Strain Review: White Russian
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Strain Review: White Russian

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White Russian has solid genetics and a serious punch. It is an indica dominant powerhouse.

Serious Seeds have always had a reputation for producing nothing but the best genetics; and White Russian is their crowning glory. It has won a string of awards, and despite its age, remains one of the most potent strains of cannabis on the market today.

White Russian is the stable mix of the illustrious AK-47 with the award winning White Widow. The result is an absolute powerhouse of genetic quality, and a testament to the masterminds that bred it. It is an indica dominant all-star well worth any hobbyist’s time.


Saying White Russian is strong is no joke. We were instantly knocked back by its smooth yet unrelenting force. It produces a sweet, honey spiced taste and indices a mixed mind and body experience. To us, the experience leaned a little more to the body stone side, but the cerebral high was undeniable. It didn’t take much for us to reach a comfortable level, and the high lasted a good hour or so, with fits of hilarity and giggling. For this reason, we say it is a good strain of cannabis to share with friends, when you are all chilling and don’t plan to get much done.

We are unsure of the CBD content of White Russian, but anecdotally, White Russian is known for helping relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.


We found White Russian to be fairly easy to handle in the grow room, reaching medium heights of roughly one meter, and producing fewer leaves than we are normally used to. Being indica dominant, its stature tends to quite stocky, and it produces very dense, resinous bud. It’s a pretty strong grower, and can put up with the occasional error, making it suitable for less experienced cultivators. It has a flowering time of roughly 9 weeks, and produces yields in the region of 350-500g/m².

White Russian is also a very popular outdoor strain of cannabis, particularly in the warmer areas of Europe like Italy, Spain and the south of France. Outdoors, White Russian is ready for harvest mid/late October.


White Russian is well deserving of its reputation as one of the premier strains of the cannabis world. Its unbridled strength may not be for everyone, but if you like a potent mind and body high, then you will really enjoy what White Russian has to offer. The fact that it is a strong grower, with no remarkable drawbacks in the grow room only adds to its worth.


White Russian has won 7 awards, including the following:

2nd place for Extracts at the High Life Cup, 2013
1st place for Best Indoor Strain at the El Punto Cup, 2005
1st place for Best Bio Grass at the High Times Cup, 1997
1st place for Best Overall Strain at the High Times Cup, 1996

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White Russian is available from Serious Seeds

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