Phutureprimitive: Mind Melting Sonic Bliss

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Phutureprimitive: Mind Melting Sonic Bliss

Known for his hypnotic beats, complex rhythms and exotic melodies, Phutureprimitive is a master dubstep producer with ample depth and prowess.

Phutureprimitive’s soon to be released album “Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt. 2” is set to produce some mind melting soundscapes and immersive rhythms. His teaser track “Energy Flow” combines soaring, galactic heights with fiery, dirty baselines – and if it is anything to judge the rest of the album by, we are in for a treat.

Hailing from the Bay Area of the USA, Phutureprimitive is a producer and songwriter who has had music in his veins since childhood. Inspired by the ability to combine organic instruments with hard hitting, synthetic soundscapes, Phutureprimitive fell in love with electronic music at an early age – starting his DJing career back in the 90’s. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, developing a loyal fan base and producing music that somehow manages to combine an ever expanding darkness with a sense of beauty and tranquillity. Since his debut album “Sub Conscious” back in 2004 (which remains Waveform Records' top selling album), Phutureprimitive has gone on to release a string of future singles, albums, and mixes, as well as create his own record label. As mentioned, he is currently working on his latest masterpiece, and is also touring around the US.

Phutureprimitive ability to create one of the most immersive soundscapes we have ever heard makes his music a great contender for listening to whilst taking shrooms/truffles. Its pure, tranquil, yet dark and explorative nature completely encapsulates the mind, creating the perfect guide to your journey - keeping you calm whilst allowing for some real in-depth exploration. Of course, Phutureprimitive’s music is also great for rest and relaxation, as well as for anyone who is a fan of the genre. In his own words, let his music melt your mind with its sonic bliss!

You can sample some of Phutureprimitive’s music right here: