Obama: Congress Likely To Reschedule Cannabis

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Obama: Congress Likely To Reschedule Cannabis

Big news everyone! President Obama has said that if enough states decriminalize marijuana, congress is likely to follow and reclassify the drug!

It is a momentous victory, if only currently in name, for the legalization movement. For the president of the USA, where cannabis prohibition started, to say that they are willing to change is huge news. The bombshell was dropped during an interview with Vice Media co-founder Shane Smith, where they covered the government’s view on the sweeping legalization gripping the country.

When asked about the rescheduling of cannabis, Obama said, "We may be able to make some progress on the decriminalization side. At a certain point, if enough states end up decriminalizing, then Congress may then reschedule marijuana." And it is not just the Liberal Democrats that want to see it happen, more and more Republicans are coming around to the idea of it as well. Obama went on to say, “what I'm encouraged by is you're starting to see not just liberal Democrats, but also some very conservative Republicans recognize this doesn't make sense -- including the libertarian wing of the Republican Party."

The news comes as three senators introduce a joint bill to reclassify cannabis from a Schedule I substance (a drug with high potential for abuse and no medical value), to a Schedule II substance (lower danger, with medical benefits).


Initially, the news doesn’t really affect us much. Other governments are not going to cave in and legalize because the president of the USA says it is a possibility there. However, the main thing holding us back here is the UN, and their laws on drugs. The USA is one of the biggest and most outspoken voices in favor of prohibition at the UN (despite them legalizing themselves), as prohibition is still their federal stance. Once this stance changes, they will have to change their tune, and likely lobby for the UN law to be changed - so they are not in violation of it. Also, with such a huge anti-cannabis voice silenced at the UN, countries here in Europe that want to legalize will be able to do so much more easily. And as it becomes successful here in Europe, Those countries that are still playing their hand close to their chest will ease up and probably follow suit. We are living in quite exciting times!