Cannabis Fertiliser
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Using Coconut Water As Organic Cannabis Fertiliser

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Coconut water is an all-natural cannabis growth accelerator for organic and hydroponic growing systems. It boosts clone development, enhances root growth from seeds, and boosts overall plant vigour. If you want an organic solution for bigger marijuana plants, coconut water is for you.


You might be surprised to know that not only is coconut water good for your health, it is also good for the health of cannabis plants. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, natural sugars and amino acids, and in particular, cytokinins. Interestingly, if you are injured and lost in the tropics, coconut water can be used as a replacement for a blood plasma drip. This was done often during WW2 and kept many soldiers alive in the absence of actual plasma. Although, why you would be lost in the tropics with an intravenous drip kit is anybody's guess.

Coconut water is a favourite thirst quencher and natural tonic in the tropics. It satisfies thirst better than water and gives a boost to the body with its broad spectrum of beneficial constituents. Expecting mothers are encouraged to drink coconut water and athletes swear by its long-lasting hydrating properties. The same impressive array of beneficial characteristics also benefits the marijuana plant.



Not to be confused with coconut milk or cream (which is wrung from the meat of the coconut), coconut water is the fluid that is held within the hollow of the nut or endosperm. When a healthy coconut is cracked open with a machete, the ensuing gush is coconut water. It is comprised mainly of water (96%), with the rest being natural sugar, proteins, amino acids, good carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, fatty acids, and fibre. Coconut water not only quenches the thirst and gives the body a substantial dose of its daily requirements, it suppresses hunger and aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, is an antioxidant, and a mighty fine hangover cure.

Cannabis benefits from coconut water for the very same reasons, with the added benefit of being entirely organic. Like all seeds, the coconut has everything a young plant needs to get established. It feeds young palms until roots form to take up nutrients and leaves form to begin transpiration. Coconut water can replace a number of secret grow formulas created in labs. Adding as little as 15ml per litre of water will cause vigorous growth in marijuana. Plants will display taller growth with less spacing between nodes and more bud sites. The rich formula means checking EC prior to adding standard nutes, so as not to overfeed.


Cytokinins (Zeatin) Cannabis

Cytokinins are enzymes which signal the root cells to divide and develop more roots (cytokinesis). This is essential for coconut palms as rapid root development means quicker uptake of water and nutrients in uncompromising environments. The tropics are great for getting a tan, but the heat can be taxing on young plants. The sooner water and nutrients are synthesised by the growing plant, the better.

In cannabis, the cytokinins promote similar rapid cell division and root growth. A healthy and large rhizosphere means more nutrients and water are available to the growing plants. Cytokinins also signal cell division and rapid growth of new shoots in the plant above ground, and accelerate growth of lateral shoots. They also stimulate leaf expansion and promote larger leaf stomata. Combining these features means explosive growth in the marijuana plant. Cannabis is a fast-growing annual by nature; adding coconut water to the process means growth is set to overdrive.

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Apart from cytokinins, coconut water also has gibberellic acid, which promotes root formation in clones. Watering the medium with coconut water before inserting clones will accelerate root development of cuttings. Once roots form, the intense vitamin and mineral rush from the surrounding medium boosts growth. The same goes for seed germination. Germinate seeds using 15ml/litre of coconut water for rapid root development. If using paper towels, check the seeds more often as lateral shoots can bury into the paper quickly. Pulling the seeds away can cause damage to these fine roots. Put seeds in a grow medium before the primary root gets too long.

In India, which is a major global pepper producer, pepper plant cuttings are dipped in a coconut water solution for propagation. They are then watered in with coconut water for excellent development. The coconut water makes the young plants more heat-tolerant while promoting more generous growth all over.


USING COCONUT WATER: Good To Know Cannabis


  • Coconut water can be used in all growing mediums. Organic soil, coconut coir, and several other hydroponic-type systems.
  • Preferably use young green coconuts for best results. Store-bought still works, but the pasteurisation process dulls many of the beneficial effects. Powdered or freeze-dried is available in most supermarkets and health food shops.
  • Use coconut water every other watering for best results.
  • Coconut water promotes chelation and nutrient uptake, while buffering plants against dehydration and disease.
  • In organic soil, the goal is a living grow medium that can satisfy all the plant's needs without the use of artificial additives. Manures, composts, worm castings, living worms, and a menagerie of living biota all make a good organic soil. Coconut water is an organic (even vegan) addition that provides food for the plant itself and nutrition for the other living organisms.
  • Coconut coir and other hydroponic systems benefit from the addition of coconut water. It is possible to go up to 50ml/litre, but test on one plant at this strength before using on the whole grow.
  • Coconut water can be used at the same dilutions as a foliar spray. Adding aloe vera to the mix is a stimulating growth tonic for plants at all stages of growth.

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Beneficial Vitamins And Minerals Of Coconut Water cannabis

Micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins play a large role in healthy marijuana development. Coconut water contains an impressive profile of each of these necessary compounds and other essential elements. Organic cannabis is the preferred product of the discerning consumer. Although synthetic nutrients and additives get great results, the flavour and aroma profile of organic cannabis stands out from the crowd in blind tests. Coconut water is an easy way to add organic features to purely hydroponic cannabis. It is also a beneficial additive to the living soil, no-till organic grow.

Coconut water contains:

  • Vitamins: A,C,D,E,K and 10 other essential vitamins
  • Minerals: Calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential elements for plant growth.
  • Fats and fatty acids
  • Proteins & amino acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Natural sugars

Coconut water is all the rave for the health-conscious right now. It is also the secret of old school cannabis growers for stimulating Herculean plant growth. It offers a number of benefits for plants—from germination to full maturity. Give coconut water a try during your next grow. You will be stoked, we promise.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
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