7/10: The Date To Celebrate Cannabis Concentrates
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7/10: The Date To Celebrate Cannabis Concentrates

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Widespread adoption by popular culture has secured a place in history for the iconic 420. Again we must call upon the power and influence of the cannabis community to cement 710 as an annual celebration. Not sure what significance 710 holds? Read on to discover how this number represents a new era of potency.

Far from the secret handshakes of the masons, or the "members only" signet rings some brotherhoods encourage, membership to the cannabis community is far more straightforward. The requirement? Unravelling a cleverly devised code, something only the culturally aware will be able to decipher.

Move Over 420

Even if your interest in cannabis is fleeting, the term “420 blaze” has become synonymous with all things stoner related. 420 isn’t the number of tokes you need to be able to do in one session before a marijuana enthusiast takes you seriously; instead, its origins (although fiercely debated) point to an unofficial national holiday for American cannabis lovers, the 20th of April.

The result of an iconic story about high school kids looking for a weed plantation, 420 has taken the world by storm. The intrigue and ingenuity don't end there; the time has come for a new cryptic mystery to take centre stage as we celebrate 710.

710: Deciphering This Elaborate Code


What do the numbers mean! Coordinates? Binary code? Not quite. From now on, you will need to read the rest of the article on your head, well, at least the number 710.

Figured it out yet?

Upside down, 710 looks remarkably like the word OIL, and as we all know the world of cannabis concentrates has become dominated by oil-based offerings. To celebrate the rise of marijuana concentrates, the new unofficial holiday for enjoying their potency is 10th July.

The profoundly complex origins do not end there though. Cannabis folk law points to 710 as code buyers have used for years when messaging or texting their dealer for cannabis oil. Fortunately, worldwide legality is changing fast, and many users no longer have to operate in the shadows to benefit from the power of cannabis concentrates.

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Save The Date: 10Th Of July

Cannabis concentrates include kief, hash, BHO, rosin, CO₂ extraction and tinctures (to name a few!). The selection features a mix of traditional methods and newer state of the art extraction techniques. The result is a potency so strong, many varieties of concentrate only need a tiny dab to have the same impact as an entire joint.

What better way to enjoy 710 than by picking your favourite concentrate and joining the rest of the dabbing community in taking a giant hit at 7:10 on the 10th of July. If you are not sure where to start, our comprehensive list of suggestions will have even the most introvert code breakers reaching for a dab rig.

Kief: Start 10Th July With The Origins Of Concentrates


Kief is the unofficial patron saint of 710. Without kief, there wouldn’t be several of the other types of concentrate available. Laden with a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids, getting yourself suitably high at 7:10 is easy and straightforward thanks to kief being extractable from the comfort of your own home.

Using a three-chamber grinder, it is possible to retain the kief crystals while discarding any plant matter. No further mysteries with this concentrate, stick it in a joint or vape chamber for a potent but rewarding high.

Hash: Densely Packed, Just Like The Cannabis Public Holiday Calendar


It is from finely ground kief that hash was born. Kief crystals densely packed together form blocks of hash concentrate, a practice that has been enjoyed for centuries. While it is hard to know if ancient cultures also celebrated 710, we can live in hope.

Even if they didn’t, the 10th of July represents an opportunity to honour the prestigious traditions of hash creation and kick the morning off with a hit of this crumbly but powerful concentrate. Created by hand, hash retains the same aromatic qualities as kief by separating trichomes from plant matter. There are useful products on the market as well to assist with this process, such as silk screens, ice bags, and drum machines.

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Bho: Code For “Only Hot Bongs”


Butane hash oil represents one of the technological advancements of concentrate production. Second only to CO₂ extraction—another highly potent concentrate—BHO also tips scales towards incredible potency, especially when compared to a standard joint. BHO is the lunchtime special of 710. Too powerful to enjoy in the morning for fear of missing the celebrations, BHO bolsters the day by sending keen concentrate enthusiasts into the outer realms of euphoria.

Get the dab rig to hand and the nail warmed up because on the 10th of July lovers of BHO concentrates will have a high so strong it will feel like fireworks in their mind.

Rosin: An Essential Complement To 710 Celebrations


Flagging from all the 710 celebrations? Rosin is here to soothe you gently into the afternoon. Favoured as a cheap and easy way of making concentrates at home, the combination of low heat and pressure will result in aromatic cannabis oil. You can either line your next joint with it or head straight back to the dab rig and place a small amount on the nail to enjoy.

Once suitably high, gather up your mates as we enter the final phases of 710 celebratory activities. With composure gathered it is time to head out and spread the word to the masses, 710 is here to stay.

Co₂ Extractions: The Mastermind Of Concentrate Popularity


CO₂ extraction utilises highly advanced methods, creating a concentrate so pure that well-versed marijuana aficionados can be taken aback by its extremely rewarding flavour. CO₂ extraction concentrates can be considered the 710 celebration day ender; they will round of the entire experience as you drift through the cosmos deciphering more cannabis-related code.

Favoured for their ability to retain health boosting cannabinoids like CBD, CO₂ concentrates can help your mind and body recover from a day of embracing the continued rise of cannabis concentrates. After experiencing the smoothness of the flavour and aroma offered by CO₂ extraction you will wish it was a cannabis public holiday every day. They are the ultimate concentrate—hard to get, but if you can, you are sure to end your day on a high.

Tinctures: Keeping The Joy Of 710 Going All Year


If the previous concentrates represent a timeline of activities on 10th of July, tinctures are the gift that keeps giving for concentrate lovers. They encapsulate everything that makes concentrates so desirable, with one significant advantage. Tinctures can be stored for weeks without any loss of quality.

If work, family or the summer holidays have you too busy to enjoy 710 festivities, then tinctures are there for when the time is right. We can’t promise the cannabis community will honour the day you choose to get high as another unofficial public holiday, but who knows.


Written by: Luke
Luke is a part-time writer and full-time visionary. An anonymous psychonaut blending into society with his suit and tie, he works to bring evidence-based rationality to the masses.

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