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Psy-Fi 2017: Visit Zamnesia At The Premier Psychedelic Trance Festival

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From the 16th to the 20th of August 2017, the Dutch city of Leeuwarden becomes a psychedelic wonderland. Visit the Psy-Fi festival and broaden your mind. Relax, explore and maybe drop by one of our Zamnesia stands!

Ah, summer is here, and what better way to celebrate life than at this year's Psy-Fi Festival? Psy-Fi 2017 will be held from 16-20 August at De Groene Ster, a natural recreational venue in one of the Netherlands' most northern provinces. The 2017 edition marks Psy-Fi's 5th anniversary, giving the organizers behind this chill-fest the motivation and inspiration to go to extreme measures - with the sole purpose of creating the best edition ever. The theme for this year is "Book Of Changes", which ties in perfectly with their efforts to create a very special festival weekend, with experiences unseen in previous years. Read on to find out more about this amazing festival, and find out how to become part of it.


Psy-Fi Psychedelic Festival 2017

Psy-Fi is one of the largest psychedelic festivals in Europe. The city of Leeuwarden has graciously given the Psy-Fi festival a place to call "home" for 5 consecutive years. The location is simply amazing: roam free amongst sweet water lakes, forests, beaches, islands and grass-green hillsides.

Enjoy art in all forms, music, and food. Get mindful, explore your spirituality, converse with a shaman, meditate, delve into the world of psychedelics, or just sit back, relax in a hammock or by the campfire, and take in the surroundings. You do not have to be a yogi or a psychonaut to enjoy Psy-Fi. On the contrary: there is not one singular type of Psy-Fi visitor. Everybody is welcome, and everybody can enjoy what Psy-Fi has to offer.

Psy-Fi will include a beautiful market - the Bazaar - with many international stands and shops, offering crafts, jewellery, food and beverages, smoking products, psychedelics and so much more. There is an outdoor cinema, and organic food market with dairy and gluten free products, and multiple art galleries displaying over 650m² of psychedelic art from well-known, international artists. And last but not least, Psy-Fi boasts an amazing music lineup divided over four different stages. The many DJs will treat you to Reggae, Balkan Beats, Psychedelic Techno, Forest Trance and Chill-out tunes, to name just a few music genres represented at Psy-Fi.


Zamnesia Products For Sale At Psy-Fi

For a second time, Zamnesia is proud to be the main sponsor for this event. Our first year at Psy-Fi was a week to remember. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Not only is the festival itself an incredible experience, but we also thoroughly appreciated meeting up with some of our loyal and valued customers. We expect this year to just as fulfilling! We would love for you to visit one of the several Zamnesia stands dispersed throughout the festival terrain, where you can stop by for a chat or browse and/or purchase our most popular Zamnesia products, like Magic Truffles and Magic Balloons. We will also have a mobile "Truffle Truck", so be on the lookout for that!

Please visit the Psi-Fi website for tickets and info. We would love to see you there! Also, keep a close eye on our Facebook page for a chance to win tickets to Psy-Fi 2017!

Zamnesia Psy-Fi Sponsor



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