The Origins Of 420: The Truth May Surprise You
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The Origins Of 420: The Truth May Surprise You

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Is 420 the secret code for cannabis Nirvana? Maybe its origins are influenced by spiritual practices? Or, in a shocking twist, is 420 a marketing ploy that got out of hand? Thankfully, if you’ve ever gotten really stoned and wanted the answers to any of those questions, Zamnesia has got you covered. Keep reading to find out more.

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The phrase “420” is enough to incite goosebumps and feelings of euphoria amongst stoners. Even to those blissfully unaware, 420 has become such a prominent phrase; chances are they will have heard it without knowing its real purpose. It can be found in pop culture, emblazoned across rolling trays, in movies, and whispered among friends.

Popular phrases and iconic sayings are nothing new; the internet is full of them. The difference is that while memes come and go, legends never die. 420 has survived several decades of stoner purgatory to become the unofficial, official call sign for all things cannabis.



It’s time to don your tinfoil hat and fire up the bong because the truth behind 420 is a rollercoaster ride. Although we hate to spoil the ending (Bruce Willis is actually a ghost in the Sixth Sense), the legitimate origins of 420 have never been completely proven. There are, of course, stories more plausible than others, but for the sake of morbid curiosity, we will give you a rundown of the most popular theories.

Starting with a theory grounded in reality, some believe that 420 got its name from the number of chemical constituents found within the cannabis plant. Sadly, this has since been debunked as there are thought to be over 500 chemicals. Getting slightly warmer, we have the idea that April 20th is the ideal time to plant and grow marijuana. Again, while somewhat more believable, the perfect time to cultivate outdoors will depend on your climate.

The final attempt at an exciting origin backstory comes from the assumption that 420 is the code police use when calling in a weed-related offence. Sadly, 420 has a much darker meaning and is usually the code for homicide. Considering cannabis has never killed anyone, it’s time to put those myths to bed and place the real story under the microscope.



This story, while lacking any Illuminati references, lizard people, or gay frogs, is the one most commonly thought to be true. Back in the 1970s, a group of mates going by the name “The Waldos” would meet up after school at 4:20. They were trying to find the secret location of a weed plantation that was rumoured to be nearby. Although they continued (in vain) to try and find the secret weed stash, the meeting time stuck. Eventually, it was used as a code by the entire school for all things cannabis-related. Before you know it, that story, or versions of it, had spread across the US. Fast-forward to the modern day, and 420 is still going as strong as ever.

Before any avid conspiracists want to throw shade at The Waldos story, it is also believed that another friendship group going by the name “The Bebes” may have contributed to the 420 legend. Regardless, the moral of both stories is that if you get stoned with your mates at the same time every day, cool things happen—and that is something Zamnesia can get behind.

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If all this talk of getting high has whetted your appetite, then we have three strains perfect for celebrating your own 420 rituals.


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If every day is 420 day, then CBD Fix is perfect for letting you pay homage without dampening productivity. She comes packed with CBD, while never containing any more than 1% THC. You will still benefit from her fantastic flavours, but without any intoxicating side effects. Best of all, her yields and flowering time are just as impressive as a standard, THC-rich strain. For a strain that can be enjoyed any time of day, try CBD Fix.


Written by: Zamnesia
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