New Study: Dabbing Is Safe

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New Study: Dabbing Is Safe

Dabbing has stirred up a controversy: There are those who love it, and those who deem it a risky matter. Now a new study is clearing up the smoke: Dabbing is safe.

The study titled „A new method of cannabis ingestion: The dangers of dabs?“ comes to the conclusion that dabbing „created no more problems or accidents than using flower cannabis“. However, they note that dabs „led to higher tolerance and withdrawal (as defined by the participants), suggesting that the practice might be more likely to lead to symptoms of addiction or dependence.“

Dabbing is fairly recent trend and not few have voiced concerns over the safety of the method. A „dab“ of butane extracted cannabis oil is placed on a hot surface on which it melts immediately, releasing a rich and strong smoke. BHO extracts are highly potent, even for seasoned smokers the experience is like being high for the first time – every single time.

It seems like that the actual danger of dabbing lies once more in the environment of prohibition. Producing BHO can be dangerous if it isn’t done properly. Like with all medicines, the production should be left to specialist who know the ins and outs of the process. This cannot happen in an unregulated market, which is why home fires resulting from BHO are more common than they should be.

Similarly, another actual danger lies in improperly purged BHO. Many common lighter fluids used in the process contain a range of other substances that are not easily removed, and when not properly dealt with, remain in the final product. BHO needs proper purging, best done in a vacuum oven (which cost quite a bit). Improperly purged BHO is dangerous and should never be consumed.

A second area of concern that dabbing brings is the perceived image of cannabis. Flowers have something innocent to them, that can’t be said about a sticky tar-like concentrate. Of course, the form in which a substance comes in ultimately doesn’t indicate its potency or toxicity, but the factual side has never been the strength of cannabis opponents.