The Best Season To Smoke Weed
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8 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Season To Smoke Weed

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Many people associate autumn with the end of summer. Gone are the long days and warm temperatures... But there's really nothing to mourn! Autumn is the season of pumpkin pie, dank weed, Halloween, and gatherings with family and friends. Here's why autumn may just be the best season for stoners!

The Joys Of Autumn

It’s a bold claim, but autumn could very well be the best season to enjoy cannabis. It doesn’t boast the heat and sunshine of summer or the new life of spring, but autumn is full of vivid colours, fresh weather, pure nostalgia, and cosiness that makes smoking and ingesting cannabis thoroughly enjoyable. Whether you plan to spend most of your time wrapped up in blankets enjoying quality books and films, or strolling through the woodland as the trees shed their leaves—cannabis will surely enhance your experiences.

To ensure your autumn is full of enjoyment and activity, check out our list below of 8 reasons why autumn is the best season for cannabis lovers.

1. October = Croptober

October = Croptober

October is a sacred month for the cannabis community in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the month in which the majority of outdoor plants reach the end of the flowering phase and become ripe for harvest. It’s a time of sheer excitement for outdoor growers who have spent most of spring and summer carefully tending to their crop. Now is the time to harvest, trim, dry, cure, and reap the rewards.

Croptober also means that commercial growers are in the midst of snipping and trimming entire fields of weed. Dispensary and coffeeshop shelves are going to be fully stocked with strains that may be a lot harder to obtain at other times of year. Now is your chance to revel in the high of your all-time favourite cultivars.

2. Boost Your Mood As The Days Get Shorter

Boost Your Mood As The Days Get Shorter

Sure, autumn is full of beauty and enjoyment, but the shorter days and longer nights can definitely take their toll once the novelty wears off. Luckily, cannabis is a super stress-reliever and mood-booster. Pour yourself a hot chocolate or cup of chai tea, gather round the campfire with your smoking buddies, and pass around a large communal blunt to raise dopamine levels and build a sense of community.

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3. Soak In The Autumn Wonderland

Soak In The Autumn Wonderland

Autumn has its fair share of bad weather, which makes it perfectly justifiable to spend days on end huddled on the couch, munching pumpkin pie, and binge watching your favourite series. However, when a patch of good weather does arrive, there’s no excuse not to immerse yourself in mother nature and absorb it all. The low angle of the sun in this season lights up everything with a golden glow, bright orange and yellow foliage are a feast for the eyes, the cool air feels fresh as it enters the lungs, and the smell of bonfires from local gardens stimulates childhood memories.

4. Share A Bowl With Family And Friends

Share A Bowl With Family And Friends

Thanksgiving. Halloween. Bonfire night (for the Brits). Autumn is a season full to the brim with holidays and festivities. All of these celebrations involve getting together with family and friends. It’s a time of year to put business aside and purely enjoy the company of those we love. It’s an ideal time to share a fat bowl or long spliff with those in your inner circle who are so inclined. Halloween is a particularly joyous time for cannabis lovers, allowing them to dress up in cannabis-inspired costumes and create batches of medicated candies.

5. ‘Tis The Pumpkin Season

‘tis The Pumpkin Season

Cannabis isn’t the only crop that’s ripe for the picking in autumn; fields full of delicious pumpkins are also ready to be harvested and turned into all manner of scrumptious treats. Pumpkin pie is one of the official tastes of autumn, and it’d be rude not to treat your stoner guests to a thick slice of cannabis-infused pumpkin pie.

Pumpkins aren’t just a source of sustenance during autumn, they are also the face of Halloween, with almost every house carving out a unique sculpture and placing it on their front lawn. Add some serious fun to your Halloween celebration by making a pumpkin bong.

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6. Embrace Movember

Embrace Movember

Movember, or no shave November, is a challenge that many men of the world partake in during the month of November, the tail end of autumn. This presents the perfect opportunity to let your facial hair run wild. Get creative with it. How about some massive lamb chops? Or a twisted moustache? Or you could let your inner stoner loose and go for the wizard beard.

Movember isn’t just a source of fun and laughter as the days become shorter, it’s also an ideal way to keep your face warm as you brave the elements every time you leave your house.

7. Indulge In Your Favourite Films And Series

Indulge In Your Favourite Films And Series

As the winter weather starts creeping in, there’s little choice but to spend most of the evening indoors keeping warm. Gone are the days of cooking up barbecues in a t-shirt and shorts. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It gives you the chance to sit down with your loved ones, detach for a while, and marathon your favourite shows. Cook some food, roll up a fat one, and enjoy some of the best stoner movies of all time. Alternatively, check out some weed-based films you’re less likely to have seen.

8. Cook Up A Storm

Cook Up A Storm

The seasonal food of autumn is truly soul-warming. Pumpkin stews, root vegetable soups, and chocolate and berry pies are only some of the taste bud-popping dishes on the menu. Utilise the foods of this season to invite some friends over, get in the kitchen, and cook up some of these traditional meals with a cannabis twist. Try out these two recipes for cannabis-infused apple pie and apple strudel.

Make The Most Of Your Autumn

When you think about it, autumn is one big celebration. It's loaded with holidays, and traditionally the time when agricultural abundance arrives. For the cannabis community, this not only means stores of delicious food, but weed too! Enjoy this season with your family and friends, stay warm, and smoke it up.

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