Top 10 Places To Trip
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Top 10 Places To Trip

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A psychedelic trip can be quite an adventure in and of itself. To enhance the experience even more, there are a few factors worth considering. Usually, tripping with good friends or people you feel very comfortable with already sets a great atmosphere. Deep conversations or mere silly banter can boost the collective mood. The location, however, also plays a huge role in lifting spirits higher.

There are some important things to keep in mind herein. Make sure you’re in a safe space for the duration of the trip. Avoid busy or hectic places and don’t go out in public before the peak hits. Peaking in a public space can induce paranoia, ruining what should be a fun experience. Lastly, always have one sober person with you to keep an eye out.

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Top 10 places to trip

After taking these precautions, your safe adventure can begin. Here are 10 of the best locations to inspire and elevate your psychedelic experience.

10. Join an ecstatic dance party

Join an ecstatic dance party

Ecstatic dance has roots way back in history, and it's been practiced by many religions and tribes. This type of dance encourages you to completely surrender to the music, expressing yourself freely as your body moves to the rhythm. This can lead to a feeling of ecstasy or even put you in a trance. Traditional ecstatic dance parties include rhythmic drumming or other live instruments, but there are also modern “rave style” versions that feature a DJ. Whatever style of party you choose, your body will be moving!

9. Enter a yoga shala

Enter a yoga shala

Yoga is all about uniting mind, body, and spirit to reach a higher state of consciousness—a goal shared among most psychonauts. Whereas Western yoga studios typically focus on activities to help achieve physical goals, a yoga shala is a place focused on spirituality. At these intimate yoga sanctuaries, mental practices such as zen meditation are common. This inward journey can be quite exhilarating while tripping, adding a whole new dimension to self-awareness.

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8. Surround yourself with nature

Surround yourself with nature

Nature is beautiful, bringing us serenity in any state of mind. Just imagine tripping while surrounded by green. Take a walk through a nice local park, avoiding crowded spaces, of course. Even better, visit a botanical garden full of unique plants and flowers! You might find that besides the visual impression, other senses are intensified—the scent of blossoms, for example, or the feeling of sitting on soft grass.

7. Go camping in the forest

Go camping in the forest

If the idea of a park already sounds intriguing, you could go the extra mile by heading to the forest. Besides the enchantment of being surrounded by trees, it’s also much easier to relax in a secluded area without many other people around. Make it extra cosy and fun by camping with a group of friends, enjoying the rustling sounds of the trees and chirping forest animals while the day turns into night. Just make sure not to stray too far from your campsite during your trip!

6. Get lost in a panoramic view

Get lost in a panoramic view

Enjoying a lovely landscape can really make you feel like a little dot in the universe. To really get a panoramic view, find a spot with some altitude, like a hill at the edge of a valley, maybe a terrace overlooking the ocean, or a splendid city skyline. The endless sky will seem truly magical as you let its breathtaking grace wash over you.

5. Go stargazing

Go stargazing

Speaking of the magical sky, nothing sparkles quite like stars at night. You don’t even need to go anywhere special, as long as a clear night without clouds has been forecasted. Get comfortable by bringing out some warm blankets and pillows to enjoy the starry sky from your own backyard. Maybe you will even have a full moon, or spot a shooting star! Either way, psychedelics will only enhance the inherent grandeur of the universe.

4. Partake in a ceremony

Partake in a ceremony

There are quite a few organisations out there that will facilitate your psychedelic experience in a ceremonial setting. What’s great about these ceremonies is that you’ll be in a safe environment with an experienced guide. Just make sure the ceremony you’re partaking in is led by a legitimate practitioner/organisation. A ceremonial setting really gives you the chance to explore the transformative effects of psychedelics with a small group of people. Moreover, there are many special ceremonies to choose from, such as breathwork sessions, mantra singing, or gong baths.

3. Enjoy a beach sunset

Enjoy a beach sunset

Soft sand tickling your feet, warm sun rays, and a silky sea breeze in the air: The beach is a fantastic place for a psychedelic trip, especially at sunset, when the sultry colours are extra vivid and the sun starts to disappear into the rippling sea. Listening to the soothing sound of ocean waves crashing onto the shore, this is arguably one of the most euphoric ways to spend a psychedelic trip.

2. Dance at a psychedelic festival

Dance at a psychedelic festival

Knowing the risks involved with tripping in busy environments, we would not recommend trying psychedelics for the first time at a crowded festival. That said, there are specific festivals that are designed to be very suitable for this purpose, albeit, for the slightly more experienced recreational user. Psytrance music festivals are scattered across Europe, where mellow and personal-space-respecting audiences enjoy colourful festival décor and amazing performances.

1. Just stay at home

Just stay at home

The absolute number one place to trip is definitely within the comfort of your humble abode. There really is no place like home. You might think it would be boring to take psychedelics somewhere you’re so used to, but it’s actually the opposite. There is no other place where you will ever feel more safe and comfortable than your home. Being in a familiar environment is exactly what you need to really surrender and let go. Enjoy the ride!

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