Our Top 10 Unusual Cannabis Recipes
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Our Top 10 Unusual Cannabis Recipes

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The best things about cooking is having the freedom to experiment. Over the years we have been doing just that, and we have decided to compile a list of our more unusual cannabis edible creations.

Cooking with cannabis doesn't just have to be about getting high; it can be extremely fun, and a great way to learn new things and experiment in the kitchen. It is the experimentation that we love the most, and when we here at Zamnesia hit the kitchen, we are always trying to come up with new and interesting ways to bring cannabis and food together.

With this in mind, we have put together a top 10 list of our more unusual creations, as well as a link to each recipe, so you can try them out for yourself!

10. Hash Yoghurt


Hash yoghurt is a quick and easy way to turn your yoghurt pot into a potent and buzzing cannabis infused treat. The premise behind its creation is very simple, all you need is some spare hash, yoghurt, and a heat source. You will be on your way to bliss in no time!

Check out how to make your very own hash infused yoghurt with our recipe here

9. Cannabis Wine

Cannabis Wine

Both cannabis and wine are two of the world’s oldest intoxicants; in fact, it was not unknown for the wines of old to be fortified with our cherished herb. So why not follow suit and fortify your own wine with a comfortable cannabis tingle. We have put together a recipe to both fortify red wine with cannabis, as well as actually make wine out of cannabis.

You can find both recipes here

8. Cannabis Bbq Sauce


With summer fast approaching, many of us will be thinking about lounging in the sun with a BBQ gently sizzling away. We have put together a recipe fit for just an occasion – our homemade cannabis infused BBQ sauce. It is usable as a condiment, dip and marinade.

You can learn how to make it yourself here

7. Cannabis Caps


Whilst not technically food, making your own cannabis caps can be a great alternative to both edibles and smoking, especially when you need to quickly and discreetly dose on the go. Once you know how, making them is extremely easy, and can be an excellent way to get the most out of your trim.

Find out how to make cannabis caps, and the equipment you will need, right here

6. Cannabis Honey


Honey is a great alternative to processed sugars, and has a whole variety of culinary uses. The great thing is, it is also an excellent carrier for cannabis, and is pretty easy to infuse. So whether you want to use it as an ingredient in your cooking, as a topping, or even as a glaze, why not try adding a certain ‘buzz’ to it with some of the green.

Learn how to infuse your honey with cannabis here

5. Cannabis Tea


A nice hot cup of tea can be an excellent way to relax and unburden the stress of the day. This relaxation can taken further with a little help from ol’ Mary Jane, the perfect accompaniment to your brew. Whether you like a bit of British Earl Grey, or find your peace with more herbal varieties, infusing a bit of cannabis into your cup can offer a whole new way to enjoy it.

Find out how to add a bit of cannabis into your brew here

4. Cannabis Coffee


For many, the day cannot be fought through without an energising cup of coffee. In fact, it is often the very first thing people will seek out when they wake up. This caffeine high pairs very well with the uplifting and motivating effects of a sativa, and as such, we have put together a recipe to infuse your morning energy elixir with a bit of marijuana based pep.

Find out how to combine cannabis and coffee right here

3. Cannabis Beer


Although some hold the idea of mixing cannabis with alcohol to be abhorrent, for others, it can create a nice double buzz. We have put together an article outlining how cannabis and hops are connected, and how cannabis can be used to infuse your homebrew beer with a bit of cannabinoid goodness.

Check out how to brew cannabis into your beer here

2. Cannabis Nugtella


There are very few people out there that do not like Nutella, and as such, it become very popular in Europe. We have devised a recipe to combine this naughty nutty treat with a bit of marijuana to create an even more enjoyable delight. Use it for baking cakes, topping ice cream, spreading on toast, or just eating straight up – you will love the chocolaty buzz.

Here is out recipe for making cannabis infused Nutella

1. Cannabis Chocolate

Cannabis chocolate

A tasty and indulgent treat enjoyed across the globe, there are very few households in first-world societies that don’t contain one least a bar of chocolate in one form or another. We have put together a how-to guide to show you how you can combine it with one of the world’s most popular intoxicants – cannabis. I know we have also included our ‘Nugtella’ in this list, but this is chocolate in its most versatile form, ready to be eaten or used for cooking, no matter where you are.

Here is our recipe to make cannabis infused chocolate

There you go! Ten recipes that may not have otherwise sprung to mind when it comes to making cannabis edibles. They are all excellent in their own right, and we highly recommend trying them all out. Just remember, marijuana can take up to an hour to kick in when consumed, and is often stronger than when smoked, so don’t go overboard!

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